Saturday, January 31, 2015

Balayage in Munich Germany At Salon Pauli

Having done Balayage in New York for the past 10 years, I am very excited to be offering this service in Munich.

Balayage is not just a hair color technique. It’s a hair color that is designed for the woman (or man) sitting in the chair. The client’s hair color, growth pattern, hair texture and personality are taken into consideration when applying Balayage.

Balayage represents freedom from "foil patterns" or "Ombre" which has a distinct look.
Balayage helps celebrate the individual woman with subtle highlights or a pop of color. When applied correctly, it’s almost impossible to see where the hair color starts. You can part the hair anywhere and its flawless.

In New York my Balayage hair color started from $500 to 1500. Luckily for clients I’m in Munich not in New York:)
Here are some images of different women for whom I provided  the Balayage technique in Munich.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Returning To New York For Fashion Week S/S 2015

I am so excited to be part of New York Fashion Week this season assisting the one and only Orlando Pita!!! Lets take a look back at last seasons hair and fashion.

I can't wait to see my friends that have become my family!!!

The man himself, Orlando Pita.

Our beautiful Trinidadian model


Friday, December 5, 2014

My Favorite Finds In Muenich

I am really excited to be in Munich. Since 1996 it has held  a special place in my heart. For me it's known for its beautiful architecture, true natural beauty , nightlife and fun loving people. Now as a Trin-bagonian in Munich I've  decided to blog about my favorite restaurants, shopping or anything else I find that's worth sharing from the perspective of a Trinidadian who has lived in New York City for 12 years.

Here goes my first review for Copa, a Brazilian restaurant owned by Andro Alvesdebrito. I had been to Copa earlier this year and I could not wait to return!. Okay lets face it, as a rule of thumb us Caribbean, South American/Central American people, always sniff out our own where we ever go!

Lets start with the greeting as you  walk into Copa, honey it's as warm as the sunshine in San Paolo. It was obvious that it has a family vibe here, the staff and patrons seem to be super chill with each other.  When visiting, 9 out of 10 times the place is full of Brazilians chatting and in their element, which of course is always a good sign.

Then the food is delicious! I always start with a few smaller dishes, like Coxinha for example, a delicious appetizer thats served with a tasty, home made hot sauce. 

Then I move onto the Pastels or Empanadas, divine! 

What would a taste of Brazil be without Feijoada, a meal made of black beans, smoked meats, vegetables and seasonings. Its generally served with rice.

On most days there are also other delicious non-Brazillian meals on the menu. The last day I was there they had delicious pasta with Bolognese sauce and sandwiches (on days when you want to take it easy). You can't begin to understand how much I appreciate the staff and food at Copa. Great job guys!!

Stay tuned for my next post.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Personal Guide to the Best of New York

Living in New York City for the past 12 years has been a hoot! Now that I have moved, I would like to pay homage to this incredible city by sharing my own "Best Of NYC” guide. This is an honest guide with real people, no kickbacks and no paid advertising. :)

Feel Food opened not too long ago and has quickly become a favorite for many. Always consistent, with fresh, clean, simple food and friendly staff, I give them the thumbs up. Because I have a reaction to gluten, it’s very hard or boring to eat at most cafes and coffee shops. Thank you to the management of Feel Food for delivering goodness!

Best Smoothie
Juice Press is one of the few juice bars that serves fresh almond milk with their smoothies. Why...when almond milk is so easy to make? Shame on you other juice bars!!! This minor detail alone makes all the difference in a healthy, tasty, easy-to-digest drink. They also offer a variety of fresh ingredients to custom blend a smoothie of your choice. You rock Juice Press!!

Best Coconut Water
With the current coconut water craze and all those companies selling dishwater liquid in cardboard boxes, I just have to mention my favorites. The best place to get fresh coconut water, where the nut is opened in front of you, is on the corner of 173rd Street and Albion in Washington Heights. Take it from me, an island boy who was literally born under a coconut tree! 

Also Organic Ave has the cleanest coconut water out of all the juice bars in NYC. I don't know how they do it, but it’s damn good.

After years of digestive problems that were so severe I had to be hospitalized, Path For Life literally saved my life! Jeanette Bronee is not only very successful, her knowledge of food is like Wikipedia. When we first met she instantly eased my pain and educated me on how to survive the crazy, industrialized food system we live in.

When I learned that Blink Fitness was owned by Equinox, I almost fainted! How could an over-priced, pretentious gym like Equinox have an affiliation with such an amazing brand!! Cheap, clean, efficient and well managed. Please note that I belonged to Equinox in the past for years, but as a smart savvy Trini-Yorker, you know what’s worth it and what’s not.
Thanks Blink!!

I have never seen anyone touch hair like Mr. Orlando Pita. His relationship with hair is that of a true visionary. His ability to rocket a client to the 4th dimension through a haircut is something to experience (even if you're just watching.) Backed by his humility and natural instinct to really listen to a client is simply inspiring. Having your hair cut by someone who set's the trends worldwide is simply incredible.

Joe Martino is a friend, mentor and hairstylist whose standards I aspire to.  He is the most versatile hairstylist I know in NYC (and I know many.) Brunettes with amazing shine to blond-to-die-for (foils or balayage)....his skills keep him at the top of the NYC fashion pyramid. Over the years I have seen so many colorists become limited by their preference for foils and balayage, which only hurts the client. If you can't get a haircut with Orlando Pita, Joe is as close as you are going to get to the real deal!! Joe's love for cutting hair with every tool available, wet or dry has made him a hard man to get an appointment with. When I started working with Joe over 4 years ago, he shared his vision and passion while nurturing me, the same way he was guided and taught by Mr. Orlando Pita. To all the other hairstylists in NYC I say, bow down bitches!!! LOL!!

Best Pedicure
Yes there’s all those fancy, schmancy spas with piranhas nibbling at your toes and organic, grass-fed cow milk to soak your feet in. Well if you just want a regular manicure and happen to be in Chelsea, stop by Bloomy Nails on 8thAvenue and 21st Street. Ask for Michael, he will get those toes looking like new. His attention to detail makes all the difference!

The AMC on 68th Street and Columbus offers big, soft, sofa-like seats that recline. The first time I sat one, I forgot I was in public and proceed to get "too comfortable." I quickly realized that I was not at home on my big sofa (that I don't own.) But you get the drift! You can also reserve a seat without the hassle of waiting in that long, annoying line or through the ticket machine that spits out a ticket at you. The staff is super friendly too!

Oh yes I'm old school like that. I get confused online with all the hype and sites promising you too much. I call Richard Pampinella at Kennedy Travel Service and he hooks me up in minutes, literally! I have never had a problem with his choices in destinations, hotels for flights as he knows the world like the palm of his hand. He specializes in travel to places that host carnival celebrations. He also specializes in gay travel destinations. Thanks buddy, I really appreciate you.

I hope this was helpful to both locals and visitors looking for a great experience in the Big (organic) Apple.

Thanks NYC you rock!!


Monday, October 27, 2014

Have You Heard Of The Lululemon Stepford Wife Syndrome (Of NYC)

As a hairstylist I am very fortunate to be part of an on-going, creative team backstage at NYC Fashion Week. There's nothing like watching incredible fashion and hairstyles come to life just before they hit the catwalk….and the rest of the world. It’s a crazy, yet ecstatic environment.

Once Fashion Week ends, people always ask, "So what do you see as the latest hair trends?" My response has become the same as my mentor who always says. "It really depends on how the public is inspired and how they interpret what they see."

I love that response. Because there is actually room for an individual to express themselves while being influenced by the big designers, being inspired from the street and elsewhere. And of course, in the past how could NYC not inspire so many?

However, are New Yorkers expressing themselves less and less by following so call trends, both for hair and clothing?

In my opinion, it seems that young people’s individuality is being sucked dry by society's obsession to look like a celebrity or follow so-called trends…trends which are being pimped out by the media daily.

Hmm…come to think of it, there is a Lululemon, Stepford wives syndrome happening in Manhattan. This group likes to consider themselves the privileged ones. During the day, some sport hair extensions, which have been curled with a big curling iron, a fad that died over 5 years ago, (but whose counting) and all cloaked under a baseball cap, with some Lulu Lemon tights.

Then at night, they run to the blow-dry bar and have their hair fluffed, throw on a cute, expensive dress and feel they are ready to rule the fashion world... Yawn.
continue being individuals.

My personal feeling is that following a trend is really a thing of the 80's. When a client sits in my chair, I do my best to inspire them and lead them away from the "new normal." Um hello? This is New York City girls!!

Here are two you women I saw on the corner of 9th ave and 14th street, just chilling having ice cream. I just had to capture this because they were working what they were feeling. The colors, the head wrap, the hair honey, and the attitude.

I urge you all to dare to be different like we used to be. Mess it up, mix it up or just don't give a hoot. Remember, celebrities are trying to be individuals. Don't give up your individuality trying to copy them.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Orlo Salon Celebrates 10 Years!!!!

A very happy anniversary to Orlo Salon owned by amazing Orlando Pita!! Orlo salon became my home over 5 years ago and my world of hair has changed forever. Orlo I wish you many more years of success and look forward to seeing you all soon!

Love you Orlando Pita!!