Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2015

The last show this season on our lineup was Michael Kors. I always look forward to the casual, slept-in look we create for him, even though it’s never that easy. ;)

Yes it was a loose braid, but it had to be the right texture. It had to have a wave, but not an intentional wave. It should not resemble a bridesmaid-style braid!

I laughed when Orlando said that!

Orlando's new product, Lift and Plump Volumizing Spray Mist helped to achieve the texture and his Revive Dry Shampoo finished the look. What a great combo!!

Thanks to #Quentonjay (on instagram) for this photo of Orlando Pita conducting a hair orchestra! 


Friday, September 12, 2014

Working At Oscar De La Renta SS 2015

At the Oscar de la Renta show, the hair was all about “…the perfect ponytail,” as described by Orlando Pita. Using his own personal line of hair products, Plump and Lift, Straight 72, Revive Dry Shampoo and the Absolute Anti-Frizzing Shine Serum, we sent each model down the runway with hair that was flawless!

“It’s about prepping the hair first by blowdrying…and then designing your ponytail with hair spray only,” reminded Orlando. So no gels or waxes to create that sleek look…it has to look like hair you want to touch.

Once the hair was styled, we finished the look with Absolute Anti-Frizzing Shine Serum on the tail to keep it shiny and touchable. 

(Black and white photographs courtesy Quenton, follow him on instagram @quentonjay)

To purchase the Orlando's products, go to Beauty's Most Wanted, Costco  or Orlando Pita Haircare


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Working At Rosie Assoulin SS 2015

Yesterday at the Rosie Assoulin fashion show, we had so much fun with the hair. To complement her beautiful designs, Orlando Pita had us follow him in creating a rough, twisted knot. Why is it that messy hair is never easy as it looks to recreate?

This hairstyle was about being messy, loopy and hitting the back of the neck. Most importantly, it should NOT look like a bun. To prep the hair, we use a variety of products from “Beauty’s Most Wanted List” from Orlando’s hair care line…Lift and Plump, Straight 72 and Revive Dry Shampoo which were all amazing to work with!

All products are available at:
Orlando Pita Hair

On another note, as I moved from model to model, one of them asked me, “Where are you from?” I replied, “Trinidad,” and she screamed, “Trini!!” I had the lucky pleasure of meeting Trinidadian-born model, Akua Williams.

 Here’s a short video we made, paying tribute to all our beloved “Trinis” back home.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Assisting Orlando Pita At Carolina Herrera Ready-To- Wear- New York Fashion Week

Starting at 6am this morning, we knew we were in for a treat with the Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2015 runway show here at New York Fashion Week.

This season’s clothing line embodied a strong sense of Japanese shapes and style with a modern twist.

Orlando followed suit and presented us with a new masterpiece to create to complement the collection and the Biosilk Hair products to help achieve it. And boy…it took some strength to deliver his vision. As usual with his guidance we got it!!!

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Great show Carolina Herrera! 


Assisting Orlando Pita at DVF New York Fashion Week SS 2015

This pretty much sums up yesterday’s show at DVF… 

Diane Von Furstenberg stood on a chair, just minutes before her runway show began and addressed all the models, “Ladies, you’re beautiful and confident….so smile, smile!”

Orlando Pita created a hairstyle that was based on Bridget Bardot, a sexy, inspired style with a twist!!

We blow dried each model’s hair and then set it with a curling iron. The magic is really in the way the brush is handled and the products are used. Thanks to Biosilk!!

                           Below are some images to give you the real effect of yesterday’s show. Don't                            forget to follow orlandopita on instagram!!!


Assisting Orlando Pita At Derek Lam New York Fashion Week 2015

Do-Rag Honey! Yassss!

Only Orlando Pita can bring realness to the mainstream catwalk. Today's hair style for Derek Lam was a head turner!  First we applied 
Phyto Phytovolume Actif spray throughout the hair and blow-dried it with a paddle brush. It was mainly dried to remove the waves (not to create perfect smoothness.) We then sprayed the crown of the head with Phyto Spray De Coiffage and tied the do-rag in place. 

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Once this was in place, we added Phyto Matte Texturizing Paste to the rest of the hair to achieve even more texture. This gave the overall hair style a very smooth, lacquered top.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Assisting Orlando Pita At Herve Leger- NYC Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015

Yesterday, after a morning in the salon, we rushed off to the Lincoln Center for the Herve Leger show.

We started with Orlando Pita giving us a demo on the hair style, which was a lot harder than it looked. With the goal to create textured hair, we either added product if the hair was too straight or if it was too wavy we removed it with a little heat then added product to give it texture.

Then a two inch section was scraped back into a low ponytail at the back of the head.

So far it's about textured, slept in, strong hair this season. Once again I will repeat, "No perfect curls."

(Photo Credit to Quentonjay on instagram for the pic of me with the model)

While backstage I was happy to run in to Gordon Espinet, Vice President of Mac Cosmetics. It's always exciting running into a fellow Trinidadian.

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Antonio Gonzales


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Orlando Pita's Lift & Plump Volumizing Spray Mist

Is your “volumizing” product getting you down? Does it smell too much of alcohol or leave your hair with a sticky feeling, making it difficult to comb through?

Well I recommend Orlando Pita’s Lift & Plump Volumizing Spray Mist (Professional Salon Quality). A product that truly works, it's affordable, smells pleasant and does not leave hair a sticky mess. I use this on all my clients who need volume and texture.
I’m tired of magazines that recommend both the high-end product and then a sub-standard version that’s cheaper or more “affordable.” This product appeals to every budget and is used across the board both professionally and for at-home use. What can I say…Lift & Plump is all-inclusive!

 Here are my personal tips on how to best apply Orlando’s latest hair product.
 First, I spray the mist to a section of hair at the root, blow dry it, then apply it to the next section. However, if you have lots of hair you can spray this mist throughout instead of just applying as you go.

For a more textured look for long to medium-length hair (that’s also thick), here's my recommendation. Once I’ve finished blow drying everything, I lightly mist the product on each section. Then I twist those sections using the heat from my fingers. It roughs up the finish a bit. For added volume after drying, I sometimes turn a client’s head upside down and rough dry. But only if it's appropriate for the finish I'm aiming for.

It's important to remember when you are using any volume-enhancing product, to apply the product at the root and spend enough time drying the root area. Don't spend all your time drying the ends…drying the root area is vital to getting volume.

Orlando Pita’s Lift & Plump Volumizing Spray Mist (Professional Salon Quality) is available at Costco in the “Beauty’s Most Wanted” section, at beautysmostwanted.com and at Orlandopitahair.com


Friday, September 5, 2014

Assisting Orlando Pita At BCBG Fashion Week NYC Spring/Summer 2015

Yesterday was the first of many days to come to assist and learn from my boss and mentor, Orlando Pita.

We started the day with a demo where Orlando showed us the hairstyle, the technique behind achieving it and a “What Not to Do” tutorial.

The look is described as “The Bohemian Woman,” with a natural feel that’s sexy and appears as if she styled it herself.

So forget the perfect, blown out, sleek pin-straight hair, waves or curls, that is not what defines this modern individual.

Using Chi products and a Chi flatiron we followed Orlando’s instructions, starting on hair that was either dried by hand or not perfectly blow-dried, to deliver what everyone saw gracing the runway for BCBG.

With the amazingly talented Joe Martino, my other mentor at the Orlo Salon. 

 Getting the model ready!! 

Here she is!!!

Great work Orlando!! Don't forget to follow Orlandopita on Instagram!

Stay tuned for looks from five other shows from Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2015. 


Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Commitment To Helping Others

I would like to share with my readers a very exciting moment in my life. I was recently awarded the Suzanne Pincus award from the WIN (Women in Need) organization for my dedication to helping families in homeless shelters.

What gratitude I feel for this recognition! However, I am even more grateful to families at WIN that have changed my life forever. They continuously show love and share their wisdom. Their stories are with me and for that, I will forever be changed.

A big thanks to all my donors who have supported my workshops, helping others in times of struggle. A special thanks to Orlando Pita and Orlo Salon for their continuos love and support!!

(Above standing with 2 amazing staff from WIN, Alyssa Montoya & Cierra Jordan.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Getting Ready For Fashion Week NYC Spring/Summer 2015!!

As we prepare to head to the Fashion Week NYC in a few weeks lets take a look back at some images over the years working with the amazing Orlando Pita!!! Stay tuned for whats hot with images as they happen behind the scenes!