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I have received so many emails from readers thanking me for being honest about the products I write about good or bad. I have always felt that honesty is the best policy when it comes to my industry, your wallets and pocketbooks.

I want to keep comesse as a platform for honest, down to earth information on my industry. The idea is to always educate the public with all of their beauty needs, leaving the fluff behind. The message I am sending is "the client is the most valuable person and should be treated so".

In coming posts you will see my advice take a new direction in being a bit more critical on the products that are, well just not helpful. Keep in mind that every product I write about I actually use, even the drug store products. It’s all about honesty babe! So I invite you to write to me with questions on any particular product professional or not. Or if you have a product you would like me to try I would be more than happy to put it to the test.

So, sit back, relax and welcome to comesse!


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I recently posted an article about the Mohawk and the popularity of this reemerging trend. Now after my recent trip to L.A. and seeing everyone and their Poodle in the style, I am writing to say the new trend is now to get rid of the MOHAWK!! It has been done and done with!! So, if you are thinking of getting one, think again.

I have great news. There is a new trend in the making and it will be interesting to see if this trend would be right for the everyday man. It’s hair color for men. I'm not talking about at home colors, grey blending or being adventures by experimenting with lemon juice. No honey!! I'm talking about professional hair color. Colors like cool blonds and strong reds. As I thumb through some of my favorite men's magazines, Prada seems to be carrying the trend for now for fall. Overall, the colors are beautiful, butch and bold! (All at once!!)

Speaking of butch, another trend is well placed panels of bright colors.

As I was on the train to Williamsburg last week, I saw someone making an attempt at some fuchsia chunks. It worked for a moment but he really needed a little help from us professionals.

If you are going to experiment with color, this is no time to cut corners. Make sure you go to someone with lots of experience. We want you to look trendy, not tragic!!!

So guys lets get rid of the hawk and embrace some sexy hair color.


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Curly hair can be sexy at any length and color. So many women are now embracing their curls rather than the endless early morning struggles with flat irons and blow dryers. Even the women with some wave who never thought they had enough texture are definitely open to seeing what they can get out of the hair they have straightened for so long, enough is enough! Don't get me wrong, straight hair is still sought after by many women. The majority of women, however, are open to getting educated by their friends with curly hair and a stylist to recommend the right tools, techniques and better hair cuts to help sport frizz free, curly hair.

My model came to me with hair pass her shoulders and medium brown color with faded ends. We spoke for quite sometime about life and realized that 30 minutes had passed and I had not even fluffed one curl!! Finally we started talking hair. She was ready to go dark and short. Neither had she been before so I was excited to work with her giving her what she wanted with my ideas added to create the right shape.

As with most women that have curly hair, we were faced with curls of different texture at different areas of her head. The back was thick and had a strong curl. The hair on top and sides were finer than the back and actually the curl was perfect. It was a looser curl than the back with definition. Another challenge was the front hair line was a little frizzy. As we talked about her hair cut we kept in mind how the different areas would have to be cut differently.

I decided to cut first. I also decided to cut her hair dry, just as she walked in but brushed out. Even though it was brushed out the difference in texture would be still visible.

Keeping in mind that she wanted short hair no matter what, I convinced her to not take the over all length too short. First I cut the back a lot shorter than the front, so that she would still feel like she got the short cut she wanted. (Keeping in mind that we did not want to give her the appearance of Posh what’s her face.) (The one married to that scrumptious Soccer player.)

Because of her gorgeous strong features and long neck we agreed to create softness around the face by creating layers. I explained that when creating layers around the face the most important part is keeping in mind the bangs and their ability to be a tighter texture. The challenge is that, if the bangs are cut to short, they could look like a bunch of grapes. And not plump desirable grapes either, but those grapes that have been left out too long in the sun. In other words a bunch of raisins, LOL!! (I crack myself up!) Overall we were able to complete a shape that we both liked from the profile and head on.

This was the easy part. My model wanted to be a brunette and loved the idea of rich warm tones. I decided to do highlights and low lights and then glaze the entire head with our desired color. The idea is to create dimension and sparkle while still being a rich brunette. I first highlighted using the foil technique. On curly hair I recommend getting the hair high lighted and low lighted a little chunkier than normal. For the highlight I used Platinum Clay lightener by L’Oreal and for the low light I used Color Wear 7/3. The low light was a little chunkier than the highlight to get more coverage. After the color processed to my liking I then rinsed and used a gloss by Color Wear over the entire head. For the gloss I mixed Color Wear 7/32 7/3 and clear. I added the clear to help me get a more translucent appearance. I left the glaze on for 10 minutes and then we were ready to take her to the mirror and unveil her new do.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Justin-Julius Santos.

We were both happy with the end result and hope you are too.

I wish you great curls baby!


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PHOTOGRAPHY BY Justin-Julius Santos.
MODEL- Sarah Anne Stewart

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Do you ever browse through magazines for a photo to clip out and take to your hair stylist? Well, if you do, here are some tips on how to make sure that you are asking your stylist to do something that is, frankly, in the realm of possibility.

1) Do you have the same hair texture?

Ladies and men, please make sure the texture of the person in the picture is similar to yours. If you are a blond, don't bring in a picture of Erykah Badu and ask for her hair. It ain't happening!

2) Do you have the same face shape?

The shape of the person in the photo could be very different from yours, resulting a real a shocker when you see your new cut.

3) If the hairstylist dislikes the idea of your bringing in a photo, tell him or her to go inhale some bleach! Then find a new stylist.

4) Be sure to confirm how much hair will be cut off.

Shoulder length on a photo and on your own body can be two very different experiences

5) Are you and your stylist seeing the same colors in the photo?

Ask to see a swatch, to be sure you are on the same page.

6) And if you are bringing in photos of celebrities, keep in mind that they probably have hair extensions and live-in hair stylists.

Good luck!!


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Living in NY I find myself amazed by how fast trends come, get chewed up by the every day New Yorkers and then spit out as something totally new. I have been keeping a close eye on men's hair trends for the winter/spring. The short sides and longer tops was a hit on the run ways and on the street. There were so many versions of this style that I found myself walking down Broadway in Soho just to see how the style could be twisted. Then It seemed that for a certain group of young men it was time for the Mohawk to make a come back. No not the 10 inch tall Mohawks of the punk era or the one worn by today's Goth followers, but a refined version that has embraced my many ethnic backgrounds. What I find really interesting is the men who are now sporting the Mohawk are not the type that would normally wear a Mohawk.

Here are a few shots I took people I saw on the streets.

And here are 2 versions of the HAWK that I did to share with my readers.

Enjoy and I wish you to be inspired.




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Making your own hair treatment.

This is a very interesting topic. I never realized that so many people are open to the idea of making their own hair remedies from scratch. After working with so many hair products over the years, I took it for granted and depended on product manufactures to guide me and provide me with hair care tools. Now it is time for me to get in on the action of HHCR (home hair care remedies).


I have researched many ingredients, mixing oils, fruits and even some ingredients from my native land (mosquitoes). I also tried a few home-made recipes that are being advertised. Some were good, some even great but many were just a plain old bad idea. Consequently, you should be careful before you use any remedy on your hair. This was the one that worked the best. I know because I tried it on my self and other friends. In case you were wondering, it was not tested on any animals.

FOR VIRGIN HAIR (for color treated hair remove Lemon)

The Ingredients-

VERY RIPE AVOCADO; Apart from making a mean Guacamole its has been known for its moisturizing oils.

VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Is used all over the world in many home hair care recipes for soothing the cuticle.

ORGANIC EGG WHITE: Great source of protein

FRESH MINT: Great in preventing static on conditioned hair.

FRESH LEMON; A natural hair brightener

First whisk one egg white, half an ounce of lemon juice and half an ounce olive oil in a bowl. Then crush five mint leaves and an Avocado. Combine all ingredients and whisk for five minutes. I recommend shampooing with Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo by Aubrey Organics. Start by applying your treatment to clean partially towel dried hair, or as an intense treatment you can use the treatment on clean dry hair. Leave in your hair for five minutes and then rinse well. If you have stressed thirsty hair leave in for ten minutes and then rinse well. After rinsing, use the same
shampoo, but a lot less this time. Don't worry about the shampoo stripping the treatment. This treatment is so rich you will need to shampoo afterwards, trust me. When you are done, you would be amazed at how your hair will feel and the softness and shine will last for days!!

Look forward to more HHCR by hairbyantonio
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As you already know there is no advertising on my blog, which means I am allowed to be honest when I love or hate a product. I wanted to share with you a find like no other. It’s a find that I am happy to share because it will change your hair for sure! It’s an FHI Heat Nano Weight Pro 1900 Turbo Hair Dryer. Let’s cut to the chase. Here are the reasons I love it:

1) It’s the lightest dryer I have ever used. Most dryers can be a little heavy but this is like a feather.

2) It seems to dry the hair in half the time, no kidding. I am using it on my clients with thick hair and it’s a miracle!!

3) The shine on the hair is unbelievable. I know it's an Ionic dryer but I'm not going to get into all that drama. What’s important is that I used it and it works!

4) It is so silent, you have no idea. I can have a conversation without screaming at the client over some of those boat engine dryers.

5) The nozzle turns easily. Now that is a big deal. I am tired of trying to turn those piping hot nozzles and getting burnt.

I feel that most hair dryers should follow the example of this particular dryer and I'm happy that I found it. To get one I recommend going to I have ordered products from them in the past and the service is very fast and efficient.

Thanks Misikko!!!




Well, well... Bumble and bumble you did it again, you brought us a product that surpasses expectations. The Gellac is one of the most fun, creative products that Ive use since the Xtah line by Sebastian. I used the Gellac on myself to see what the big deal was. I read so many blogs that talked about the product but no one talked about using it on them selves. Well hello how can you recommend a product if you don't use it? Well that's what comesse is about, bringing you the truth.

I have been wearing my hair longer and it got warmer I decided to start using a gel and slicking my hair back. My hair texture is fine and curly, wavy on top and tight curls on the side (from my Ethiopian heritage). As it got longer I wanted something stronger, real strong! And my prayers were answered. I towel dried my hair as usual and applied a quarter size amount of Mizz Gellac. I quickly realised that I was able to play with my hair and sculpt a shape that was difficult to do with regular gel. The hold is amazing, the shine like glass and the best part is when it dries it can be brushed out. And guess what, when I brushed out my dried slicked back hair it was gorgeous!! If I may say so myself :)

I wish you fierce hair!!


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