Sunday, February 28, 2010



Since I’ve been receiving so many questions from readers and clients regarding Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NYC, I decided to share my own personal experience with everyone. Although I’ve had opportunities in the past to assist at Fashion Week, it has never been at this magnitude.

As destiny would have it, I work for one of the strongest men in the editorial world – Orlando Pita. He extended me the privilege of taking part in this week long extravaganza. Orlando would start the day giving us a demo as to how we would achieve the look created for a given designer.

I have two words to describe this experience – life changing.

Even under pressure he was graceful, respectful and produced some incredible hair. He took the time to show me how to execute these strong looks whenever I was having difficulty. It’s an entirely different story when you’re doing hair that has to hold up, look flawless and not take hours (per model) to do.

Not only was I blessed to be in the company of such talent, but it was also a gift to work with leading designers Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera and Diane von Furstenberg. From incredibly beautiful girls, “to die for” clothes and trend-setting hair – it was a dream come true.

Here are some images from behind the scenes working my fingers off.

Here I am working with West Indian born Hairstylist Marcia, what talent!!

Hair Artist
(t) 323-371-2191


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Do you know that I have not watched television for over three years? Well look at me now!!

The first judge was…anyway, pressing along. The first challenge involved grooming men with hairextensions. Well, I nearly wet my pants! Child, can you imagine? So the contestants all chose their models and the games began.

Color, cut, fluff and stitch – the guys and gals were working it. One contestant had diarrhea, one looked like sweet Aunt Jemima with her head wrap and another looked like she was in Never Never Land. I just couldn’t wait for the finished looks.

So my Brazilian Bombshell started her introduction. And then, the work was displayed. I do think the judge made a wise choice in naming Matthew

the winner and the comments that followed regarding the others were hilarious!

The second challenge required contestants to coif their models for a cover shoot. It gets better – they had to work in teams that were chose by Matthew who won the first Challenge.

YAY! Orlando walks in

and was great at letting the teams know if they were on the right track or on crack. The teams were as follows:

Matthew and Janine – they were fierce!

April and Jon – no thank you.

Amy and Brian – LOL!

Adee and Faatemah – No thank you.

Brig (on her own) – not bad girly!

OOooo did you hear Adee talking to Camila?

Camila child, you tell her like it is. Don’t be trying to talk to my Brazilian supermodel like that. OOooo…don’t get me started!

Clearly as I watch, I think Matthew and Janine

should win the Elimination Challenge but the judges are still talking so let’s see what they think. Well…Brig ends up being one of the two winning “teams”. And of course Matthew and Janine won.

So the bottom team was Adee and Faatemah. And I was hoping it’s not my sistuh going home. But there’s a commercial so we have to wait.

Okay…we’re back.

Oh hells no! I could not possibly disagree more.

Awww…Faatemah I’ll miss you.


Thursday, February 18, 2010



I am always looking for one product to share that can achieve the job of many. During these times when there are several products on the market to choose from, it is critically important to shop wisely. About four months ago (at least) I came across a product that seemed interesting. I decided to put it to the test and share the results with you.

The product is the Longevity Rejuvenating Oil by Naturina. After reading all I could find on this product, I decided to conduct my own research. I loved it! It’s a multi-purpose pure oil that will be an incredible asset to your daily routing. And now for the results (drum roll)….

1. It was recommended on the website to add a little to hair color for clients with sensitive scalps. Well, as you may already know, there are times when you suddenly have a reaction to permanent hair color. Signs are generally tingling of the scalp or mild redness. The cause could be chemical (Ammonia/Peroxide) or physical (brushing/scratching).

So I put this product to the test several times and the results were favorable. The clients that normally experienced discomfort noticed a difference in their reaction to the color. It worked! The color was just as beautiful as before.

How to use:

Apply three to five drops to hair color and mix well.

2) I also added three to five drops of this product to any hair mask on different hair types to boost the conditioning effects. If you have fine hair, I would recommend using less.

3) For thick, frizzy hair I would add a few drops to your styling products and dry as usual. If air-drying, please be sure to use less.

4) Well child, you know I love me some sun. So when I was recently in Tobago, I decided to add this to my skin since it has natural UV protection to lay out and the results were flawless. For you sun lovers with naturally darker skin like me, baby it’s great!

I also used it in the evening for a little skin conditioning, but the mosquitoes loved it as well.

I hope you enjoy this product as much as I did and feel free to tell me what your thoughts are. If you would like to suggest a product you believe I should try, please feel free to comment or e-mail me.

I wish you skin and beautiful hair.



Monday, February 15, 2010


Today was another day at Fashion week and this time we assisted Orlando Pita with hair for Carolina Herrera. Words cannot describe how fabulous the dresses were, every detail was exquisite. Orlando Guided us all with his vision for hair and it complimented the clothes perfectly! It was all so elegant and modern, everyone was in awe at the beautiful women looking like a million dollars.

Another treat today was the opportunity to work with all the Moroccan oil products. The smells, finish and hold were to die for. Even the models were excited to know we were using such great products on their tresses. In all it was easily one of the most exciting experiences of my life.



Sunday, February 14, 2010


All I can say is it was an honor to be in the presence of so many talented and beautiful people. The energy was amazing and the team work was extremely impressive. This was my second show (Fashion for Haiti Friday night) and I'm getting ready to work with Orlando Pita and the team on the Carolina Herrera show tomorrow.

Here is Matthew Morris who is one of the contestants from Shear Genius and me taking time for a photo while working on Diane Von Furstenberg show at Mercedes fashion week.





OOoooh child! The show started and the first thing I saw was Hostess Camila Alves – I loved her braided hair! I appreciate the fact that she’s looking damn good. After all, it truly is about great hair. Then she introduced Kim Vo who sashayed onto the stage with his signature Colgate smile.

The hairstylists lined up and I can only imagine how nervous they were! The first challenge for Episode Two was color and the models’ hair was a little rough. The contestants had two hours to change these color mishaps to color marvels.

They started mixing and chatting and you could tell they were nervous. I guess I would be too. I must confess to my readers that taking a client from blond to anything else is not easy. But this show is about challenge so let’s stop making excuses.

I really liked Kim in this challenge. He was on top of the stylists and dared them to be different. So as the foils were being whipped out, it seemed that the stylists of these already blond models wanted to make them even more blond (with a few exceptions).

Drum roll…


The worst was everyone but Matthew. Two hours is tight in terms of time, but I was really disappointed at the results in this challenge. The blonds were nothing special and most of the hair was a little frizzy or “fly away”.

Indeed. The best was Matthew and the judges and I agreed. He really used his talent to get that white, fried hair to look shiny and even. It may not have been the best tone of red, but it worked big time.

The second challenge required drawing inspiration from food. I actually thought I’d see great results or have a sweet laugh at the very least. Orlando started the challenge and this is the right person to mentor on creative hairstyling as his work sets trends throughout the world.

The guys and gals then colored it, flipped it, faked it and baked it – quite entertaining.


Where shall I begin?

The worst hairstyles were a “hot mess”. They were over cooked and had too much salt. And who the hell did the red nuclear bomb?

I liked Faatemah; she worked it. I felt that she really understood the challenge and dished up some great hair. The judges did not think so, but at least she was not eliminated.

Matthew cooked it! He dished Asian inspired hair and I was so proud of him as a hairstylist. Fishtail braids are not easy.

Jon – I loved it! The shape was classic, yet it was youthful and the bang was right on. It was truly inspired by his lunch.

Brian – He followed instructions well and it did resemble the dish he tasted. His had the most texture of all.

I felt Amy was by far the weakest, but the judges did not think so.

The judges felt Arzo was the weakest. I disagreed, but it ain’t my show child!

The lesson I learned from this episode is that you are only as good as people in your industry say you are. No blowing your own horn.

Do I hear a beep beep?



As I get ready to head off to work with Orlando Pita on fashion week for Diane Von Furstenburg, my friends are displaying amazing designs in Trinidad.

This is for all who will not see the Pulse 8 presentation ALOHA, a Pacific fusion (2010). This is my friend days after freezing and being snowed in in Washington DC with the icy blizzards ( a quick spray tan and voila ) Her costume is "Hawaiian Sunrise " and here she is at the individuals competition in the Savannah on Fri 12th 2010. Her costume was designed by my good friend and her uncles Gregory Medina & Christopher Santos from As you like it displays in Trinidad.

Needless to say the photographers loved her.....


Monday, February 8, 2010



I don’t often write about skin care, but when I do, rest assured that it’s because I’ve tried the products I speak of. As you know, I grew up on two tropical islands – Trinidad and Tobago. Consequently, humidity is my best friend. I’m not talking about walking down 7th Avenue in Manhattan with the streets steaming and the hot air from the subway blowing as you pass by. Oh no. I am talking about the tropical breeze and a lovely moist feeling as you plunge into Mount Irvine Beach in Tobago.

So when the winter hits, you know my skin is as dry as a one-week-old scone. So this season, I searched for the best in skin care for my very dry skin. I was tired of the creams I’d purchase at the local drugstore and actually thought it would be more beneficial to use something a bit more natural. This is where my miracle find comes in. I would like to introduce you to four products that have changed my skin from being super dry to super soft and conditioned all day long.

The best part is that I don’t need all four at once. They can each do the job intended by themselves. I bring you DaCuore Natural Products.

Vitamin E Enriched Hand Cream

This hand cream goes on like a glove made of nutrients – it felt great! It smells delicious and never felt too oily or greasy like some hand creams that leave your hands slippery all day long. Some of the ingredients contained in this cream are sweet almond oil, honey, organic sesame and sunflower. As if that’s not enough, it contains myrrh, which is an essential oil with antibacterial qualities and healing properties for abrasions, chapped skin and cuts. I love this for daytime relief.

Extra RICH Body Cream

Because I do a lot of hair color in the salon and don’t always wear gloves (they annoy me), I have the driest hands at night. [frown] The one product that eases my discomfort quickly is the body cream. Before going to bed I use this instead of the hand cream applying a thick layer. I’m able to sleep without having to wake up at 3AM to moisturize my hands. The key ingredients – Avocado Oil which is rich in Vitamins A, B2, D and E and has sunscreen properties, and Kukui Oil which is highly penetrable and soothing to the skin. I stand by this product and highly recommend it.

Okay now, I’m getting started!

Body Oil

For the oil lovers, this is a must. The consistency is not like baby oil (which I can’t stand). It’s thick, but not like car lube. The skin quickly absorbs it like a cream leaving a soft finish. It’s fantastic for elbows, knees and because of my Ethiopian heritage, sometimes if my gorgeous skin gets too dry, I will use it where necessary. I can get a little ashy (shhh, that’s our secret). I also use this product in Tobago as part of my post sun care regimen. Some of its ingredients are Vitamin B2, D, A and E. Sounds like a train to Chelsea!

Special Skin Salve

This is for hardcore dryness. They call it a powerhouse and that it most certainly is. It contains Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Kukui Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Organic Honey, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Sesame Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Tamanu Oil and essential oils of Geranium, Roman Chamomile, Lavendar with a beeswax base and Tea Tree. When you try it, you will understand exactly what they mean. It’s a must for every household.

Thanks for sharing your amazing products with me.



Friday, February 5, 2010


GIVE IT YOUR BEST : says Orlando Pita!

Okay guys and gals, I’m already loving it! I was on pins and needles for the first half hour. The hostess, Camila Alves, is gorgeous! A Brazilian-born model, I felt she added a modern feel with a hint of softness to the part. Interestingly, she is also a handbag designer (, which is always a good thing. And the fact she’s seeing Matthew McConaughey doesn’t hurt either.

The set looked rich and kept me interested in watching. The contestants were a great array of characters that not only looked eager but some were just…”special”. Then came the first challenge. I loved the idea of starting with a real challenge right at the onset. Those girls were working some serious punk hair, no? And then they were asked to transform these same ladies into something sophisticated and pretty.


My least favorite was Brian, the hairstylist from New York with the 1940’s attempt. The color was off and the “finish” was far from finished. My favorite outcome for the first challenge was the cut by Arzo who did the redheaded model.

I felt it was modern and feminine. She did not look like she was trying too hard, but the judge didn’t think so. I did like the winner he chose though.

Then the surprise mentor was announced – Orlando Pita.

Okay, I may be biased but he is the perfect choice for this show. With Orlando, what you see is what you get. He is “out of this world” talented while being direct and respectful.

The second challenge was equally as difficult and I looked forward to the outcome very much.


My least favorite was a trio – Amy and Brian (again) and lets throw the surfer in. My favorites for the second challenge were April and Janine; they made it happen!

However, Brig really flipped it!

I loved the crocheted design around the neck and the red tips at the end of the hair. It had a feel of Carnival in Trinidad and that’s always a good thing baby. But alas, the judges felt differently. [smile]


Then we were presented with the bottom three. I was actually surprised at the judge’s decision. I certainly did not feel that they were the worst three. Sadly, Joey the Australian hottie was sent home.

Down under here I come! Although he was not the strongest, he was not the weakest either.

Well, I look forward to the coming weeks episodes of Shear Genius on Bravo. Stay tuned for my weekly posts. And please feel free to share your comments.


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