Sunday, February 14, 2010



OOoooh child! The show started and the first thing I saw was Hostess Camila Alves – I loved her braided hair! I appreciate the fact that she’s looking damn good. After all, it truly is about great hair. Then she introduced Kim Vo who sashayed onto the stage with his signature Colgate smile.

The hairstylists lined up and I can only imagine how nervous they were! The first challenge for Episode Two was color and the models’ hair was a little rough. The contestants had two hours to change these color mishaps to color marvels.

They started mixing and chatting and you could tell they were nervous. I guess I would be too. I must confess to my readers that taking a client from blond to anything else is not easy. But this show is about challenge so let’s stop making excuses.

I really liked Kim in this challenge. He was on top of the stylists and dared them to be different. So as the foils were being whipped out, it seemed that the stylists of these already blond models wanted to make them even more blond (with a few exceptions).

Drum roll…


The worst was everyone but Matthew. Two hours is tight in terms of time, but I was really disappointed at the results in this challenge. The blonds were nothing special and most of the hair was a little frizzy or “fly away”.

Indeed. The best was Matthew and the judges and I agreed. He really used his talent to get that white, fried hair to look shiny and even. It may not have been the best tone of red, but it worked big time.

The second challenge required drawing inspiration from food. I actually thought I’d see great results or have a sweet laugh at the very least. Orlando started the challenge and this is the right person to mentor on creative hairstyling as his work sets trends throughout the world.

The guys and gals then colored it, flipped it, faked it and baked it – quite entertaining.


Where shall I begin?

The worst hairstyles were a “hot mess”. They were over cooked and had too much salt. And who the hell did the red nuclear bomb?

I liked Faatemah; she worked it. I felt that she really understood the challenge and dished up some great hair. The judges did not think so, but at least she was not eliminated.

Matthew cooked it! He dished Asian inspired hair and I was so proud of him as a hairstylist. Fishtail braids are not easy.

Jon – I loved it! The shape was classic, yet it was youthful and the bang was right on. It was truly inspired by his lunch.

Brian – He followed instructions well and it did resemble the dish he tasted. His had the most texture of all.

I felt Amy was by far the weakest, but the judges did not think so.

The judges felt Arzo was the weakest. I disagreed, but it ain’t my show child!

The lesson I learned from this episode is that you are only as good as people in your industry say you are. No blowing your own horn.

Do I hear a beep beep?


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