Tuesday, December 22, 2009



I’ve never posted photographs of celebrities on my blog before. The reason being that I simply wanted to keep the focus on my clients/readers instead while addressing their needs. I did not want my message to be overly concerned with what celebrities are doing, but rather with what my readers can do and how I can help them do it.

Not that there is anything wrong with celebrities, it’s just I wanted to “keep it real”.

Well my darlings, she’s keeping it real alright! I am excited to have these first images of celebrities in my blog. Yes ladies and gentleman, I bring you Penelope Cruz,

Jennifer Garner

and Rachel McAdams.

These three beauties are on the covers of three different magazines and I am pleased to say that their hair was done by my boss, Orlando Pita. And boy did he do an amazing job!

So get ready for more images of celebrities, but only when beautified by Orlando of course:)


Antonio Gonzales


Sunday, December 20, 2009


As you may all know, I am a Trinbagonian (from Trinidad and Tobago) or as we like to say back home, “Trini to the bone”. This was where my career started; where I picked up my first pair of scissors and performed my first shampoo, if that’s what you would call drenching someone (even their unmentionables). Pressing along…

Trinidad and Tobago…where I got my break and was fortunate enough to start my training with Anthony Medina. He is still one of the best hairstylists I know with the uncanny ability to see a woman like no other; making them beautiful from head to toe. Anthony is now in his sixties, but continues to do fabulous hair.

Recently, he did hair at my long-time friend Meiling’s fashion show in Trinidad. I am elated to see that my good friend and mentor are still making others look terrific! Many thanks to Anthony and Meiling for sharing your work with us.

Anthony and Meiling in action.


Thursday, December 17, 2009


Grays, frays, trays…I know, I know…there are more important things in life than stubborn grays. But for those of us that do want to rid ourselves of those “natural highlights”, here are seven ways to get the coverage your want.

1. Ask your hairstylist to use Gray Magic in your color formula. This is a product that we used in beauty school many moons ago and it’s still on the market. It helps foster better coverage. A few drops could change everything!

Some hair color companies make a color line specifically for hard to cover grays. It’s generally the number followed by a double N (NN). The double N signifies the ability to penetrate stubborn grays. This really works!

3) Clean hair is always a good thing.
If you were going to paint a wall and wanted it to last, what is the first thing you would do? Clean the wall of any old paint and debris so that you can allow for a proper application, right? Well the same is true for hair color.

4) If your desired color is one with more Golden tones or Red tones, always be sure that half of your formula is from the N series. In order to get coverage, half of your formula being is critical. Then add any desired tones you may want. If you’re 100% gray, I tend to add a little more N than usual.

5) Leaving the color on long enough really helps. Permanent color can sit on the hair for up to 45 minutes (or even longer). If you are not getting coverage in 30 minutes, try 45.

6) Ask your hairstylist what shampoos they are using at the bowl after coloring your hair. Post Color shampoos are designed to safely remove unwanted residue from your color after it is fully processed. Many product companies use Post Color Shampoo like ALFAPARF and L’Oreal. Do not use regular color safe shampoos. The aforementioned are better used 2 days after getting your color done.

7) Mix different levels of color. If your desired color is a level 7 (medium blond) and it’s just not covering the gray hair enough, add a squirt of level 6 to the formula. Actually, you can always squirt an inch of one color level darker to all of your formulas in order to ensure better coverage.

If you have any of your own suggestions, please feel free to share.

Here’s to hoping you’re covered!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009




After many requests from readers for the color formula seen on About.com, I decided to provide some additional detail.

Seriously now, men are embracing their hair color no matter what their sexual orientation. Most men I color are heterosexual and proud of the fact that they have found a way to safely express themselves. Some do it for fashion and others do it for work. Whatever their reasoning, the male gender no longer has to explain itself.

My client, a model, loves the ladies and loves his hair. Being a professional model, changing his image to suit the job is not new to him. He insists, however, that his color be subtle yet still make a statement.


I shampooed and towel dried his hair. Then I mixed one ounce of L’Oreal Professional Diacolor ICE MILKSHAKE with two parts developer. I applied from roots to ends for seven minutes.

Afterward, I shampooed his hair with post color and towel dried again. I then applied ¾ Clear and ¼ Golden Blond from roots to ends, covered it with a plastic cap and placed him under the dryer for 20 minutes. I allowed it to cool for five minutes, then rinsed well and conditioned.

COLORSHINES by Sebastian has been a favorite of mine for many years and I recommend it to everyone. I was a student of Sebastian’s for color, cutting and makeup and I simply love their products.

Thanks guys!



Sunday, December 13, 2009



First, I must thank all of the beauty school students who have written me e-mails asking questions and requesting career advice. I too was once a beauty school student with concerns regarding my future upon graduation. Inspired by the e-mails I’ve received, I decided to share a couple key things with you in this article. I hope that my words encourage you to always be yourself. On being an individual as you move forward.

There are two things I would recommend to anyone who is thinking of joining this amazing industry.


As with most salons, when someone new starts there is always the “settling in” period. There are new personalities, new surroundings and new techniques. I have been blessed to work with some fine stylists in the past and now with the Orlo Team trained by Orlando Pita. It has been a real learning experience.

My clients keep saying, “you know so much, do you still need to learn?” I smile at them and answer by saying “hell yes! In a city like NYC with such amazing talent there is a world of knowledge waiting to be discovered.”

As I advance in my career with smooth transitions, I liken myself to a sponge – absorbing all of the new techniques that I’m taught. If I had to say what it is that makes me excel in my field, it would be the ability to recognize what I don’t know and that which I need to be better at.

This ability has never failed to put me in a position of open-mindedness whereby I embrace new techniques that will inevitably change the direction of my career. No matter how much you think you know, there is always room to learn.


I have spent thousands of dollars on education al over the world and it is my duty to pass this knowledge on to those who want it. Now that I find myself in this wonderful position to learn from my new surroundings, it is also exciting to share what I have learned from masters like Anthony Medina, Sebastian, Vidal Sassoon, Mahogany, Bumble & Bumble and previous salons.
After all of this education, I now know that as a hairstylist it is extremely important to keep sharing what we know. This is what keeps our industry alive and I should give freely what was and continues to be given to me. The day I stop sharing is the day I leave this planet.

I wish you the best of luck. Keep those letters coming.


Thursday, December 3, 2009



I recall my early days in the business while on the sweet Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. I was an apprentice at Repeat Performance Hair Salon; an innocent child eager to get my hands wet, literally. My first mentor in the industry, Anthony Medina, would teach me how to hold a comb without looking like I had two left hands.

Our clients consisted of all ethnicities – including a mixture of Chinese and black, Syrian and black or even Indian and black, which always resulted in a healthy, thick head of hair. I learned how to shampoo those domes and set them babies right. There was so much to learn and so many products to choose from.

I distinctly remember one product that we used on different hair types (especially ethnic hair) to create amazing sets. Back in the day, we would reach for Lottabody. This product is genius! Honey, if you have thick hair and want a great set, then this is the product for you.

Years later, I came across this product and it brought back so many memories.

Child, I would comb that hair, then wrap it with huge magnetic rollers and tuck those ladies safely under the dryer. They would sizzle (according to the late M. J.) and I would remove them. After letting them cool for 10 minutes, I would brush to my heart’s delight. And there you had it – SHAZAMM! Shine and volume.

This product may be old school, but a little old school never hurt anyone. You can set it, flip it, blow it, whip it (you get my drift!)Believe me when I say that this was and remains one of my favorite products. I actually look forward to playing with it again. Yet another unsung hero from the early days that’s still around and going strong.

I wish you big hair baby!


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