Thursday, December 3, 2009



I recall my early days in the business while on the sweet Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. I was an apprentice at Repeat Performance Hair Salon; an innocent child eager to get my hands wet, literally. My first mentor in the industry, Anthony Medina, would teach me how to hold a comb without looking like I had two left hands.

Our clients consisted of all ethnicities – including a mixture of Chinese and black, Syrian and black or even Indian and black, which always resulted in a healthy, thick head of hair. I learned how to shampoo those domes and set them babies right. There was so much to learn and so many products to choose from.

I distinctly remember one product that we used on different hair types (especially ethnic hair) to create amazing sets. Back in the day, we would reach for Lottabody. This product is genius! Honey, if you have thick hair and want a great set, then this is the product for you.

Years later, I came across this product and it brought back so many memories.

Child, I would comb that hair, then wrap it with huge magnetic rollers and tuck those ladies safely under the dryer. They would sizzle (according to the late M. J.) and I would remove them. After letting them cool for 10 minutes, I would brush to my heart’s delight. And there you had it – SHAZAMM! Shine and volume.

This product may be old school, but a little old school never hurt anyone. You can set it, flip it, blow it, whip it (you get my drift!)Believe me when I say that this was and remains one of my favorite products. I actually look forward to playing with it again. Yet another unsung hero from the early days that’s still around and going strong.

I wish you big hair baby!


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