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I wanted to begin by addressing the one topic that would make the biggest impact in someone's life. After much research with my existing clientele, I decided to focus on what it means to have really useful styling tools and how you can make the right investments without cluttering your cupboard with a ton of unnecessary plastic and metal. I'm here to encourage you to start fresh: take a deep breath, get a loved one to join you on this and dive in to that closet of "hair stuff". Give the things you never use to a loved one or have it recycled. Girl, free up that valuable real estate! Now it's time to decide what stays and what you need to add.

A couple of basic tips for all hair types:

1) Make sure you have a nozzle on your blow dryer.

2) Avoid styling your hair in the bathroom after showering because of the humidity.

3) When choosing round brushes and rollers, remember that the bigger the brush or roller means the less curl you'll end up with. The smaller the brush or roller the more curl you will get.

After this it comes down to specific hair types.


When I do radio shows, the number one concern from my callers is how to add lift to fine straight hair. Yes, we all know that with the right cut, volumizing products or even hair color can give you a little extra volume. But what about a few hot rollers or a little curling iron action? You would be amazed at the difference these two tools can make.

Here are some techniques on how to create longer-lasting lift in your hair. If you look at most magazines you'll see that 80's big hair is out unless it's intentional. So, for a modern appearance with volume, remember the idea is to create lift on the top of the head but not necessarily over the ear. Remember Linda Evans? Who could forget those wings!

After using a volumizing product lean your head forward and pre-dry the root area a little. Then when completed start drying your hair with a round brush, always work with the hair in sections. For lasting volume, I love using Babyliss Pro ceramic hot rollers or the Hot Tools Pro Spring curling irons. Hot rollers are surely not as hot as curling irons so depending on the quality of your hair you should decide which tool is appropriate. Think about the desired look you want to achieve. You generally want to have most of your volume on top. To avoid that springy feel over the ear you may want to refrain from too small rollers over the ear or nape.

Dry a section at a time and place the rollers as you go. While working with sections, be sure to add a softer hair spray to the section before wrapping it around the rollers. If you have extra fine hair you'll want to use less spray. Leave the rollers in for about ten minutes to allow for a good set. Remember you can do this quickly. It does not have to be an all-morning escapade. If you are pressed for time or want a not-too-bouncy feel around the face, use a brush over the ear instead to give a softer feeling with more lift on top from the rollers.

Tip: For a little texture or wave in your hair , towel-dry your hair well then braid it with some Paul Brown Hawaii Hapuna Styling Foam and sleep with it braided. When you wake up, gently un-braid your hair.


The idea is to work with an already curled head of hair adding more definition and sex appeal to your curl. Air dry or diffuse your hair with appropriate curling product. From my experience, a curl cream combined with an alcohol base product makes for a great curl. And remember; always use a tiny bit of heat protection prior to using any iron. After your hair is dried take sections and re-curl with the iron. This will seal the cuticle of the hair giving shine, definition and allowing the hair to repel moisture and avoid frizzing. And if you see steam coming off of your hair from the heat, don't panic, it's a
good thing. It means the hair is being protected by product from the heat. A great trick is instead of opening the clamp of the iron to curl your hair, try actually wrapping the hair around the barrel of the iron while it's closed. Try it -- you'll love it!

Tip: When diffusing, try not to continuously scrunch your hair, this can help create frizziness or unnecessary lift.


Easy! Apply your favorite smoothing lotion, polishing milk, smoothing balm or straightening silicone. (there are so many names these days!) When blow drying your hair, focus on getting the hair smooth and the ends polished. Remember that you will be using a flatiron to further straighten the hair so don't over-dry the hair. After blow drying apply a little serum to your hair avoiding the root area. IMPORTANT! Section your hair into four sections (ear-to-ear and from the center of the forehead to the back of the head). To iron the back right section, turn your head to the left and work with the lower back sections moving up to the crown of the head. Always work with small sections. Do the same with the left side. Then move to the front sections keeping in mind that you can section off the bangs, leaving them for last.


As you flat iron the hair at the top of the head, take sections and wrap them in Velcro rollers. This gives you the look of a great polished head of hair with lift at the top of the head, and every woman looks great with a little body on the top, whether it's curly of


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While every girl or guy dreams of achieving their favorite celebrity's hairstyle, we know that most celebrities are blessed with frequent visits from their hairstylists, as well as the luxury and time to play with extensions and wigs. So what can the rest of us do? Here are some techniques that you would enjoy. Darling, we all want sexy hair at any age, don't we?


If you follow my advice, you can achieve straight, flawless and shiny hair. Start by being generous with the right product. Follow by blow-drying very thin sections. The number one mistake is doing a quick blow dry with big sections and hoping that the flat iron will do all the work.

With that approach, what ends up happening is that the hair will always have a little swollen appearance, and the ends will never be perfect. I know that's a lot, but to achieve that perfect straight hair you said that you would try, so stop whining :).

Now apply a heat protection product and section your hair. Start working with half-inch thin sections.

As we know, we're not supposed to leave the flat iron on the hair for too long. This is where I'll have to momentarily step out of my "healthy hairdressers box" and suggest that you slowly run the iron along the hair shaft. Did I say slowly? Count to 20. Now remember, if you do as directed, it's going to look great, depending on how healthy your hair is - the healthier the hair, the better the result.

I wish you straight hair!




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Hi, Antonio,

I just learned about you through an article you did for How nice of you to share so much good advice with ordinary people!

Could you please answer a question about Wella's Color Touch for me? Since reading your recommendation for this product, I've decided to try it for my red hair which is beginning to turn white around the face. I already use a mixture of Wella's Color Charm for the roots, and around my face. I'd like to use the Color Touch to blend in my ends and to add shine. I don't like to run the permanent color through the length of my hair. Until I started researching the product, I didn't realize that a developer was required with the Color Touch, and I'm not sure which strength to use. Also, wouldn't Color Touch be considered more of a demi-permanent color than semi-permanent because of this? Any advice that you can give me would be most appreciated.


Thanks so much for writing! You are right Wella Color Touch is a demi-permanent color. It comes in two levels of peroxide, 1.9% which is approximately a 7 volume and 4% which is approximately a 12 volume. The reason for the different strengths is for controlling deposit and for grey blending. I like using 1.9 for that deep rich deposit and the 4% for the client that may have a few grey hairs to help the color penetrate better. The reds in this line are beautiful, hold well and shine for weeks. I agree with not putting permanent color on the ends. I used to work with a Wella educator, Virginia Reardon, and she always said "Only use permanent color for grey coverage and lift." When you need deposit stick with a deposit only color, color touch.

With Color Touch, when choosing your color, always choose a shade lighter than your desired shade, because it always deposits a shade darker. Also you can apply the root color and then 10 or 15 minutes later add the end color for the remainder of the time. You be the judge where the amount of time is concerned. Why don't you ask your stylist to try using Koleston Perfect by Wella on your roots? That way you could match the color on the ends to what is on the roots. Think about it.



Monday, April 20, 2009


Top of the mornin' to you Antonio!

Love the comb over illustrations!!! Just too funny!!! - especially knowing that there are a few men out there still working it!

Hey, thought you could help a damsel in distress - I just joined the gym and enrolled in a swim class. My concerns are that my hair will dry up and break away! - as I color my hair (every 3 weeks with Permanent Wella), and in addition, have fragile, thin hair due to anti-estrogen meds (cancer survivor). What's worse, is that when styling my hair, I inevitably have to use flat iron and curling iron to get a sassy final smooth look - otherwise my hair is complete frizz - you've advised great products that help with healthy styling of hair, but it's the swimming that I am afraid will just drive my hair to disaster! Antonio, what RX can you recommend to keep my hair healthy and strong while taking up swimming?

Thanks in advance for your help with this question, as I really want to swim at least 2 times a week, but very worried my hair will become more weakened and damaged.

Hi my love, great to see you at the opening of the new salon. Is it not gorgeous!! Any hoo!! Let’s get down to business. This is clearly a challenge that most women and men will be facing this summer.


1) Of course a swimming cap is the first thing you should invest in. We have come a long way since the old caps that are covered with Rhine stones or some floral mishap.
There are more modern sleek caps to assist to in gliding through the water like a dolphin.

2) Heavy conditioners are the next step. Super Rich by Bumble and Bumble,

Bumble and Bumble Super Rich Conditioner
the Leave-In conditioner from Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell The Conditioner
and all soft conditioner from Redken are great products to use.

Redken All soft Shampoo 33 oz & Conditioner 33 oz set
But remember, apply it to towel dry hair. If you apply the conditioner when the hair is dry the hair may over absorb the product. We want the hair to be protected even before you go in to the pool. When the hair is wet the porosity is even and the conditioner absorbs evenly giving great protection.
3) The final suggestion is the Aqua Gele from Kerastase. This is hard core protection and should be used only if you mean business! It also has UV protection so you are in good hands even in the sun. It should be applied on towel dried hair only. Think of your hair in a wet suit, sexy!!

Kerastase Soleil Gelee Aqua-Proof Optimum swim protection Wet Look Protective Care UV, SEA, POOL 125 ml 4.8 oz.

Okay my love I hope this was helpful. I wish you great swimming and fab hair!!


Friday, April 17, 2009


Barex Gloss Hairspray
There are so many shine products on the market, and sadly what most of them deliver is an oil slick. But I recently came across a duo that will rock your world. These two babies are made by Barex Italiana. The first is Gloss Hairspray. It's great for shine without heaviness and is safe for your color. It also protects against hot tools like flat irons and curling irons. A little of this product on wet or dry hair will add shine to any matte finish. My other discovery is Cristalli Liquidi. It also protects color, hydrates and is great for volume, and we know that shine and volume is a hard combination to find in most products. I am slowly working my way through the line, so as I find more favorites I will let you know.

Stay tuned..




Tuesday, April 14, 2009



Hi Antonio!!

I saw your blog and was reading through a lot of your posts, and you really have a gift with hair!

: ) It is so rare to see a good stylist now a days! I have been to possibly 10 different salons, most of which had me leaving with bad hair and tears!

I recently lost my job as a Graphics Designer in January and it has been tough. To make matters worse, my hair is awful!! I last had my hair done before I was let go from my job. I even gave a picture to the stylist of how I wanted my hair done, but it did not come out the way I thought it would. So with losing my job and having bad hair....well, it's terrible!! I have never really been able to find a good color or style.

And that's where you come in Antonio!!! : ) I trust your opinion! And would love to have your advice as to what I can do with my hair.

I am of half Asian decent, so I have very straight, thin hair. I like the thicker hair look, but many of the products I have tried have not worked for me. Can you suggest one?

Can you suggest what color or if I should get highlights for my hair? I would like to go lighter, but have no idea what color. I usually tan nicely in the summer. (in the pictures I am pretty fair skinned because it is still somewhat cold outside)

Any help or information would be a HUGE help!!!

You are a God-send!!!
Thanks so much!!!


Thanks for writing. You look just like my niece who happens to be half Asian as well as beautiful!! But that child has hair for an army!!

Okay let’s address this situation. First, I am sorry to hear about your bad experiences. There are many talented stylists out there but sadly you will meet a few color blind weed whackers before you actually find the right match. Fine hair is actually a challenge I know very well. I deal
with it on most days. In your case let’s start with the basics.


The first product in the line up is Lotion Densitive GL. This leave-in spray treatment has seriously changed the way hair feels. Use it sparingly because a little goes a very long way. It’s important to hydrate even fine hair. Now let’s be honest. This product is not wonderful just because it is by Kerastase. It truly is fabulous. We all know that Kerastase has some products I will not touch with a 10 foot pole. (did someone say Chroma Reflect?) Any hoo, by itself this spray strengthens fine hair and at the same time it is a great styling tool.

The second is the Fiber Lift by Shu Uemura. This product is easily the best volumizing product on the market, I would bet my dog Snoopy on it!! No seriously, the shine, the lift, the bounce, the life changing experience!! Okay let me not get too carried away, but you get the picture. I would also use very little of this product. Let’s combine these two products by layering them applying the Kerastase spray first then the Fiber Lift second. Shazam!


The trick is to pre-dry the root area of your hair before using a brush, this will give you lift from the start. Round brushes and Velcro rollers may be an option as well. Have you tried rollers yet?
If you need any of these products or tools go to the Eva Scrivo Salon website and they will ship everything to you.


As you know, I could make a color recommendation but its up to the stylist you use to execute the final product. Your stylist will also know the existing color or colors on your hair now and how to work with them.

I would use the Special Blonds by Wella Koleston Perfect. The colors come in many beautiful shades and lift well especially fine hair. They can also be left in the hair for longer than 45 minutes. My favorite shades are 12/1 and 12/11 mixed with double 40 volume peroxide. These two shades control brassy tones, leaving behind a gorgeous blond. A great low light to accompany this blond shade is 7/0 and 7/3 by Wella Color Touch with 1.9 peroxide.

I hope this was helpful and if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.



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Most of you may not know the real history of the comb-over -- yes, there is such a thing. We spend so much time avoiding the comb-over lovers that we neglect the fact that all styles (even bad ones) were born and. After much research, I am here to educate you:

The word comb-over comes from the French word cuovere, meaning to cover with a veil. This hair style can actually be traced back to 1774 and Alexander XVI of France, who was known for his keen sense of style, which brought him oodles of attention from all (even French poodles) and he was known for his creative ways with a wig. My research also revealed that he was most of all a trend-setter -- you better believe it, honey, Madonna was not the first to set a trend.

One day, Alexander (I feel as if he is a personal friend) decided to create a new trend, and for this he will be remembered forever. Picture this: FRANCE, Versailles, 1773. It was a warm, sweaty summer morning, and after doing his usual morning chores, which included fluffing his favorite wigs, Alexander had a vision. He saw a world free of those heavy, suffocating wigs, which most of the time had the smell of old, wet unmentionables. Knowing that it would be the most difficult of his trends to start, he brought the idea first to his closest friend, Aspirer Chapeau, who created and maintained all of his wigs. Aspirer at first was taken back by the absurd request of the king, because not only was it an embarrassment to be seen without one’s great hair, but it was a mark of the upper crust to have tresses from – and as big as -- the heavens. A.C. ( feel as if I know him so well) listened to his king rant about how freeing it would be to have one’s own hair liberated. There was only one problem. The king was badly balding and also refused to have a single hair cut. But A.C. had a plan. He confided in his friend, the famous architect Etienne-Louis Boullee, who constructed some of the masterpieces of Paris. After endless drawings and live models, the two conspirators came up with a design, and – pouf -- the COMB-OVER was born.

A.C. started flipping and fluffing Alexander’s few strands of hair with such speed and talent (limp wrists come in handy) and presented a masterpiece of Le Cuovere. Alexander was thrilled to bits and decided to wear his new do to the grand ball that evening. Well, as the story goes,as soon as he stepped in to the club, he was quickly stoned to death and that was that.

So the next time you see a comb-over, just appreciate the history and limp wrists that went in to creating a trend that has and will survive the test of time.

This is clearly all made up just for fun, what the heck!

some of my favorite comb-over sites



I love writing and I especially love when my articles reach a larger audience. Here is my article on


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Most women are afraid to wear their hair slicked back off their face. Why? Well, it could be they are self-conscious about the shape of their face, the size of their ears, or the fact that the style brings out their features. The thing is, we are usually our worst critic, and we are the first to point out the imperfection that someone else told us we had – and that means even that mean girl in third grade. Women, wake up and embrace your god-given beauty. Show the world you love your self and will do anything to look great in the rain. Now that we’ve had the pep talk, here are your styling tips.


If you are secure enough to wear this style, I recommend using a gel combined with an anti-frizzing product. This way you have the hold and no-frizzing. Here are two ways to wear this style. The first is with a side part -- this way you don't look as if you’re on water skis and holding on for dear life. If you have curly hair, you can put the rest of the hair in a tight bun. If you have straight hair, you can let it fall in a nice clean tail, providing you have the right combination of product. If you are talented, why not braid the tail?


You must be saying, is he crazy? Well, I have been called many things and crazy is one for sure! This technique is going to require a combination of three or more products. So if you don't want to invest, you can't put it to the test. Most women and men with curly hair use more than two products anyway. If it’s one of those not-so-cold days, this is a great technique. Here goes ...

After emerging gracefully from the shower with pointed toes (a little drama always helps) towel dry hair lightly. Add a leave-in conditioner from roots to ends. Then apply your product for curly hair -- it maybe in a spray or cream. Apply it in the palm of your hands and work through your hands like hand cream. Apply it in small sections from roots to ends while twisting. What we are trying to do is calm any frizzing that may occur. Then, while hair is still damp, spray with some finishing hair spray. My favorite is Mode from Bumble and Bumble. It’s a soft-hold hair spray that smells great and works on wet or dry hair. This will be the final application of product, sealing the cuticle and allowing your hair to dry in peace without any hair-raising performances.



So darling, you still want to use your curling iron – that’s O.K., I'll survive. Diffuse your curly hair as usual, using all of your favorite products. Then choose a curling iron that is the size of the curl you have. In other words, if you have small curls don't use a large curling iron. Take the curling iron and start curling your hair vertically, not horizontally. This will allow the curl to softly cascade down the side of your face rather than bouncing off your head like a curl on crack! You’re NOT blowing it straight. The idea is to have curly hair in the rain that's sealed with heat so it lasts longer.


You are lucky, because straight hair is easier to work with. You can blow dry with a flat brush with tight bristles like the Mason Pearson to ensure flatness. Then use a flat iron and wear it down. Or, after blow drying, put it in a ponytail and flat iron the tail only.

I wish you hair that looks cute in the rain.

Copyright © 2009 Antonio Gonzales, All Rights Reserved


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As we look for new hair care products there are many factors that play into our decision on which ones to use. We might choose a product because a friend recommended it, or we like the packaging, the smell or its price. My job is to research and share my honest opinions with you on anything that might be good or bad about the various products I have tried. Recently at another attempt to grow my hair, I have been using a few products to help me achieve the look I want. From professional products to not so professional products, I have used them all and found many to be very helpful. When selecting a product for my hair, my main concerns are smell, hold and no flakes. Here are some suggestions for you to consider.


I have lots of fine wavy hair that behaves in the winter but then goes crazy in the summer. Can you relate? I recommend that any man growing his hair should always use a combination of products as one is not enough! I have been using two products, a gel for hold, shine and definition. With my gel I add a tiny bit of a light paste (not wax) to help break down the alcohol content in the gel and give it a more matt finish so I don't have to have a super wet look. There will be no slick rick doggie fresh yall!! (remember that song?)

You would think this should be easy to find, right? Wrong! You would be amazed at how many bad gels are on the market. After using trying different gels, I narrowed down the selection to my favorite three gels on the market and decided to post the results.

GEL #1

The first is the Design Gel by Alfaparf . This is a product I've written about before. I love the hold. The shine is amazing and they have other great products in the line to support this one. This gel is a very strong product in terms of hold. The only draw back is that after recently being re-packaged, the gel gets a little gummy if the container is left open. Fortunately, it does not get gummy enough to stop using.

GEL #2

The second is the Wella Color Preserve Gel which has amazing hold, high shine and is good for color treated hair which is a plus. This gel is the product for the man that wants his hair to stay put during the best and the worst of times. The packaging is okay. Oh and yes there were a mild amount of flakes :(

GEL #3


This gel is from a product line that I wrote about recently, Kiss My Face. It is a gel with natural ingredients, great hold and nice packaging. I was pleasantly surprised by the performance of this product. The hold and shine were good, the smell was decent and there were no flakes. I recommend using it for blow drying as well. All you need is a little on the root and there you have it,lift! Would you believe it was the cheapest of all! I do wish it was a little stronger hold but you know what? I can't have it all!!

And now in the world of gels, I am a connoisseur and still working towards finding the ultimate product to rock your world.

I wish you the perfect product guys.

Copyright © 2009 Antonio Gonzales, All Rights Reserved


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