Tuesday, September 29, 2009


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Sunday, September 27, 2009


After many requests from readers about Redheads, particularly my model, I’ve decided to share with you my inspiration for choosing the color. When choosing the right red formulas there are a few things that must be considered.

1) The client’s idea of red. Since we all see color so differently I utilize a color swatch book to help the client understand what Red she’s looking for. When you look at color swatches you quickly realize that there are violet reds, copper reds, golden reds and so on.

2) While choosing the reds we talk about two things: The client’s existing hair color and texture and their skin tone. There are the obvious rules when it comes to skin tone and hair color but they can be broken if the client insists. As with any hair color these two things are very important in helping decide the best formula.

3) The application is also an important step to pay attention to. This depends on if the client has any existing gray hair or previous hair color.

This model is a longtime friend and this was easily the most daring color we have done on her. I used Color Touch by Wella. I have been using this product for over 7 years and I still love it. Because we had colored her hair dark brown about 2 months before I used Wella blondor lightener with 10 volume and warm water to soften the color on her ends allowing the red to be noticeable. I applied the lightener 1 inch away from the scalp and all the way through the ends. I washed and towel dried.

Then I used the permanent color by Wella Koleston Perfect on her roots. Because of the Ammonia and peroxide in permanent colors I was able to get the shade I needed on the root area. Then I used Color Touch on her ends to match the root color.

Here comes the final step: I now apply a Cellophane color to match the tones in my existing color. So if I gave my client a copper red I will not use violet red Cellophane. Cellophane helps to enhance the red and add unspeakable shine. I have been using Cellophane's for over 10 years. I love it!

So, if you are ever interested in being a Redhead go for it, their is a Redhead dying to come out of most of us!

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I am so excited to tell you about my clients company, its called
Temptu! What or who is Temptu?

Temptu is a leader in professional makeup applications, formulas and
innovations dedicated to providing the beauty industry with the
highest quality cosmetics. Temptu’s extensive range of products is
sold in more than 50 countries and territories around the world.
Founded in 1981 and now recognized as a leading authority in airbrush
makeup, Temptu works with chemists, engineers, and makeup
professionals in film, television and fashion to develop advanced
makeup formulas and technologies. Temptu products have been seen on
Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace, Vanessa Williams in Ugly Betty,
Nicole Kidman in The Stepford Wives, the cast of Desperate Housewives,
the on-air talent for CNN and Entertainment Tonight, and used behind
the scenes for Christian Dior, Diesel, Trovata, Italian Vogue, W and
Harper’s Bazaar. For more information, go to www.temptu.com.

Temptu to the Consumer

The Temptu Consumer makeup line is based around the revolutionary,
patent-pending Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System and makeup AIR pod — an
easy-to-use, at-home airbrush makeup system that utilizes a disposable
pod system. For the first time, consumers can achieve professional
quality, airbrush makeup results without the complexity and training
needed to operate a professional airbrush makeup system. The Temptu
makeup AIR pod delivers pro results with total ease – just pop it on
and pop it off. The airbrush makeup formulas are encapsulated in
pre-arranged makeup pods that contain foundation, blush and highlight
colors individually. Each Temptu AIR Pod contains 1 – 2 months of
makeup, is self-sealing, and enables the user to achieve the
equivalent of 4 brushes in one for applications ranging from
foundation to blush and beyond.

Temptu Retouch is a complementary product line that includes an
all-in-one, on-the-go, conventional brush with makeup – in foundation,
blush, and highlighter categories — to complement the airbrush makeup
application for touch-ups.

Temptu AIRbrush makeup and Retouch formulas are made of cosmetic-grade
silicone for long-wearing and flawless coverage, and feature
ingredients Ceramide 3, Olive Oil, Vitamin C, squalene and
marine-derivatives for all-day moisturizing and nourishment for the
skin. The Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System, AIR pods and Retouch will be
available online at www.sephora.com August 1, 2009 and in Sephora
nationwide September 15, 2009. The product retail price range is from
$35 - $225.

I wish you great shopping!


Friday, September 25, 2009


So get this my darlings, as you may know in the past year I have raved about two blow dryers and the outstanding way they perform. So one day while minding my own business I opened my closet of goodies (hair products) and guess who was staring at me? You guessed right, the two dryers that I wrote about. So as usual the hair dryers and I started to conversate (says Beyonce). They were tired of both being in my closet and wanted to come out (every boys dream). So I decided that the only way to freedom was to compete, a heated death match!

As you already know I'm not here to tell you the life history of these dryers using words like tourmaline and Nano, I'm here to tell you the truth without the fluff. Both dryers have the best features of most dryers today and they’re are very efficient.

After an obstacle course and some serious testing, here are my findings:

1) They are both light in weight so no need to do squats and push ups.

2) They both have nozzles that turn making it easy to work around the head.

3) They both promised all the latest in preventing over drying of your hair.

But there was one big difference…

The featherweight dryer dries hair very well and the shine really impressed me. Because it never gets too hot you can almost never smell burning hair. But it may require a little more elbow power due to the lower heat level.

The FHI also works well but I realized something that concerns me. It has two levels of heat. The first setting is hot enough to dry the hair well and add shine but the second heat level really hot, it's slap me in the face and call me Susie hot! Oooh child!

After working with these two dryers I made the decision that the featherweight is the better choice. I like this dryer because you can never make it too hot. Whereas the FHI works great BUT the super high heat level is just not necessary. It might feel like it’s drying your hair faster but in lazy hands it could be a problem. The problem is most women think the hotter the dryer the better is,WRONG! 70% of hair types should stay away from the very hot level in most dryers.

So there you have it. I hope you learned something today and stay tuned for the battle of the flatirons!


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Thursday, September 24, 2009



The fact that my two hands can have such an impact on someone’s day or their life makes waking up in the morning all the more worth it.

My introduction to hair started when I met Anthony Medina. I was eighteen years old. Anthony is not only one of the greatest hairstylists that I have ever met but he is an incredible makeup artist and designer as well. You may ask, can one person have all this talent? Well, ladies and gentlemen, yes he can! I would sit and watch him make women feel like they were "reborn" with one hairstyle. He would tap into beauty that they never knew they had. I observed client after client leave "transformed” and I knew right then and there that I was born to be a hairstylist. I was just waiting to be discovered.


The first time I left the island at age eighteen (was also my first time on a plane, too) was to visit the International Beauty Show at the Jacob Javitz center. Well, can I tell you, my jaw dropped! I could not believe my eyes. Anthony showed me the in and outs of the fashion & hair industries with the help of his close childhood friend and WORLD RENOWNED stylist, Freddie Lieba.(If you are anyone important in the world of photography, fashion and/or Hollywood, you’ve most likely been blessed with Freddie’s Trinidadian born talent.) After the Beauty Show whirlwind I was whisked off to the Bronx to meet another Trinidadian born master hairstylist who created many of his own techniques on hair extensions, Clem Lu Yat.

Nearly two decades ago, I was given the gift of knowing that I could make it in NYC. I could not have done it without these three men planting the seeds, which allowed me to have the never-ending passion to "do hair.”

Thanks my fellow Trinis.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009



You got one of those fierce short cuts and worked it from Spring to Summer. Then you woke up after a long run with your fierceness looked in the mirror and you're over it. Your thoughts are, "I guess it’s time to grow my hair.” Not having gone through this experience before you are convinced that your hairdresser will just wave his magic wand and all will be well…

Sugar, you have a process ahead of you and it takes a skilled stylist to gently maneuver you through the changes of hair length while still maintaining a sexy style. The idea is not to make your in-between length hair look like your Great Aunt Esmeralda after the beauty Parlor.

It is important to know that different hair textures present different hair challenges during that in-between stage when growing your hair out. Hair are some tips to help.

1) If you have fine straight hair it’s important for your stylist to properly select the tools they use. There are times when the razor will work but after several cuts it stops, making hair weak or flat. At some point during this transition you may benefit from a scissor cut and dry cutting. The idea is to keep blending the straight ends, giving the hair some versatility.

2) The hair around the face should be the main focus in terms of maintaining a style. This pulls the attention away from the sides and length, giving you something to work with.

3) Products will be your best friends during these turbulent times, allowing you to have manageability and versatility.

4) If your hair is annoying you while growing it out stay away from tiny butterfly clips. In fact, stay away from them altogether…forever. I really think that a mean alien invented those things as a cruel joke against the human race.

5) For thick hair, a light trim with a razor will allow you to get past the initial introduction to growing out your short cut. It will soften edges giving flexibility and control.

6) Stay away from thinning shears! It is not always the safest way to remove bulk. It creates shorter hair within the hair and it can all work against you.

Working with the shape of the face is very important. When the hair hits the in-between stage you maybe tempted to cut it all off again so consult with your stylist before moving forward. Its not always fun but the results will bring you a smile.

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Monday, September 21, 2009


And what a glorious day it was!!


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Thursday, September 17, 2009






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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


There is a lot of talk of pre-drying. For the hairdresser, it depends on their personal experience—the way we all see and feel hair can be so different. For the client, they learn from their hairstylist and having worked with their own hair for so long they have an opinion, too. My experience with pre-drying hair is that it can be a cure or a curse.

The advantages of pre-drying:

1) It removes excess water.

2) It avoids unnecessary over working of the hair. Saving the hairstylist from carpel tunnel and the client from whip lash!

3) The blow-dry requires much less time.

4) Some hair types actually respond better when they’re pre-dried about 60% (When you touch your hair and its a little limp from moisture but not enough moisture that your hair feels wet to the touch.)

5) Its a great way to insure volume even before the actual blow-dry starts.

If pre-drying is done incorrectly there can be many disadvantages:

1) It can make frizzy hair even frizzier

2) It can create unnecessary volume if you are looking for super sleek look.

3) It can make certain hair types too full so that when you try to refine the blow dry it takes twice as long to bring the hair back down to earth.

4) It can create dry ends that are difficult to polish, which then results in over-dried ends.

5) It can flatten the roots and make it difficult to get volume, which then has you doing back flips and squats to get some lift.

TIPS on pre-drying:

1) You need to know when to use your hands and when to use a brush—don’t get those two tools confused. This will also depend on your hair type so talk to your hairdresser.

2) Always make sure there is styling product in your hair when pre-drying, this will give you manageability from the get-go.

3) If you have wavy or curly locks but want smooth or sleek, remember, throwing your hair over and between your legs and drying it like a madwoman is not the answer. This only creates volume.

4) If you have pin straight hair the madwoman technique mentioned in #3 would be great for you.

Ultimately, talk to your hairdresser and get tips on how to make your life easier and enjoy your beautiful cut.


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Saturday, September 12, 2009


I am thrilled to announce my move to the famed Orlo Salon. The opportunity to work with Orlando Pita is a personal dream come true. I know my clients will be pleased to learn that I will not be leaving the West Side. Orlo Salon is conveniently located at 34 Gansevoort Street on the 3rd Floor. For an appointment please call 212-242-3266. I am sure we'll all feel right at home in the new space. So sit back, relax and enjoy this journey with me and I promise to continue bringing you an "honest behind the scene look at beauty."

Please have a look at the following links and get to know Orlando Pita.





I wish you all dreams that come true!




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Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Well Mizz Kerastase, talk about a breakthrough in hair-straightening technology! For the women with thick, thick, thick (did I mention thick?) hair, we now have a great answer for you: Oleo Relax Slim. Let me tell you child, it works!! I won't get into the extensive scientifics behind the making of this lovely product, but I will share my experience...

I used it on a client with thick, coarse, highlighted hair. The smell, delightful. The packaging, sleek. The product itself, really concentrated--so a little goes a LONG way! You may ask, what is the difference between Oleo Slim and the Oleo Relax? The difference is, the Slim is a cream while the Relax is a high grade Silicone. The Slim has the ability to flatten the hair shaft and the cuticle taking away the bulkiness of thick hair, till your next shampoo.

Users please let me know your thoughts.

I wish you slim hair!!


Monday, September 7, 2009




Do you want to look beautiful but can't afford the commitment? Well, in a time when spending "crazy money" is a thing of the past I have come up with several ways to keep your clients happy (men and women) without denying them the right to feel and look good. Sit back, read and save on your hair!

1) With men's haircuts I offer complimentary cleanups (sideburns and neckline) between cuts. I simply pre-book his shape-up for two weeks following the initial cut. That way he doesn't have to ask his girlfriend to shave his side burns with his nose-hair trimmers. Today I find myself super busy and unable to get the guys in, but they understand :)

2) Ladies, you know those pesty bangs that always seem to grow an inch the first week after you leave the salon? Well, a great bang trim can make a cut go the extra mile, keeping you away from the salon (and out of your wallet) until you really need a serious cut.

3) For new male color clients who want to blend their grays: Instead of covering all of the hair with color I actually hand paint his his hair for a more natural look. It takes more time but the color is amazing and it grows out with less of a noticeable root line, prolonging the touch-up period.

4) Most of my blond babes know that I always encourage them to get their hair glossed seven to nine weeks after highlights. The treatment softens the root area, taking away the depth from the base. I also gently paint the hairline if necessary. This process buys them more time between highlights and costs a lot less ( Time may vary depending on client and the amount of roots they are comfortable seeing).


5) Another tip for my fair-haired ladies... Now that fall is around the corner, going a little darker can be your best decision. Low lights can help blend your natural root color as it grows in keeping you away from the salon a bit longer.

6) If you are a brunette a with a lot of gray hair, I always hand paint the hairline with the finest highlights. So fine that your friends won't notice. What YOU will notice is the grays blending in much better, keeping you away from the salon. The dark root line is always a give away!

These are just a few of many tricks of the trade for my busy NYC ladies and men. I hope other hairdressers will share their tips as well so that clients may take advantage of them.

I wish you a smart approach to beautiful hair!


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