Monday, September 7, 2009


Do you want to look beautiful but can't afford the commitment? Well, in a time when spending "crazy money" is a thing of the past I have come up with several ways to keep your clients happy (men and women) without denying them the right to feel and look good. Sit back, read and save on your hair!

1) With men's haircuts I offer complimentary cleanups (sideburns and neckline) between cuts. I simply pre-book his shape-up for two weeks following the initial cut. That way he doesn't have to ask his girlfriend to shave his side burns with his nose-hair trimmers. Today I find myself super busy and unable to get the guys in, but they understand :)

2) Ladies, you know those pesty bangs that always seem to grow an inch the first week after you leave the salon? Well, a great bang trim can make a cut go the extra mile, keeping you away from the salon (and out of your wallet) until you really need a serious cut.

3) For new male color clients who want to blend their grays: Instead of covering all of the hair with color I actually hand paint his his hair for a more natural look. It takes more time but the color is amazing and it grows out with less of a noticeable root line, prolonging the touch-up period.

4) Most of my blond babes know that I always encourage them to get their hair glossed seven to nine weeks after highlights. The treatment softens the root area, taking away the depth from the base. I also gently paint the hairline if necessary. This process buys them more time between highlights and costs a lot less ( Time may vary depending on client and the amount of roots they are comfortable seeing).


5) Another tip for my fair-haired ladies... Now that fall is around the corner, going a little darker can be your best decision. Low lights can help blend your natural root color as it grows in keeping you away from the salon a bit longer.

6) If you are a brunette a with a lot of gray hair, I always hand paint the hairline with the finest highlights. So fine that your friends won't notice. What YOU will notice is the grays blending in much better, keeping you away from the salon. The dark root line is always a give away!

These are just a few of many tricks of the trade for my busy NYC ladies and men. I hope other hairdressers will share their tips as well so that clients may take advantage of them.

I wish you a smart approach to beautiful hair!


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