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You got one of those fierce short cuts and worked it from Spring to Summer. Then you woke up after a long run with your fierceness looked in the mirror and you're over it. Your thoughts are, "I guess it’s time to grow my hair.” Not having gone through this experience before you are convinced that your hairdresser will just wave his magic wand and all will be well…

Sugar, you have a process ahead of you and it takes a skilled stylist to gently maneuver you through the changes of hair length while still maintaining a sexy style. The idea is not to make your in-between length hair look like your Great Aunt Esmeralda after the beauty Parlor.

It is important to know that different hair textures present different hair challenges during that in-between stage when growing your hair out. Hair are some tips to help.

1) If you have fine straight hair it’s important for your stylist to properly select the tools they use. There are times when the razor will work but after several cuts it stops, making hair weak or flat. At some point during this transition you may benefit from a scissor cut and dry cutting. The idea is to keep blending the straight ends, giving the hair some versatility.

2) The hair around the face should be the main focus in terms of maintaining a style. This pulls the attention away from the sides and length, giving you something to work with.

3) Products will be your best friends during these turbulent times, allowing you to have manageability and versatility.

4) If your hair is annoying you while growing it out stay away from tiny butterfly clips. In fact, stay away from them altogether…forever. I really think that a mean alien invented those things as a cruel joke against the human race.

5) For thick hair, a light trim with a razor will allow you to get past the initial introduction to growing out your short cut. It will soften edges giving flexibility and control.

6) Stay away from thinning shears! It is not always the safest way to remove bulk. It creates shorter hair within the hair and it can all work against you.

Working with the shape of the face is very important. When the hair hits the in-between stage you maybe tempted to cut it all off again so consult with your stylist before moving forward. Its not always fun but the results will bring you a smile.

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