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I remember as a child I was told that I look like Gonzo from the Muppet Show because of my nose. I know some kids can be mean, but this stayed with me for many years. Finally, in my early 30's I was able to shake off the poison that gave me a major insecurity with myself. Nowadays, I think my nose is my strongest asset; from my Portugese and Ethopian heritage my big nose was born.

Daily, I hear people sit in my chair and share with me what they consider to be their facial weaknesses. Most of us are our own worst critics.

Before even getting into hair, I bring my client's attention to all the strong points of their face that I see before even agreeing with them or providing a hair style designed to hide their face.

From cheekbones, jawlines, beautiful eyes and sexy necks, we all possess at least one of these if not two!! My point is, get a haircut that compliments your features, not one to hide them. I strongly discourage language that is going to make my clients feel that I agree with them pointing out what they feel are their weaknesses.

Let's all embrace our gifts and find a stylist that can educate you on your assests, rather than someone that's going to take them away!!!




Thursday, May 22, 2008


As I rate products, my mission is to deliver the truth as I see it. So, I will only rate products that are worth it. I am not to concerned about ingredients and fine print; you can read that. I want to give you
the real dirt, like how it actually worked. Hopefully this will help you in deciding your next purchase. Can I tell you how much fun this is!

The first product is Smoothing Milk by Fructis Garnier.

This product actually worked. The hair was smooth after use. The product was easy to dry on the hair and it’s cheap. Although it dried well, it still left a dull coating on the hair, and I am not too sure what it was. I had a problem with the smell as well. It’s a bit sweet, and when I was drying the hair, it smelled like burnt apples. There was also very little shine. All in all, it was not bad for a drugstore product.

The next was Lait nutri sculpt by Kerastase.

I have loved this product for a long time. It is a great smoothing lotion that not only hydrates the hair, it mixes well with so many other products. The shine is great and it smells lovely. I love adding a little Oleo relax to it just to make it a little stronger. It’s not cheap but its a great investment.

The third is smoothing polish by Shu Uemura.

Honey hold on to your girdle: there is nothing like this product! It smells great, light weight, works amazingly well and I often use it by itself. I can use it on most hair types and a little goes a long
way. The shine is the best I’ve found in a polishing milk or cream (depending on what you like in your coffee) I have actually ever seen. And If you want smooth hair with amazing lift, use with the other Shu Umera product Fiber Lift. It’s fabulous! Warning: a little goes a long way.

So this product gets my stamp of approval for sure


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It’s always exciting when you have a client who wants to push the limit by wanting to change hair color drastically all the time. Here are some photos of some hair colors on one of my clients that we have done in the past 2 years. Not only is she a hottie she's so fashion-forward and we always have a great time in the Salon.
The recent visit we went from Black to Blond, it took us one week.

Thanks darling!



Hair coloring could be the pick-me-up you need after a break-up, a divorce, the loss of a job… or to keep life interesting by adding fun or a kiss of natural highlights. Whatever the reason you choose to color your hair, it’s important to look at it as an investment in yourself. Some people take there hair color very seriously, while others say, “well, it’s just hair.” With that said, as with everything else you invest in, you want to protect it. Here are some tips on being good to your hair color and to help you guarantee a good investment:

A) After getting your hair colored, don't shampoo for 48 hours.

B) Shampoos, conditioners and styling products is a sure way to protect your color. Please don't let the man at the health food store tell you what to use on your hair. His purpose is to give you the right herbs to keep well. The man did not go to beauty school for 2 years and spent ten to 15 thousand dollars understanding all there is to know about hair.

C) When you go to the tanning salon, cover your hair or wear UV products in your hair or it will get lighter, guaranteed!

D) Also, rinse your color with cool water instead of hot.

E) Now, let’s talk a bit about up keeping your color. I recommend pre-booking your next color appointment before leaving the salon so you are not caught Off-guard by three inches of roots. As you know, generally when you come in for a touch-up, in four to six weeks we may do a light soap cap or a gentle glaze on the ends to integrate the color. When you come in eight to 12 weeks later, you actually create more work for the stylist. We not only have serious roots, we also have to re-formulate because of faded ends. And, this is not only a longer process, it places more chemicals on the hair for a longer time, causing more damage and sometimes more money.

F) We all have some sort of gadget with a calender, so put it to good use by reminding yourself of our up-coming appointment!

My approach is: healthy hair is everything. So, listen to your hairstylist. We are not trying to make a commission by making product suggestions. We actually care about your hair. I often hear, " I have tons of products in my cupboard," which means you have crap that's not being used and is taking up valuable room. Remember that products have a shelf life, so it may be time to get rid of that shampoo you bought in 1972. I recommend bathing your pets with it, or emptying the contents down the drain and recycling the empty containers. Save the planet while you're at it. Its very important to remember: don't let the products you don't need stop you from buying the products you need.

I wish you great hair color!

Copyright © 2008 Antonio Gonzales, All Rights Reserved


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Summer Sober
with Jeanette Bronee, Nourishment Counselor, Path for Life Self-Nourishment Center, NYC

It might not be quite what you think – it is not just about drinking. It is about food. It is about being in balance for and through the summer. We tend to go a bit "overboard" when the sun comes out and the air gets warmer. We are excited about the new season and cannot wait to shed a layer.

With that comes fruit and salads. We crave more freshness and coolness. We crave to come out from under the blanket of comfort, from the winter of staying inward and open up to the lightness. This does mean lighter foods, cooler drinks, and more fruit. That does sound familiar and nice right?

How to get ready for this though –how to rid of the blanket and get the summer feeling into your body? Many tend to do a detox or faste right now. That can be great, but not right for everyone. It is right if you are going to change choices afterwards, if it is the start of the new season. It is not a good idea if you are just going back to the stimulants and food that clog you up afterwards.

Why not eat healthier? Is it not good to cleanse your body and reset the "buttons"? It is – but it is also something that looks like a yo-yo diet to your body. What you eat for summer could add on more layers instead. Especially if you eat a lot of fruit, which your body will then just welcome as another way to put the fat back on.

So what do I recommend? I always go for the more natural and gentle way. I believe in self-care and self-love. Not self-abusive dieting and fastes that send a message of punishment to you body for the food choices of the past. When I do detox programs with my clients, they are a longer step-by-step process that allow the body to adjust.

This is what you can do to get you feeling lighter:

Start your day with a nice big glass of clean water, you might want to add some lemon.
Better yet, get a nice juice of greens. Not of fruit as much as of greens. Don't add dairy and soy and all that creamy stuff. This is a cleansing juice, not a meal in a glass. If you want my favorite one that I get in powdered form, email me. (

Have fruit as snack in between your meals instead of icecream and iced coffeecinos. (not sure if they came up with that name yet but they can have it)

Choose lots of leafy greens, not just your average head lettuce. Try out all the new fresh greens that are available now. Some are spicy some are bitter. They are all amazing and healthy for you. (And no, spinach is not that healthy for you). Sprouts are wonderful right now too and very potent for being so small. They do carry all the power for the future plant to be. Add lots of nice veggies to it and choose fish and beans before meat. And, remember avocado and nuts are for good protein and fat.

Skip the bread and flour product, and the cookies.

Drink water. It is refreshing and it helps your body get rid of winter gung.

Enjoy and see if you need the full detox. If you do, call me.


Monday, May 12, 2008


I decided to put three products to the test and share my experience with you from a hairdresser’s point-of-view. The three products are: Alfaparf Cristalli Illuminating polish, American Crew Classic wax , and Garnier Fructis brilliantine shine wax.

After using the three, it was clear to me which was my favorite. I tried them on short, towel-dried hair, medium-length dried hair, and as a finishing polish on long blow-dried hair.

The Alfaparf illuminating polish had a great smell, was easy to apply, and worked great on short, fine, or thick hair. On short hair, it was great for creating texture without feeling like super glue. I also used a tiny bit on the ends of a blow dry: it was perfect! The shine was incredible, it was easily removed from the hair with one shampoo, and it’s not expensive.

The Fructis shine was my next favorite. The hold was not as good, but, it smelled great. Also, it is water-based, so it’s easily removed from the hair, and cheaper too. As you already know, you can find this product at every corner.

The American crew classic wax was thicker than the first two. The smell was not my favorite (which is just my opinion) and it had less shine. Also, it was not as easy to remove from my hair.

So, Alfaparf: you get the AFG stamp of approval.

Stay tuned for more ratings of some of your favorite products, and new products on the market, too.



One of my clients came into the salon and instantly I noticed something very different: her hair was sooo thick. I commented, “Darling, your hair is gorgeous!” She just shrugged. Two months later, she admitted she was pregnant. Let me tell you, honey: the next time you think you are pregnant, just book an appointment and I will do the rest! LOL!

This is an important topic. I encounter many challenges with my clients as they prepare to go through the changes that happen with their hair during pregnancy.
So, even before you are pregnant and you start thinking about having the stork deliver you a bundle of joy, here are some helpful tips:

A) If you have short hair, think about whether or not you would like to keep short hair as you gain weight. I recommend growing your hair a little to create some soft layers against the cheek and neck line. As
time passes and you get closer to giving birth, think about what makes you look great. But, more importantly, think about what’s easy to manage.

B) If you have long hair, I would recommend making a change. Length is good to have, but please do not condemn yourself to a ponytail during pregnancy and after giving birth. I strongly advise my clients to have fun with there hair during pregnancy, and to make some changes while one can, while working towards a desired look.

C) Some women may want to consider growing out bangs or fringes as well. It can be miserable having bangs while trying to nurse a baby and do your daily chores.

D) If you plan not to color your hair during pregnancy, start going darker gradually long before you even become pregnant. This way you won't have to worry about missing color appointments in your first four months of pregnancy and showing roots.

E) Whatever your hair texture, start working on techniques to achieve quick, easy styles. You can even invest in some beautiful hair bands. Have a look at the salon website. Eva has designed some beautiful hair accessories.

To be continued…



Destination Weddings, continued…

Together with your hairstylist, you have created the style you like. You have photos, styling tips, and suggestions on the products and tools used. All of this information will be a huge help for the stylist in "destination land,” because they will have valuable guidelines to follow. So, it's time to hand over the information and recreate that look. As the new stylist creates your ‘do, don't be afraid to jump in and put in your two (or three) cents. Remember: it’s your hair on your day, so, “you run tings (as we say inTobago)!”

The other option to getting the right look for your destination wedding is to hire your existing hairstylist to go with you and do your hair. It will be wonderful if your stylist does makeup as well, so you can kill 2 birds with one stone. You may think that it’s too expensive, but there is no price tag on the comfort in knowing that you and your bridesmaids will look flawless. Think about it: you are offering a hairstylist the opportunity to go to a fabulous location, have a free hotel room, attend a wedding, and get paid too! Honey, if it was my wedding, I would
chain that sucker to a post and have him do hair everyday!

The advantages of taking your own stylist:

A) He or she will know you and your hair like no one else

B) The trial would have been done at home so there will be no stressing whether it will be perfect or not… and no surprises.

C) You will have all the tools and products you are used to. Especially in very humid locations, you want to have the best.
Products to keep those frizzes at bay:

I remember doing a wedding in St Johns and the bridesmaids were looking for blond hair pins, and there were none to be found anywhere
on the island. Antonio to the rescue!

(The end)


Sunday, May 4, 2008


I was walking through Chelsea one day and I found a store that was full of Mac computers, IPods and Mac accessories. I just had to go in and see what it was about... Being a mac fan, I know that sometimes it is such a headache to find a Mac store, even the one in SoHo can be a hassel to go into. This is a great find!! You can have all of your Mac needs met on a one-on-one basis with out having to deal with 100 tourists breathing down your neck!

Thanks Mike's Mac!!!



As I continue to have fun with my blog, I realise that I have the gift of a platform to share my knowledge of what I know best -- hair. Learning about the world around me that's not hair-related, I'm meeting and getting to know people who are making change for themselves and others. This has inspired me to share with you my favorite charities, non-profits and individuals that are trying to make the world a fairer, safer and more sustainable place. Hearing stories from people from all over the Caribbean, for example, about the ocean reclaiming beaches and not receding I am truly prompted to make a change myself.

I was recently introduced to GREEN FOR ALL by my long-time source of inspiration Peter Teague, Program Director at a national grant making foundation. I was so
touched by the story and changes that this group is working towards that I decided to make this the first post towards "change" of many to come. Enjoy!!

The Vision
We believe a shift to clean energy can improve the health and
well-being of low-income people, who suffer disproportionately from
cancer, asthma and other respiratory ailments in our dirty-energy

Also, we believe it can create entrepreneurial, wealth-building
opportunities for those who need new avenues of economic advance.

In other words: we believe that the national effort to curb global
warming and oil dependence can simultaneously create good jobs, safer
streets and healthier communities.

For us, our highest calling is to ensure that the clean-energy economy
in the 21st century in fact does all of these things. Indeed, we would
say that America's chief moral obligation is to build a green economy
that is strong enough to lift many people out of poverty.

To learn more about GREEN FOR ALL visit their link and lets all
work towards change.



You may ask, how do I even begin the process of choosing a hairdresser when
I'm planning a destination wedding? Here are some helpful tips on getting you going in the right direction. More and more, couples will visit several vacation spots before their big day looking for the right space that can accommodate their wedding. If the venue is chosen from a recommendation made by a friend or family member, it may be that most of the work is done. But if it's not, your first option will be to research a hairstylist in the chosen location.

So how do I do that?

Start by getting recommendations from your wedding planner, then take a picture of a style that you like and have your hair blow dried by he or she. This may sound extreme for just a blow dry but it will be the best test as to how much talent you are dealing with and if they can handle your hair texture. Take my advice: honey, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

If you end up looking like a "cockatoo on crack" well you know to grab your fanny pack and run!! If you like it, well you are one step closer to your "desired do" for the big day. The next step is to have the stylist do an actual trial of the hairstyle you want. If you are not too pleased with the outcome but can see a resemblance of what you wanted, don't stress. There is hope. We have a plan.

When you return home have your existing stylist do a trial of the style you want. Take photographs of it and get some helpful tips from your stylist to take back to your "destination hairdresser" to try and duplicate. This actually works!! I always do step-by-step photos as I style the hair so the other stylist has a guideline to follow. My tips will include products, tools and techniques with notes and recommendations. Trust me on this one, it happens all the time.



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