Monday, October 29, 2007

Men's Fall Fashion Tips by Fashion Expert Anthony Gonzales

Going over the basics of what every man should have in his wardrobe...


Two-button blazers (in a nice cashmere fabric perhaps) look great on any guy. You may want to consider navy or charcoal for a more casual look. Shades in a tweed blazer such as greens or browns are also wonderful. To really dress youself up, try a black wool or velvet blazer. Remember to choose a blazer that gives you a slender silhouette. Two-button blazers are great for this!


The white shirt is a must! If you don't have new white shirts or own one at all, you must go buy one now! You should have a few in your wardrobe and at least one with a French cuff and spread collar. These two things make men stand out at any age.


Now, let's accessorize yourself by adding a silk scarf for a stylish look or regal ascot. Don't get too wild with bright colors. Look for nice warm winter shades that are going to compliment you. Also, consider pulling out the bow tie. It is definitely making a come back in men's fashion. So, catch it while it is still fresh. A bow tie is also a great way to change up your style a bit.


We have to talk denim. Always keep a dark blue or black pair of jeans close by. Stay away from heavy stitching or worn/torn looks, these can look sloppy. Finally, remember the rule... straight leg, never flare!


Getting down to the foot of the matter. Shoes add the final touches to an outfit. If you don't have a handsome brown or cognac, you should. They put the look together. Guys please match the belt to the shoe!

You look put together (or you should if you've followed these guidelines)! Until next month!

Look forward to next month, we will talk holiday looks and winter wear.

Signing out,

Anthony Gonzales

About Anthony

Anthony Gonzales is highly accredited fashinon consultant. He has worked in the fashion industry for seven years dealing with high-end luxury retailers. His experience is a great blend of west coast relaxation with east coast sophistication. He is a personal stylist for his friends and family.


Going Back To Grey: Should I Stop Coloring My Hair??

The challenges with dealing with grey hair include texture change and loss of vitality. These factors can often leave the hair appearing limp and dull; adding years to one's overall appearance. However, there are still women that can defy the rules and naturally have a healthy head of greying hair that suits them. These women typically wear shorter hair styles and are comfortable doing it. They are also aware of the fact that they have to make many other changes to support the look.

I fully support the idea of going back grey, just as I support those that continue to color their hair. With that being said, the question of whether or not a person should go back to grey or if they should continue to color their hair becomes a rather difficult one. I feel that it is something that I cannot give a clear cut answer. The decision to go grey is more than a choice about your color. It is an entire lifestyle change that needs to be made to support your hair style.

I do feel that there are some women that may not be ready to make this sort of a change. These are women that enjoy wearing longer hair styles. Women that like to play with their hair color; dark hair to highlights to blonde. Most importantly, I feel that women who are not quite ready to embrace the effects of aging should not opt to stop coloring their hair.

No matter whether you choose to continue coloring your hair or fully capture the essence of aging gracefully, the important thing is to choose a look that supports your lifestyle!


Hair Mishaps & How To Fix It: Part I

1. You say you are ready for change, but are you REALLY ready for CHANGE?


You were born with dirty blonde hair, and you survived your teenage years with the color you were blessed with. When the time was right, you finally became the blonde that you always wanted to be, with the right guidance and professional assisance. Many years later after being every shade and tone of blonde under the sun, you woke up and decided that today was the day to become a brunette and the transition could not be put off a minute later.

Excited about your new soon-to-be do (possibly inspired by a magazine or movie you saw), you go into your favorite hair salon and spill the news to your stylist. You spare no details about your ideas and desires for your perfect brunette color. Three hours, 5 pictures and a miracle later, you leave the the salon with a beautiful shade of chestnut precisely selected by you.

You are elated with your new change and cannot wait to show if off to your friends and family. By chance you happen to run into one of your closest friends as you are leaving the salon. "Wow! Your hair is dark," she exclaims in a way that lets you know that she really wanted to scream, "What have you done to your hair?!" Her reaction immediately makes you think that you've made a huge mistake (And, believe me that is all that it takes).

As a hair stylist, I see many cases that are very similar to this scenario with women that make drastic changes to their color and may not be ready to fully committ to the transition. Before making these changes it is important to take several things into considertation...

1. Where is your confidence level? Are you ready to committ to the change?

2. Who is this change being made for? Is it for you, your significant other or professional purposes?

3. Are you doing this as a new means of self-expression?

4. Are you experiencing emotional stress, a break-up or a death in the family?

5. Is because you want to try something you saw in a movie or magazine?

The important thing is to make sure that you fully understand why you are making the drastic change. You have to be prepared mentally and emotionally for change. And, remember that everytime there is a change made, there will always be a comment made about it whether it be good, bad or ugly. Don't let others opinions be the deciding factor for your transition or lack thereof. Embrace change, change is good!


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