Monday, October 29, 2007

Men's Fall Fashion Tips by Fashion Expert Anthony Gonzales

Going over the basics of what every man should have in his wardrobe...


Two-button blazers (in a nice cashmere fabric perhaps) look great on any guy. You may want to consider navy or charcoal for a more casual look. Shades in a tweed blazer such as greens or browns are also wonderful. To really dress youself up, try a black wool or velvet blazer. Remember to choose a blazer that gives you a slender silhouette. Two-button blazers are great for this!


The white shirt is a must! If you don't have new white shirts or own one at all, you must go buy one now! You should have a few in your wardrobe and at least one with a French cuff and spread collar. These two things make men stand out at any age.


Now, let's accessorize yourself by adding a silk scarf for a stylish look or regal ascot. Don't get too wild with bright colors. Look for nice warm winter shades that are going to compliment you. Also, consider pulling out the bow tie. It is definitely making a come back in men's fashion. So, catch it while it is still fresh. A bow tie is also a great way to change up your style a bit.


We have to talk denim. Always keep a dark blue or black pair of jeans close by. Stay away from heavy stitching or worn/torn looks, these can look sloppy. Finally, remember the rule... straight leg, never flare!


Getting down to the foot of the matter. Shoes add the final touches to an outfit. If you don't have a handsome brown or cognac, you should. They put the look together. Guys please match the belt to the shoe!

You look put together (or you should if you've followed these guidelines)! Until next month!

Look forward to next month, we will talk holiday looks and winter wear.

Signing out,

Anthony Gonzales

About Anthony

Anthony Gonzales is highly accredited fashinon consultant. He has worked in the fashion industry for seven years dealing with high-end luxury retailers. His experience is a great blend of west coast relaxation with east coast sophistication. He is a personal stylist for his friends and family.


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