Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A reNew Lease on Hair

Like most New Yorkers, I use the subway and commute to work in the city. On a daily basis, I see women adding finishing touches to their makeup while the train is in motion. I know my NYC ladies would prefer to finish their makeup at home, but as New Yorkers we all know that time is of the essence. Observing these divas I’m witness to a swift stroke of Mascara, a soft puff of blush and the smacking of some sparkly lip gloss.

I think to myself – “that’s fine, but what about the hair”. Everyday I'm surrounded by dead ends, “fly aways” and static staring at me crying for help. I know time is an issue for my busy ladies but there’s no excuse. There are plenty of ways to condition your hair without expending too much time wetting it and having to wash off a conditioner in the morning. Actually, there is only one product that can do this quickly and effectively – Renew by Orlando Pita.

A few years ago, this product took the world by storm and won numerous awards for its groundbreaking ability to condition hair in a non-conventional way. It features the exceptional, penetrative ingredient Quaternium, known in the skincare world for its long-lasting conditioning.
Renew is a dry conditioner for all hair types that delivers quick conditioning agents without wetting your hair. You can condition your hair with Renew anywhere – on the train, in a cab or even at Starbucks!

All you have to do is take the cap off and spray. That's it! It’s easy to use and because it’s dry no one has to deal with a "wet" on-the-go conditioning juice like back in the eighties. Did someone say curl activator?!?! Here are just some of the benefits Renew has to offer.

For women with virgin hair
(no chemicals) looking for a light conditioner for their ends, I highly recommend Renew to add shine and vitality. Renew also works well on hair that’s been slept on taking away any static or “fly aways”. And for women that use dry powders which can leave their hair with a matte finish, I recommend a little Renew for shine without having to use heavy silicones that make hair oily. Ladies with fine hair, this is the answer to all of your problems. Renew will add shine and “oomph”!

If there is one product that I think every woman must have this Winter, it’s Renew.

Thanks Orlando!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Monday, November 8, 2010


Recently I ran into a friend of the salon Teddy Charles and just had to have a" Kodak moment".

Teddy was not only trained by my boss Orlando Pita, he was recently in charge of making Lindsay Lohan look timeless and sexy for her recent cover on Vanity Fair magazine.
Teddy is an inspiration to me and I look forward to seeing more of his work on magazine covers to come.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010


With so many hair products on the market, it can be overwhelming to ascertain what works and what doesn't. During the past 20 years of my experience using different hair products I've become a virtual connoisseur of gels, shampoos, conditioners, etc. Today I want to share with you my experience with hair masks in particular. In the past, hair masks were oil-based and potentially damaging; when used too often they stifled the scalp and made the hair limp, leaving it difficult to style. Nowadays, water-based masks are lighter, with added nutrients that are safe for the scalp, leaving your hair in mint condition. Here are a list of the best hair masks at various price points. All should help considerably in restoring you mane to its rightful, virginal state... well, almost.

Love conditioner by Davines

When I lived in LA some 12 years ago, I used and loved the Davines color line, the entirety of which has since improved, with a focus on making hair feel loved. Love by Davines is the first mask I want to write about. The packaging is sleek and easy to hold in the shower. In other words, it's not a weirdly shaped chunky tub that slips from the hand easily, potentially causing you to waste some of this precious product!. Its effect on color-treated hair is amazing, because of its superb conditioning qualities. It also works great on thick, kinky hair that requires a treatment with strong conditioning agents. Although it's a rich mask, it rinses easily, leaving the scalp free of product buildup and your hair smelling great for days (literally)!

Age Recharge by Kérastase

Well my darlings, if you want a product that you will be hooked on for life, this is it. It's my "go to" product for blonds... it helps enormously with detangling and preventing further breakage, with extremely consistent results. If you have very dry hair I recommend using it as a weekly treatment as a regular conditioner. Remember, a little product goes a long way. Out of the vast amount of masks that Kérastase offers, I would say that this is the best and only one I fully

Moroccan Oil hair mask

This mask took the country by storm with it's promise to condition frizzy hair and leave the driest hair full of moisture. I am here to say it delivered as promised. Unlike the MoroccanOil itself, the hair mask is not too heavy, and is buttery in consistency. After use it leaves the hair in better shape to withstand hot tools and the sun, and it's easily one of the best-smelling masks on the market. I look for any excuse to use this product; I even use it as a styling cream on the ends of curly hair.

Biolage Intensive Therapy mask

This is a product that I'd suggest to women across the US, since it's so easy to find. It's an intensive treatment for stressed hair that can be also used as a daily conditioner. Plus, it's affordable—which in this economy is a blessing. However, I would recommend a little heat for this treatment to work as well as with the previous masks. Towel-dry your hair and place a plastic disposable shower cap on your head. Follow by heating your hair through the cap with a blow dryer.


Keep in mind that hair masks in general should not be left on the scalp overnight unless directed. The reason for this is its potential to irritate the scalp when left for long periods. Before using any mask I recommend you shampoo and towel dry your hair, removing about 50 percent of the water prior to usage. Before applying the mask your hair should feel damp to the touch—not dripping wet and not too dry.

Also, take your favorite mask with you on vacation, and use it before entering the ocean or pool. Take it to the gym and use it in the steam room for an even deeper treatment. Basically, you should never leave home without a small jar of mask to help save your hair from the harsh elements that are determined to harm it!.


Homemade treatments

Who does not love the best of all worlds. This is not only affordable, you can use all organic fruit and oil insuring you are getting the best Making your own hair treatment. First whisk one egg white, half an ounce of lemon juice and half an ounce olive oil in a bowl. Then crush five mint leaves and an Avocado. Combine all ingredients and whisk for five minutes. I recommend shampooing with Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo by Aubrey Organics. Start by applying your treatment to clean partially towel dried hair, or as an intense treatment you can use the treatment on clean dry hair. Leave in your hair for five minutes and then rinse well. If you have stressed thirsty hair leave in for ten minutes and then rinse well. This treatment is so rich you will need to shampoo afterwards, trust me. When you are done, you would be amazed at how your hair will feel and the softness and shine will last for days!!


Ripe organic avocado: Famous for its moisturizing properties

Virgin organic olive oil: Used all over the world in many home hair-care recipes for soothing the cuticle

Organic egg: A fantastic source of protein

Fresh mint: Great for preventing static on conditioned hair

Organic fresh lemon: A natural hair-brightener **this option should not be used on color-treated hair**


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