Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I Am Reading- The power Of Now

When I made my decision to leave NYC, I was under the impression that the city was too much for me to handle. Let's face it, after eight years in the city that doesn't sleep, I found it overwhelming. Little did I know that the problem was not NYC per say...it was how I interacted with the city.

So I decided, first step - focus on my daily commute. How I can be relaxed while trying to block the screeching of the subway trains, the blaring sirens of police cars and all the angry taxis honking at anything that got in their way?

Instead of listening to music, which was my norm, I downloaded a few self-help books. The best part of listening to books on the train is that you can close your eyes and absorb helpful information while immersed in a very aggressive environment.

This brings me to The Power Of Now, a guide to spiritual enlightenment. This book came into my life at a time when I was ready for its message - to live in the present. Author Eckhart Tolle talks about the pain and negative experiences we may have encountered as children, how it can follow us into adulthood where it's relived day after day in our subconscious. He calls this experience, "the pain body." Mr. Tolle explains that this "pain" can be dormant or active. A habitually unhappy person can live 100% in the "active pain body" and while the "dormant" kind allows a temporary relief from this pain.

"Surrender to what is in the now, say yes to life".
Having just finished The Power Of Now, I can feel this book will be a great influence in my daily life.


Monday, July 30, 2012

The Secret Is Out

 Welcome to my world!!!

I am very excited to introduce you to my family and announce the launch of the website for Orlo salon. The salon has been opened for eight years, offering clients a warm environment focused on quality and trends created by Orlando Pita himself.

 The site shares with you more about Orlando Pita and his impact of the beauty industry worldwide and the price of services at the salon.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

More On Botox For Your Hair

Okay, let's get down to business here. They claim that Hair Botox can work miracles! Fast, easy, good for the scalp, and makes you look slimmer:) And my favorite sell is, "a celebrity uses it", so why not you?

I have never used it and will wait some time before I touch it. Personally, as a hairstylist I can't keep up with all the new hair products that promises to make everyone look and feel younger. I mean, really – its just a hair product! Its supposed to help your hair look better.

Here's what I do know.

1) I have heard these promises before by other product companies and it seems like this product already exists in a different form.

2) Once you say a celebrity uses a product, everyone should want it. I wouldn’t act on such rumored endorsements until I had personally see and endorsement with that celebrity.

3) As we’ve seen with many other big brand name “hair care miracles,” smaller companies begin flooding the market with their versions. We know for a fact that once this swarm of knock-offs hit the market, the quality of a product is never the same. And the knock-offs are already in salons.

5) Now that everyone is doing it and it's so easily accessible, some stylists start to stray from the manufacturer’s directions, putting their assistants to do it. leaving the client at risk.

6) In a culture consumed by quick results, it will probably now take the place of keratin (for some salons) and will run its course until the next craze takes over. So let's wait for the reviews and continue using what we know works.

I recently had the opportunity to see models who had had their hair "botoxed," and the results were not good. Please keep in mind, it was NOT L’OREÁL BOTOX. 

The models said they would stay with keratin if that had to use a hair smoothing product.

Hey, just saying!

Clients you deserve whats best for you and it is our duty to give you whats best for your hair. Not whats best for our pockets. So be patient and maybe staying with what you now is best, its still up to you.

Antonio Gonzales


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Can A Shampoo Make You Look Skinnier?

In the past, we have seen companies go to any length to attract consumers with enticing words or ingredients to help generate new interest in their hair products. I always enjoy the creative ways they use packaging and the media to help promote their new and exciting offerings.

As our culture has become more age-conscious, they started using words like “age recharge,” “age defying,” and “time reset,” just to name a few. Then, with all the media on celebrities losing weight, products bombarded the market with promises to make even your hair slimmer, skinnier, or leaner. And it does not end there. If there is a vegetable or fruit that's thought of as healthy to eat, it’s quickly added to shampoos, conditioners and hair colors. Before you know it, all the other companies join in and we have hair products with acai, fruit acids, avocado, and whatever nut or oil is all the rage at the time. I'm surprised we don't have a kale or cilantro shampoo on the market already. :)

Well, apparently it's time to take it one step further. Companies are now using plastic surgery culture as a way to promote hair products. Are you ready for this? HAIR BOTOX!

You heard me right! After doing some basic research here's what I know. L’Oreál first launched it as an in-salon treatment designed to save your hair and scalp. Terms like "feed your hair," "scalp TLC" and "scale back the stress" are being used to describe the product. Companies would have you believe that it's been used for some time now on celebrities and that they love it. I don't know for sure because I have not seen it endorsed by any actual celebrity.

Personally, as a hairstylist I can't keep up with all the new hair products that promises to make everyone look and feel younger. Especially when you hear things like "This haircut and color can make you look skinnier". I mean, really – are we that desperate!? Lol!

Ladies you are beautiful as you are, remember a woman's strongest asset is your individuality.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Motorcycle Rentals in NYC

Some friends and I are thinking about taking a trip up the Hudson or out to the Hamptons for a weekend, just to chill. So I went to Brooklyn to visit my friend and client Chris Miles, at Jupiters Motorcycle to discuss renting a bike.

As soon as I arrived I was impressed (and nervous) with the selection of sexy, two-wheeled beasts on offer! 
From BMW to Ducati to Triumph, there seemed to be a bike for every one and their alter ego.

So for those more adventurous spirits that don't mind a little helmet hair -
here's the basics on what you need (apart from a hair brush)

1) Motorcycle License - You must have the law on your side. These bikes are insured and ready to ride but require a Motorcycle Endorsement. 

2) Deposit of $2500 - That's right. You have to put up some collateral if you want to take a Ducati for a ride. Don't worry. It's held temporarily and you get it back when you return.

3) Over 25 - sorry no kiddies. 

4) 3 years/3,000 miles experience - Jupiter's wants you to be safe so you have to show the required experience.

Once you have cleared these minor hurdles, you are ready to ride. Jupiter's offers helmets and gear for rent so all you need is your riding partner and a destination. 

Get moving and get out of the city in style this summer.

Check out Jupiter's Motorcycles - 


Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Perfect Travel Size Blow Dryer

If you're a woman who travels a lot, here's a hair dryer that will meet all your needs in one little box: the Feather Weight Journey by T3. It's a lightweight, travel-size dryer with the same power as a regular T3 dryer and is as durable. As stated by T3,  "... the folding handle and world-voltage make for the perfect companion"

Honey this is certainly for the jet-setting woman (even if its just to the Hamptons)  This dryer can fit in your Birkin, no adapter needed.

Flight 191 departing to London babe!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Corioliss K2 Professional Vapour Infusion Iron

When I first heard Orlando talking about a new flat iron, the Corioliss K2 Professional Vapour Infusion Iron, I was intrigued. It's been awhile since we've seen an iron enter the market with a true, unique difference. I quickly called the powers that be and asked how soon we could get one delivered to the salon.

As soon as the arrived, everyone was eager to see it in action. Orlando Pita gave us a live demo, testing it out on a young woman boasting a head of thick, curly and long black hair.  In no time the results of this flat iron were obvious. Shiny, sleek, straight hair from an easy-to-use flat iron.  The best thing about this iron is, it adds argan oil to the hair as you work. You have to see it for yourself.

Check out this video of Orlando demonstrating the virtues of the Corioliss K2 Professional Vapour. 


All You Need To Know About Keratin Treatments

I get many requests for keratin treatments because of its ability to tame frizz and add shine, so I thought I would do a thorough fact check on the results of this product. Read on to learn the pros and cons on keratin and if it’s right for you.

1) Can a keratin treatment be “all natural?”
There are lots of companies misusing the word “all natural” when talking about keratin treatments. Anything that will smooth the cuticle enough to last up to four months cannot be natural. It's that simple.

2) Are products labeled “natural keratin” safer on hair?
After all the negative reviews, some companies are making a keratin adding strawberries and chocolate to the product, and they are considered “natural”. 

The problem is every client that has tried it, complained that it didn’t last as long. I appreciate the attempt to produce a safer, smoothening treatment that lasts more than a month. And please do not say, "It's not damaging." If it’s going to smooth the cuticle for an extended period of time, there will be trace chemicals in it. It may not be formaldehyde, but another substitute chemical product, which fights the frizz.

And then there’s the heat that keratin needs to adhere to the hair! Heat applied directly on hair at a high level is extremely drying. So the choice is yours, a "more natural product" that works for a short time or a keratin product like Coppola Keratin (using some formaldehyde) that works longer.

3) How can keratin be helpful?
Does your hair get wavy at the ends when it reaches a certain length, forcing you to keep it at an all too-short length? Then keratin is your answer. Because of its gentle smoothing effect, it will allow you to grow your hair for 3-4 months, adding length and weight while keeping that annoying wave away. Then when its longer you will no longer need to use the treatment. I have seen clients who have struggled to grow their hair, with the help of keratin, happily achieve a longer length. Also because it smooths frizz, the hair looks silkier and it does leave the hair with a light shine.

4) I have highlights in my hair. Can this additional treatment damage my hair?
If your hair is highlighted and is not weak, brittle or extremely light, this product can work. 

 However it's up to your hair stylist to tell you the truth, and for you to listen. I have seen many blonds have success with this product. I have also refused to do many keratin treatments because I was afraid the client’s highlighted hair could not handle it. Honey, no amount of money is worth damaging someone's hair. Some companies including Coppola make keratin treatments for blonds, its not worth it...

5) Will it lessen the time I need to spend using a hair dryer?
Absolutely! Many women use this treatment as a way to blow dry less. If they have very dry hair, they do a keratin treatment and stay away from heat for four months. It's a real commitment though. But it works.

6) I love my curly hair but am looking for a change.
If you love your hair what you're really looking for is trouble. Lol!! If it’s not broken why fix it? I suggest you just leave your hair natural. The choice is always yours…hint, hint.

7) What should a hairstylist do to avoid hair going too straight?
It's all about applying keratin to hair, letting it sit, blow drying it, followed by using a flat iron to seal it in. The industry standard is to iron hair seven times, using high heat. Hair can always be ironed less and the heat lowered for a safer application. Just keep in mind the treatment may not last as long, but you’ll still get a couple of months from it.

8) How else can this treatment be helpful?
If you have long wavy hair that’s shoulder length and difficult to manage, keratin is a big help. It allows you to have shorter hair without the bubble effect.

I hope this was helpful and it cleared up any confusing myths. Remember at the end of the day the choice is yours, so make one that's right for you.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Orlando Pita And One of My Favorite Celebrities

Here is my hair hero Orlando Pita with lovely Kate Winslet.
Aww to sweet!!!!

Follow Orlando on Twitter and keep up with all his wonderful work.

The two of us at a recent party:)


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Can You Get Great Hair Color from a Box?

While visiting a friend in Sparta, NJ (a lovely town on the water), my friend’s niece asked if I could give her a few highlights. I said yes so we started the day by picking up some hair color. Off to Pathmark to see what they stocked!

Of course there were tons of hair color products, all showcasing beautiful models boasting shiny, lustrous hair on their boxes. Staring at those images of healthy, damage-free hair, I wondered how many women who  bought the color actually achieved those results? The color I chose was by L’Oreal Superior Preference (LB01- Extra Light Ash Blond Cooler.) It is one of the few brands that offers an ash blonde, high lift tint. Choosing a color that was ash based was important to achieve more beige highlights.

My friend’s hair is a level 4 with faded ends (about 1 shade.) Her hair was mainly all natural, apart from the leftovers of a relaxer on her ends that was done over a year ago. Sporting virgin hair, she only wanted to add a few natural highlights, to keep it very natural. This product is meant to be used as an all-over color. But since I was working with virgin hair, it could be easily used towards highlights.

I mixed the color (which was very easy) and quickly foiled her hair while sitting in the backyard. Within 10 minutes I began to see results. I closely watched the color become lifted and 20 minutes later…we were happy.

She is as sweet as she is pretty.

Let me say that this is not a "do it yourself post." I do not encourage readers to color their hair at home themselves using an off-the-shelf product (especially for highlights).  It's almost impossible to guarantee good results, as there are too many “what if” scenarios to consider. And as a professional, I’ve seen too many clients with damaged hair (and egos) sit in my chair. The product maybe high quality, but without an expert’s knowledge, it's a recipe for, well, not great hair color.

If you know someone who does hair and you are looking for a product in a hurry, I would say this L’Oreal product may be an option once used correctly.

Remember the biggest ticket for a hairstylist is a color correction, generally caused by someone trying to color his or her own hair.


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big Red Blanket Movie Event

Over a month ago I was invited to a fun, going away party at a dance studio in Soho. I had just moved from Miami so was happy to rub shoulders with New Yorkers once again. There I met Alexis Meisels, a curly haired beauty and we started chatting up a storm. Of course we talked hair and soon enough she was sitting in my chair. While I was snipping away Alexis talked about her latest project, called A Big Red Blanket.
I was instantly sold! Can you imaging a movie in an out door setting served with great wine, comfy seating and and a big red blanket? The best part is all you have to do is show up!

1) What is A Big Red Blanket?
It’s a meeting of the minds, pre-dating the launch of www.zokos.com - a start-up built to facilitate dinner parties and film screenings. Enjoy a chef-prepared meal served over four courses presented from the comfort of a big red blanket. Afterwards, enjoy a film screening complete with portable rocking chairs, spiked drinks and snacks.
2) Who is behind this wonderful idea?
Alexis Meisels, a film-loving, event planner and Shea Hess, a food-loving chef and host. 
3) When is the first event?
Our inaugural feast will take place this Thursday, July 26th. It'll be a picnic paired with an outdoor screening of Clueless in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Dumbo.


4) How many people can you seat?
We can seat 15 people in "actual" seats. They are very comfortable!
5) The menu looks healthy and tasty. Who chooses the menu for each event?
All credit goes to my partner, Shea Hess. She's a passionate chef who hosts a web program/blog called Hungry in Brooklyn, exploring the world of local, organic, and sustainable cooking.

6) Can you cater to vegetarians and people with food allergies?
Absolutely. We can be reached with these concerns at bigredblanket@gmail.com

7) Lastly what inspires your choice in movies?
We are all about the crowd pleasers! Clueless is one of those great movies that never gets old. Some of our upcoming choices include Wet Hot American SummerPee-Wee’s Big Adventure, andThe Big Lebowski. We are also planning on branching out to picnic day trips around the city…coming soon this fall!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Freak Storm In New York City!

All I can say is, "What the hail is this!" That's exactly how I felt Wednesday afternoon when it started raining cats and dogs...which then transformed into a freak hail storm. The skies darkened, thunder and lightening tore across the sky and strong winds started breaking branches off all the trees. It was the coolest experience ever! Is this what it was like for Dorothy in Wizard of Oz??

You must remember that I'm an island boy at heart. So when something like this happens, I'm in awe. There was also a little girl watching the storm and both of us were glued to the window, equal parts excited and frightened and so glad to be inside.

Apparently in NYC, hail storms during the summer months are not a common occurrence, child but I'm no meteorologist. I just spent the afternoon feeling like a local weather reporter, as did the rest of the city! Check out my video.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keith Richards and Patti Hansen - Hair by Orlando Pita

Hopefully this photo spread warms your heart like it did mine. Check out a lovely array of images that captures Keith Richard's and Patti Hansen's beautiful family in the Turks and Caicos. Showing major love and affection while looking fabulous, it was shot and styled with the help of Orlando Pita, Camilla Nickerson and Bruce Weber.

Whenever I encounter Patti Hansen, she is always pleasant... really a true beauty. 

Great job guys!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Concerts In NYC

If you're in the city for the next two months I have a heavenly recommendation for you. Last Sunday a friend invited me to hear him perform at the Church of the Holy Apostles on 28th Street and 9th Avenue. Arriving at 8pm, I found an impressive 35 strong orchestra set up on the church stage, known as the Litha Chamber Orchestra. The concert was called Vive La France and was conducted by Eric Hayslett. All the musicians, including my friend, were well dressed in black and beaming with excitement.

First on the program was Overture to La Fille du Regiment, by Gaetano Donizetti. 

I sat in this beautiful church with my eyes closed as the first sounds were emitted. It was transcendent! The night continued with music from other composers such as Georges Bizet, Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy. My favorite performance was Pavane pourune Infant Defunte (Pavane for a Dead Princess). This is a well known piano solo written by French composer, Maurice Ravel. 
In total, the performance was about one hour long with an intermission. This was all new to me but I loved every second of their show. It was nothing short of magical and what’s best is that it’s only ten dollars!

Here is a short video from my phone:)

Check out their upcoming summer concerts. The dates are as follows:
July 28th - "Sounds of Summer" includes music from composers like Mozart, Vivaldi and Schubert.
August 25th - "Vacation Time" with music from composers Rossini William, Copland and Beethoven.
Both performances will be held at The Church of Holy Apostles and will start promptly at 8pm.
See you there!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Together Lets Help Women In Need

So far being back in NYC has been about seeing old friends. I recently had dinner with a former-co-worker and we ran through our struggles, triumphs and goals over the past year. As we were talking about the hair industry she mentioned that she had liters of unopened shampoos and conditioners that she wanted to donate, but didn’t know where.

I quickly went online and found the perfect charity, Women in Need. Here’s a short description from their website.

Women In Need  (WIN) provides housing, help and hope to New York City women and their families who are homeless and disadvantaged. Through comprehensive programs such as shelter, supportive permanent housing, job training, domestic violence services, alcohol and substance abuse treatment and childcare, WIN offers the tools and guidance which allow our families to return to their communities and live independently."

Music to my ears!!! My co-worker Rich and I jumped into his car and headed up to 31st Street to Women in Need’s location to drop off the products. 

While there, I asked how I could help. I am excited to say that I am working towards conducting biweekly workshops, starting in East Harlem (hopefully). The workshops will focus on both inner beauty as well as beautiful hairstyles for job interviews and daily haircare. I will also be donating brand new shampoos and conditioners and other hair products donated by my family at Orlo salon as part of the workshop.
As each session will educate at least a dozen participants, I’m looking to build a team of hairstylists who are willing to donate their time to styling and cutting hair for these women. I am also looking for brand new beauty products to give to my ladies at WIN to help with their daily beauty regime.

If you would like to help me, please message me at comesse@comessenyc.com.  If you would like to give your time to WIN or donate in any way, here is all the information you will need to get started.
Women In Need, Inc.
115 West 31st Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Telephone: 212.695.4758
Fax: 212.736.1649
Email: info@women-in-need.org

Love you all!! Antonio Gonzales


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Meet Musician, Song Writer and My New Friend, Lydia Rhodes

As she walked in the room I just knew I had to meet her! Beautiful, sexy, big hair and a personality to match. I pulled myself together and walked over. "Hi what's your name?" I asked. "I'm Lydia Rhodes," she replied. Lydia has been in the New York dance music scene for many years and is currently working towards releasing her single.

We chatted about our industries and our love for them. Right up until the end of the party, I thoroughly enjoyed her company, even when we were across the room from each other. It was a great evening of hairstylists, fashion designers, stylists and people from the music industry. What a fab night! Stay tuned for more from Lydia Rhodes!!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Difference Between A Gloss And A Glaze

I’ve heard from clients that they often get confused between a gloss and a glaze. One visit is for a gloss, the next, a glaze. Or sometimes the two are applied at the same time... So what’s the deal between the two? I did extensive research, read articles from fellow NYC stylists like Rita Marie and debated with my co-workers at Orlo Salon to inspire this article. Read on and learn the difference.
What comes to mind when I hear the word glaze is a shiny delicate surface, like that of a glazed cake. So, after my research, I was happy to learn that we agreed (other hairstylists) that a glaze is a temporary color that can add great shine to a virgin head of hair or color-treated hair. Some glazes have pigment added to boost any matching hair color. Whether it’s clear or colored, glazes add a safe, translucent coating to the hair shaft that washes off in 12-14 shampoos. Glazes contain no ammonia or peroxide, which means it does not have the ability to lift your natural color or open the cuticle to deposit color. It gently lays on the surface of the hair. Glazes will not cover gray hair. However, on someone with "a few gray hairs" it can add over all shine and a hint of a colored tone.

One of my favorite glazes is Colorshines by Sebastian (cellophanes). I have been using this product for over 20 years and I still love the results. This temporary gel-like substance comes in clear and a variety of colors that can compliment any brunette or blond. Keep in mind there are other glazes on the market but this is my favorite. I'm yet to be disappointed by this product.

When I think of a gloss, I think of car paint or nail polish, something stronger and longer lasting.

We also agreed (my fellow hairstylists) that a hair gloss is the
stronger of the two. It contains peroxide and does have the ability to budge the cuticle depositing longer lasting color. If used with heat on virgin hair, some glosses will lift hair, changing the tone by a shade. (I have seen it with my own eyes.) When used on color-treated blond or brunette hair, it will add shine and enhance the existing tones, which can be a life saver a month after having your hair colored. Glosses can be clear or come in many different colors (more colors than glazes) and can last up to 3-4 weeks. They can be applied to dry or towel-dried hair and as mentioned, can be used with heat or no heat (like Wella Color Touch.)

One of my favorite glosses is Dia Color by L’Oreal. This can make a blond sparkle a month and a half after getting the color done, which means you can prolong your next visit to the salon for your full color application.

Keep in mind that glosses are a girl’s best friend (especially for blending gray hair) but it should be used when necessary and on hair that really needs it.

I wish you shine, shine, shine!!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Snow in July. 7 Tips to Fighting Dandruff

Don’t you hate it when it snows in summer? It’s a beautiful day outside, warm and sunny…you’ve just put on a cute outfit….and then suddenly you see it. Little white flakes on your shoulders. No one wants to see that, especially in the height of summer. Here are a few ways to let the sunshine in and melt away those flakes on your shoulders.

According to MediLexicon's Medical Dictionary, dandruff is, “The presence, in varying amounts, of white or gray scales in the hair of the scalp, due to excessive or normal branny exfoliation of the epidermis. This can also be accompanied by redness and irritation.”

Let’s drill down that scientific mumbo jumbo into some actionable steps on how to stop dandruff build up.

1) Start with avoiding shampoos that contain sodium laureth sulphate. Common in many shampoos, most people are not aware they may have an allergy to this chemical. I’ve seen clients who have stopped using this ingredient and find relief from scalp irritation. When you go for your next haircut, ask that they use an SLS-free shampoo or take your own.

Avoid shampoos with high amounts of silicone and perfumes, which can add to the problem. Try these shampoos instead:

David Babaii for Wildaid Amplifying Shampoo

Hamadi Lemon Mint Hair Wash

Carols Daughter Rosemary Mint Clarifying Shampoo

2) Stay away from styling products with heavy oils, silicone and perfumes. If you are an avid product user, build up on the scalp is a common issue. This especially applies to women who get their hair done often because their lifestyle demands perfection in their appearance. If you fall in this category, make sure you incorporate a few natural styling products to your daily regime. Too many chemicals are never good. That being said, I have yet to see an all-natural product line that can totally replace all chemical-based styling products.

Some of my favorite, all-natural styling products include: Peter Lamas Volumizing Mousse


Shaman Cucumber and Vitamin E sculpting Gel, Hamadi Shea Pomade and the Peter Lamas Thermal Styling Spray.

3) Regular washing of hair brushes is a big help. I recommend washing your hair brush every two weeks. Also wash caps, hair bands, and combs regularly, as they too can hold bacteria.

4) Avoid harsh dandruff shampoos. They can sometimes make a bad situation worse.

5) Only leave- in-conditioner hair products should be left overnight on the scalp. Do not use a regular rinse-off conditioner and leave it on overnight. These are designed to be rinsed off, hence the name. This one is by Just Natural Organic Care. And honey child its intense!!
Gluten Free
Natural & Organic
No Chemicals
No Alcohol
No Harsh Detergents

Gluten Free
Natural & Organic
No Chemicals
No Alcohol
No Harsh Detergents

6) Some say rinsing your hair with vinegar helps, others swear by Nizoral. Many believe in olive oils and tea tree oils. What ever the case, a regular detox is good for the scalp and hair. My favorite detox shampoo is by Abba. Use every 2 weeks.

7) If your scalp problem is extreme, ditch all the products you have and go au natural, at least until it’s gone.

I hope this was helpful and wish you a summer, free of snowflakes! :)


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Emma Stone For British Vogue August 2012- Hair By My Boss Orlando Pita

I could not wait for the August issue of British Vogue to be released. Emma Stone is a doll and Orlando Pita, Patrick Demarchelier and  Hanna Murray worked on this shoot, capturing her in a way that is too cute for words.

I love the 60's feel to the look and the fashion rocks!!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

John Galliano Men's Couture 2012- hair by Orlando Pita

Hi guys - Get ready for the latest hair styles for the Fall/Winter season. Start planning and working with your current hair length so you can also get this strong, sleek style! Enjoy!


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