Sunday, July 29, 2012

More On Botox For Your Hair

Okay, let's get down to business here. They claim that Hair Botox can work miracles! Fast, easy, good for the scalp, and makes you look slimmer:) And my favorite sell is, "a celebrity uses it", so why not you?

I have never used it and will wait some time before I touch it. Personally, as a hairstylist I can't keep up with all the new hair products that promises to make everyone look and feel younger. I mean, really – its just a hair product! Its supposed to help your hair look better.

Here's what I do know.

1) I have heard these promises before by other product companies and it seems like this product already exists in a different form.

2) Once you say a celebrity uses a product, everyone should want it. I wouldn’t act on such rumored endorsements until I had personally see and endorsement with that celebrity.

3) As we’ve seen with many other big brand name “hair care miracles,” smaller companies begin flooding the market with their versions. We know for a fact that once this swarm of knock-offs hit the market, the quality of a product is never the same. And the knock-offs are already in salons.

5) Now that everyone is doing it and it's so easily accessible, some stylists start to stray from the manufacturer’s directions, putting their assistants to do it. leaving the client at risk.

6) In a culture consumed by quick results, it will probably now take the place of keratin (for some salons) and will run its course until the next craze takes over. So let's wait for the reviews and continue using what we know works.

I recently had the opportunity to see models who had had their hair "botoxed," and the results were not good. Please keep in mind, it was NOT L’OREÁL BOTOX. 

The models said they would stay with keratin if that had to use a hair smoothing product.

Hey, just saying!

Clients you deserve whats best for you and it is our duty to give you whats best for your hair. Not whats best for our pockets. So be patient and maybe staying with what you now is best, its still up to you.

Antonio Gonzales


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