Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What I Am Reading- The power Of Now

When I made my decision to leave NYC, I was under the impression that the city was too much for me to handle. Let's face it, after eight years in the city that doesn't sleep, I found it overwhelming. Little did I know that the problem was not NYC per say...it was how I interacted with the city.

So I decided, first step - focus on my daily commute. How I can be relaxed while trying to block the screeching of the subway trains, the blaring sirens of police cars and all the angry taxis honking at anything that got in their way?

Instead of listening to music, which was my norm, I downloaded a few self-help books. The best part of listening to books on the train is that you can close your eyes and absorb helpful information while immersed in a very aggressive environment.

This brings me to The Power Of Now, a guide to spiritual enlightenment. This book came into my life at a time when I was ready for its message - to live in the present. Author Eckhart Tolle talks about the pain and negative experiences we may have encountered as children, how it can follow us into adulthood where it's relived day after day in our subconscious. He calls this experience, "the pain body." Mr. Tolle explains that this "pain" can be dormant or active. A habitually unhappy person can live 100% in the "active pain body" and while the "dormant" kind allows a temporary relief from this pain.

"Surrender to what is in the now, say yes to life".
Having just finished The Power Of Now, I can feel this book will be a great influence in my daily life.


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