Sunday, July 8, 2012

Orlo Salon Owned By Orlando Pita

I constantly get questions from readers and hairstylists about the salon and what it is like. I decided to share a small taste of the images I see on a daily basis that inspire me to be a better hairstylist.

Waiting for your service with Kate, Hair by Orlando of course.

A taste of our inspiration board.
Orlando Pita and Madonna on set for the Take a bow music video.
Orlando Pita and Tina Turner.

Some of the products and tools we love.

A peek out the window.

A taste of our inspiration board
Orlando Pita with Cameron Diaz.
Orlando Pita at working at Fashion week.
Madonna on set of the Music album.
Model and salon friend Alice Kabukuru.

Coffee table.

 Yours truly and color genius Jennifer Gandia.

Not many people I know are fortunate enough to have a boss that inspires you even when hes in another country:)

I love my job!!


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