Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Little Action Can Warm The Hearts Of Thousands.

Do you know that the original 9/11 memorial is being threatened? People from all over the world walk here just to see this beautiful memorial on the corner of Greenwich and Seventh Avenue.

It always catches my attention every time I pass by. This simple, chain-mail fence is today, covered with hundreds of ceramic tiles, each with a special message from New Yorkers who were touched by the events on 9/11.
Last Saturday I noticed a woman and an adorable child standing there, cutting fresh flowers in the hot sun. It turns out Dusty (that's her name) gets flowers donated by friends and spreads them out in buckets around the fence. The hope is to keep this special place alive with the attention of the people living here and visitors. 
Well I couldn't help but ask if I might Join them. She said, "why of course you can!" 
In the excitement I started dropping bunches of flowers in the buckets. Dusty nicely asked if I could spread them out, one by one…and do I did. 

Here's where you come in.. You too can participate in saving this precious place. If you or your friends can get your hands on flowers that did not make "the cut" and are being discarded, then bring them here and add them to the buckets.
With your help we can keep this memorial alive for those those lives were lost on 9/11.


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