Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Of My Favorite Performances Of All Time.

From Beyonce to Gaga to Riahanna, in today’s world when a young diva performs we expect backup dancers, lights, fireworks and a stage set to capture your attention. With all these beautiful, young, high-energy divas, no one expected a woman in her sixties to put on a performance that would leave them in the dust.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Miss Grace Jones.

At the Queen’s Jubilee, no one expected a 64 year-old woman and a hoola hoop to leave us with our mouths wide open (catching flies) in amazement as she sang with her hoola hoop (which never fell!) Miss Jones has maintained a larger than life attitude from day one and still does. 

Grace Jones has always been one of my favorites. I remember my little village in Trinidad and Tobago going crazy when images of her were released in a newspaper.

People were in horror, " What de hell wrong wid dis Caribbean woman!"

My reaction was "I see…this is what they mean by black is beautiful!"

Grace Jones has proven that there will only one Grace Jones with her short hair, beautiful skin, wild antics and sexy voice. Grace kicked open doors over 20 years ago for future performers to know it’s ok to be different.

To see Miss Jones perform at the Jubilee was insanely fierce and I hope all young artists see that sometimes all you need is raw talent and a kick ass attitude! ;)

Here are some more images of this true diva…


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