Saturday, July 28, 2012

Can A Shampoo Make You Look Skinnier?

In the past, we have seen companies go to any length to attract consumers with enticing words or ingredients to help generate new interest in their hair products. I always enjoy the creative ways they use packaging and the media to help promote their new and exciting offerings.

As our culture has become more age-conscious, they started using words like “age recharge,” “age defying,” and “time reset,” just to name a few. Then, with all the media on celebrities losing weight, products bombarded the market with promises to make even your hair slimmer, skinnier, or leaner. And it does not end there. If there is a vegetable or fruit that's thought of as healthy to eat, it’s quickly added to shampoos, conditioners and hair colors. Before you know it, all the other companies join in and we have hair products with acai, fruit acids, avocado, and whatever nut or oil is all the rage at the time. I'm surprised we don't have a kale or cilantro shampoo on the market already. :)

Well, apparently it's time to take it one step further. Companies are now using plastic surgery culture as a way to promote hair products. Are you ready for this? HAIR BOTOX!

You heard me right! After doing some basic research here's what I know. L’Oreál first launched it as an in-salon treatment designed to save your hair and scalp. Terms like "feed your hair," "scalp TLC" and "scale back the stress" are being used to describe the product. Companies would have you believe that it's been used for some time now on celebrities and that they love it. I don't know for sure because I have not seen it endorsed by any actual celebrity.

Personally, as a hairstylist I can't keep up with all the new hair products that promises to make everyone look and feel younger. Especially when you hear things like "This haircut and color can make you look skinnier". I mean, really – are we that desperate!? Lol!

Ladies you are beautiful as you are, remember a woman's strongest asset is your individuality.


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