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I chose to use the razor cut for these three cuts because although these women all have different styles, they certainly wanted a cut that grows out easily and is easy to manage.  When the razor is used correctly the results are amazing.

Thanks ladies!

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Do you want to use hair powders? I give them my stamp of approval. But their is a lot of conflicting information online about hair powders. After my research, I realized that a hairstylist’s point of view was needed to give you a real sense of what it is you may be committing to. As with any product, we either love it or hate it. This is very true with the Bumble and Bumble hair powders.

Hats off to this company for stepping up and supplying the need to improve a product which has been used for many years. They not only improved the content, they packaged it so it comes in two sizes: a travel size and a larger package. It also now comes in different colors and is easy to use.

This product is for you if;

You have fine hair, oily scalp, and are tired of shampooing every day.

You sometimes need a quick lift without wetting or blow drying or having to commit to stiff hair sprays.

This product is not for you if:

You run your hands through your hair a lot and like the feel of clean hair because you can feel product in the hair a little.

If you have problem scalp. (I would recommend allowing your scalp to recover first before using this product.)

Do not expect to fall in love with this right away. Buy a small can to try first. I remember working a wedding on a client that had fine black hair that was thinner on top. I was asked to do a very classic updo, but the hair at the front was a little see-through when I created lift there. I took my black hair powder and sprayed the scalp a little. It worked. It created the illusion of thickness at the hairline by lightly covering the scalp. So, please try it, and good luck. No this is not for the man with the comb over, I am just sharing a trick.

I must give this my stamp!

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I love this part. Here are three products that I have used and will compare to give you the one that is affordable and worth the investment.

The first is John Frida Frizz-Ease

I hated it! Not only is this product every-bloody-where, but I can tell when a client has it on there hair without even asking. How do I know ? First, I consult, shampoo, cut and dry. As I am drying, the room is full of what seems like smoke coming from the hair. In my experience, roughly 80% of the time I’m told it’s this product when I ask. It is heavy and is difficult to shampoo out of the hair, so it builds up on the hair shaft.

The second is Bio Silk by Farouk.

Well, I should be careful not to speak too badly about this product before one of its many fans jump me on the street! So, what can I say except that it works. Not only is it light, it’s great for shine and for frizzing, and can be found in all drugstores across America. It can be used before blow drying. Use a tiny bit before flat ironing, then a pea size at the end. When you’re done and getting ready for the night, you can even put a little on your legs. You heard me right! That's what the advertisement said. Now, do I hear a lip gloss poppin', Mama?

What is the third? Think Rolls Royce (this makes BioSilk a Mercedes)!

Semi Di Lino Diamante is another great product by Alfaparf. It is a light weight serum that moisturizes incredibly well and is great for all hair types. I use this on curly hair at the end of the styling, whether wet or dry. Also, I use it before blow drying, and I find that it’s especially amazing to use a few drops prior to flat ironing. Just look at that packaging child! Get one now, you will thank me for it.

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Now that we've discussed women's hair coloring during pregnancy, I want to talk some more about the safest way to color your hair from a vegetable-derived color with no ammonia or peroxide. I must be honest. Because there are so many semi-permanent hair colors on the market and an increasing demand to color grey hair, we the hairstylists have become more dependent on grey blending. This leaves us using some chemical. I remember back in the ‘80's when grey blending was not so important. Don't get me wrong: people were still hating great hair then. But, this did not begin at such a young age.

This point brings me to one product: Cellophane's. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, this is a temporary color that is made by Sebastian. When I visited my first hair show in New York in 1989, one of the companies I came to know and love was Sebastian. Wow! Talk about great hair product and a creative show to make your jaw drop. For some reason, this product just slipped away from us. I am here to say that it’s one of the safest products for pregnant women.

The benefits of this product are;

1) It is safe for all hair types.

2) It conditions and gives great shine.

3) Because it is non-toxic, it is absolutely safe for pregnant women.

4) The product deposits safely on the hair.

5) It comes in 17 shades.

I also prefer it to other natural hair colors, like Henna, because it gently leaves the hair in several weeks without long-term staining. To describe this product I want you to think of Cellophane paper. If

you place red Cellophane paper over any surface, it becomes a red tone. The effect is the same when using this product on the hair. If you have black hair and you use red Cellophane's, the hair is still black, with a soft red tone. And, did I mention Shine? Your hair will glow from the heavens, I tell you!

I know the question you are asking: Does it cover grey hair? No, it does not. if you have dark hair with a few greys, it will cast a light temporary shade over the grey strands. Also, if you are one of the color fans that still want to use chemicals on your hair,well, this product can be your best friend too. It’s a great color for enhancing any beautiful redhead or blond after color service. If you have any questions on this product, please feel free to write me at the email above.

I give this my AFG stamp of approval!

Put ‘em to the test baby!

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Kerastase Nutritive Oleo Relax Smoothing Serum Controlling Care Rebellious, Frizzy, Dry Hair 4.2 fl oz 125 ml
I love this product on fine-curly hair,try it you will love it!


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Is your man's hair getting you down? Do you feel a little defeated by his old hairdo? Do you think he needs to be a little refreshed? Well, have I got the solution for you? Yes, I do! In addition to a new ‘do, a new hairdresser may do the trick.

Ladies, I too have dated that special someone in the past with the hairdo from hell. Can you imagine how hard it is for me as a hairstylist to walk around with someone who sports a back-to-front mullet!? Can you feel my pain? In some cases, especially in a new relationship, you may not want to rock the boat too soon. But there are also the long-term relationships, which is when you can be downright honest. Either way, here are a couple of winning lines and tactics to get the boys on the right track:

1) “Honey, I saw this guy at work today and his hair looked so good. He had hair like yours. Should we find out who does his styling?”

2) “I saw my stylist cut this guy’s hair today, You should try him. He is great with men's hair.”

3) “Munchkins, how long have you had that haircut?” (Then, follow with silence.)

4) General rule: Find a celebrity (a good-looking one) who he looks like and mention the similarity, particularly the hair.

5) Get him a gift certificate for a good salon. Men love surprises too.

6) Accidently pour a can of paint over his head. He will have to get all of it cut off. (I’m just kidding, you crazy girl.)

7) Visit his current hair dresser down some dark alley and pay him or her off to leave town. (This time, I’m serious.)

The above was outlined for beginners. For those of you who know your man well enough, do as follows:


Honey, you know I care about your appearance as you do mine. I really feel that it’s time for you to start seeing someone new for your haircut. I know you can look so much better.


But, I have been going to the same person for so long, I would feel so guilty.


I know, honey. Let’s do what I did with my stylist when I dumped him: I sent a card with some chocolates thanking him for his years of service, and it was all fine. (Then, smile and count to 10)

Child, if that fails, you need to hire a hit man. (Again, I’m just kidding. Don’t you dare spend that hairstyle money on a thug!)

Girls, for more boyfriend tips, have a look at my advice for men @


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