Monday, July 21, 2008


I love this part. Here are three products that I have used and will compare to give you the one that is affordable and worth the investment.

The first is John Frida Frizz-Ease

I hated it! Not only is this product every-bloody-where, but I can tell when a client has it on there hair without even asking. How do I know ? First, I consult, shampoo, cut and dry. As I am drying, the room is full of what seems like smoke coming from the hair. In my experience, roughly 80% of the time I’m told it’s this product when I ask. It is heavy and is difficult to shampoo out of the hair, so it builds up on the hair shaft.

The second is Bio Silk by Farouk.

Well, I should be careful not to speak too badly about this product before one of its many fans jump me on the street! So, what can I say except that it works. Not only is it light, it’s great for shine and for frizzing, and can be found in all drugstores across America. It can be used before blow drying. Use a tiny bit before flat ironing, then a pea size at the end. When you’re done and getting ready for the night, you can even put a little on your legs. You heard me right! That's what the advertisement said. Now, do I hear a lip gloss poppin', Mama?

What is the third? Think Rolls Royce (this makes BioSilk a Mercedes)!

Semi Di Lino Diamante is another great product by Alfaparf. It is a light weight serum that moisturizes incredibly well and is great for all hair types. I use this on curly hair at the end of the styling, whether wet or dry. Also, I use it before blow drying, and I find that it’s especially amazing to use a few drops prior to flat ironing. Just look at that packaging child! Get one now, you will thank me for it.

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