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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Did you know that a hairstylist using a brush full of someone else’s hair to style you is almost the same as brushing your teeth with someone else’s toothbrush?

As a client, there are many things you deserve and I’d like to touch on one of them today; clean hair brushes. Have you ever sat in your hairstylist’s chair and seen them reach for the brush only to catch a previous client’s hair staring right back at you? Well, I have. In my many years working in the beauty industry I’ve seen many a brunette pay good money for a style only to leave with someone else’s blonde hair on her shoulders, NOT COOL!

Ladies, gents, heed my words of experience and wisdom on a topic most hairstylists aren’t rushing to open up about. If you’ve never really considered it, let me offer you some food for thought… when a brush is used on a freshly shampooed head of hair, the hairstylist has no way of telling if the client has a scalp condition shampooing won’t get rid of and as the hair is being dried, the brush rubs up against the scalp, removing any debris (e.g. dead skin cells) and collecting some of it up in the bristles and if you happen to be “lucky” enough to follow her, you come in, hugging and kissing your stylist, completely unsuspecting of that seemingly innocent brush with a dirty little secret. Did someone say cross-contamination??? (lol!)

So here’s what I recommend; the next time you go to a salon and you see the stylist make the move to grab a dirty brush, go on a hit them with a Karate-CHOP! (just joking) No, but seriously, simply tell the stylist something along the lines of “Can you please use a clean brush on me?” Sit back and observe the stylist’s reaction; this teeny tiny request can cause one of two, the stylist will either apologize and quickly grab a clean one, or you’ll note the stylist’s embarrassment while he/she fumbles to find you a clean brush.

The reason I chose to write about this is because I want you, as the client, to know that you’re not being a nuisance; you have a right to a clean brush every single time you have your hair styled at a salon. Yeah, I said it; a clean brush is your RIGHT. I don’t know if you knew this but, the State Board of Cosmetology REQUIRES that clean and dirty brushes be kept separately from one another so as to avoid contamination like the kind I just described, so I’m not the only one telling you it’s your right, this is the law!

With all of what I’ve just shared with you, I hope you’re inspired to set the standard when it comes to what tools you allow a stylist to use while working on your hair…

I wish you all clean brushes and healthy scalps!!!


Friday, June 17, 2011


As usual seeing Chris Carrabba for his haircuts is always a treat. This time we cut and styled his hair for his recent performance, here he is backstage with Taylor Swift!! Chris thanked me once again for keeping his hair up-to-date and fresh for his very busy lifestyle.

See you soon buddy!!


Thursday, June 9, 2011


Over 20 years ago I was Introduced to Mas man Wayne Berkeley through his long time friend Anthony Medina. From the get go, Wayne was very warm, caring and willing to share his extensive creativity with anyone who wanted to experience it. As time passed I was one of many people around the world to experience Wayne's generosity with his gifts, endless efforts to share his creative (sparing no expense) and his warm laugh that accompanied it all.

Time after time Wayne's love for Carnival and anything to do with design has emerged as original and powerful as no other. Some of my best years of Carnival was in Wayne's band wearing his fabulous costumes and seeing Wayne zipping through the band celebrating with his masqueraders.

Today I was able to see Mr. Berkeley before his passing and say my official goodbye. Wayne you have been an incredible inspiration to me, your generosity has captured my heart and your legendary talent has affected my soul.

Thanks Wayne, you will never been forgotten!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Meet The Unofficial Ambassador of Tobago!

If you are thinking of visiting Tobago for its incredible rain forest and spectacular diving, how about an amazing bike ride? Let me back track a little. About 20 years ago I met my friend Eamon, one of the best unofficial ambassadors of Tobago there is. With his positive vibes and love for Tobago, I immediately knew we would get along. Whenever I return to Tobago, I always make sure to visit Eamon and am consistently welcomed with a warm, friendly hello.

Among the many outdoor activities I enjoy in Tobago, I had never experienced a bike ride with Eamon across the island. I have to tell you, this is the island I ran wild on! It is an island I thought I knew so well...until today!

We scheduled a 3pm ride. I went to Eamon’s home and was embraced by Fat boy, one of his dogs.

We talked a bit and I got a bike, helmet and gloves and we were off. Eamon served as my trusted tour guide. Pssssssssh! Like I needed one!

We rode through village after village…all fairly familiar and expected. All of a sudden, I found myself being lead through back yards, passing goats, chickens and smiling kids asking us to perform tricks on our bikes. Eamon was more than happy to please them. And as quickly as it had begun, all of a sudden I found myself standing at the crest of spectacular cliff towering over crystal clear blue/green water and rocks.

My jaw literally dropped. Eamon simply smiled and led us on to our next destination. Before you know it, we were riding through a fishing village,

through a park and climbing steep hills. I honestly thought I had experienced it all until we were riding through a lush estate.

All of a sudden we came upon an amazing white sand pit surrounded by blue waters. Nirvana!

Eamon thankfully dug in to his back pack and pulled out some healthy snacks. We chatted in this private paradise a bit, then recharged, we hit the pedals again. On the way back, we thought we accidentally ran over a 4 foot snake! To my bloody surprise, Eamon jumped off his bike and ran into the bushes to make sure the snake was okay.

Would you believe he not only caught the snake (which we thankfully did not hurt), but he also picked it up and apologized for scaring it! He then released the reptile back to the bushes.

I am simply blown away by his compassion for all living things. That compassion and passion also extends to the flora and fauna native to our beloved Trinidad and Tobago. On our way back he described the many crabs that were along our track scurrying about with bright orange legs. They kept disappearing, one after the other, like a wave of fire it was spectacular!

We carefully crossed a major road and headed into an area called Friendship Estate. I was familiar with the Friendship Estate, but not like this! It is extremely lush with many small streams covered with big rocks and large tree roots protruding from the earth and water. It’s like a scene from Jurassic park! Needless to say our adrenaline rush continued! Off we went sweating and thirsty, ready to find our way home.

If you want to get a view of Tobago that you won’t get from a boat, plane or car, I highly recommend Amon for a visually stimulating experience while you stay healthy.

Great job Eamon!

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