Thursday, June 9, 2011


Over 20 years ago I was Introduced to Mas man Wayne Berkeley through his long time friend Anthony Medina. From the get go, Wayne was very warm, caring and willing to share his extensive creativity with anyone who wanted to experience it. As time passed I was one of many people around the world to experience Wayne's generosity with his gifts, endless efforts to share his creative (sparing no expense) and his warm laugh that accompanied it all.

Time after time Wayne's love for Carnival and anything to do with design has emerged as original and powerful as no other. Some of my best years of Carnival was in Wayne's band wearing his fabulous costumes and seeing Wayne zipping through the band celebrating with his masqueraders.

Today I was able to see Mr. Berkeley before his passing and say my official goodbye. Wayne you have been an incredible inspiration to me, your generosity has captured my heart and your legendary talent has affected my soul.

Thanks Wayne, you will never been forgotten!


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