Friday, August 31, 2012

Trinidad And Tobago Celebrates 50 years!!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Best Tools For Your Hair

Here are some helpful, honest tips to help you find great products according to quality, price and performance.

Corioliss Flatiron - $$$
Talk about a miracle of a flatiron! I was taken aback by its ability to take dry, curly, frizzy hair and infuse Aragan oil to produce smooth, long lasting straight hair. As you iron hair, the oil is slowly released onto each strand.

Take a look at my video to see how it works.

Mason Perason brush - $$$
When I say this brush makes love to your hair, I mean it! Very few hair brushes offer soft, sturdy bristles that are of high quality.  Having withstood the wear and tear of many NYC Fashion Weeks, it has the ability to keep hair smooth without the aggressive pulling of low quality bristles.

This handmade brush also is great to brush hair when it’s dry, removing tangles while invigorating the scalp. They come in different sizes, colors and are worth every penny. 

Hot Tools Curling Iron - $$
There are many fancy, expensive irons on the market, making over-the-top claims, such as a trip to the moon. The prices can be high and look like they are from Mars…

No need for all that drama in an iron for home use. I recommend Hot ToolsCurling Iron. It’s not expensive which is a huge plus. Their range of irons come in every size and utilize heat-protecting materials like Nano-ceramic, Ceramic-tourmaline and pink titanium. So for a great price, you get an iron that works.


I’ve had mine for a long time. The only other iron I will use that’s in the same price category is the T3 iron. 

T3 Blow Dryer - $$$$
This is not your boat engine hair dryer that over-dries hair. This is theRolls-Royce of hair dryers. 
I have used it for the past four years and continue to recommend it. Apart from the incredible technology that dries hair without over-drying, it’s lightweight and allows you to get very close to the scalp. Once you use this dryer you will notice it sounds different and that it dries hair faster. You will have to get rid of the old school thinking that the louder the drier, the better it is. (I had to!)

I recommend this one for home use on fine to medium hair
And for thick coarse hair use this one..
Hair Bungee ponytail holder - $
No need to use a rubber band that's hard on the hair. This product is safe and holds the ponytail securely. Because it's not a full circle and connects with a hook, there is no need to keep looping the ponytail through the band. All you do is hold the ponytail against the head, and wrap the band around a few times and hook in place. 

Hope you enjoy your new tools and stay tuned for an installment on my favorite tools to be used for fashion week!!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shopping At The Afro Punk Festival In Brooklyn 2012

After attending the hottest event in NYC this past weekend, I want to share with you some local designers that I met and feature their beautiful work. 

As I previously mentioned, last weekend I was at the Afro-punk Festival in Brooklyn where I noticed a wide variety of designers and entrepreneurs.

First meet Charmaine Bee, Tea Artisan and the brain behind Gullah Girl Tea.  As I walked over to the booth, she greeted me with a big smile and offered me a sample of one of her teas.  It was deliciously refreshing.  I introduced myself and we started chatting. 

Charmaine's love for her teas was strongly influenced by her Gullah heritage and how teas played an important role in treating her families diabetes. Charmaine's natural beauty and calm demeanor certainly makes her a fine candidate to be a Tea Artisan.

I continued walking and my attention was grabbed by a sign that said "Ecowrist" Handcrafted Wearable Art.  I met MarQuerite who, with her husband David, designs beautiful watches.  
(stunning couple) 
All of the designs are made from natural materials such as bamboo, tag nuts, acheera seeds, coconut, wood and leather. 

I loved the colors, the finish of the wooden faces and the designs of their collection. I also really enjoyed meeting MarQuerite as we discussed art, her child, and hair. :)

Another interesting booth was Eldenwa Designs. Her designs included neck ties, neck and loop scarfs, bracelets and twist necklaces. 

The colors range from grays, blues, reds and more. The fabric feels great and the designs are unisex. 

I'll have to say I look forward to wearing the braided pieces that really give a true, culturally rich vibe with a modern twist. And did I mention, she's another beauty!!
This is the first of two installments of entrepreneurs whose work I admire and would like to share.
Stay tuned for more!


Renee Neufville Performs In Brooklyn

Urban/pop singer Renee Neufville will be performing at the Brooklyn Museum on September 13th at 7pm. She's not only a beautiful woman, she sure can sing! Born in Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, she has experienced success on a world wide scale.

She's also the co-founder of the duo Zhane which has had great success. Renee now performs as a singer and keyboard player with global sensation, Roy Hargrove (THE RH FACTOR). Since then she has graced many with her voice and charm,  performing at Jazz Festivals in many countries.

When you see her take to the stage, you immediately see that Renee can really hold her own. With her voice and energy as she dances on stage, she sure captured my attention. I hope you like her and show your support.

Take a look at her latest video. Click here for more details on this upcoming event. I'll see you there!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Doubles With Slight Pepper

The other day, I had a flashback when my co-worker, Joe, forwarded me a link to a short film named "Doubles with Slight Pepper." The name made me smile, but the clip of the film made me proud, inspired and hungry. :)

"Excuse, leh-meh geh ah doubles wit slight pepper please…. and ah red Solo!" For those of you who don't speak my language...check out my short description below.

Doubles are a tasty Indian food served by street vendors across Trinidad and Tobago. It's made up
of two pieces of special bread called bara and filled with channa (chickpeas) and topped with spicy
sauces made of tamarind, mango or cucumber. Red Solo is a sweet soda that is bright red and incredibly popular in Trinidad. I lived on this as a child at school, because it was cheap, fast and tasty.

Created by Canadian born Ian Harnarine, who parents hail from Trinidad, I knew I had to get the word out on this little indie flick. Filmed in Trinidad, it's an authentic look at culture, love, family and great food. The film is about the relationship between a young man who is a doubles vendor and his father who just returned from Canada to live in Trinidad. It goes into the the hardships they face as they try to reconcile their relationship.

Take a look at this wonderful short intro for "Doubles with Slight Pepper."


Monday, August 27, 2012

Hairstyles At Brooklyn's Afro Punk Festival

In case you missed it, yesterday's Afro-punk Festival was incredibly diverse, full of great fashion and hair from the heavens.

I have never seen so many beautiful people, with so much individuality and wicked style. It kinda made Manhattan look like the Stepford Wives....

This young lady was not at all shy when I asked to take a picture of her hair. Fierce!!

This cutie said yes to the photo and she made me aware that she did her own hair!

I was walking and saw this black beauty coming towards me, and I was speechless. Her beauty and her afro was sending a clear message. Individuality is beautiful!

Dreads to die for!! 
Honey the Ramones never looked so good!

Too cute!!

  She was turning heads and caught my attention for sure.

It's nice to see that NYC can still bring some serious flavor to the pot!!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where I Work, My Bio And My Prices

Antonio Gonzales is a renowned New York hairstylist that has been in the business for 15 years. Born and raised in Trinidad, Antonio arrived in NYC and was quickly hailed by Vogue, Allure and Gotham magazine as a rising star to watch. An avid fan of Orlando Pita, Antonio followed Mr. Pita’s illustrious career with the hope of one day working under his tutelage. That day happened in 2009 when Antonio joined the team at Orlo’s location in the Meatpacking district. Under the salon’s guidance, Antonio learned the fine art of both balayge and how to create a cut that starts a trend.
When he’s not in the salon, Antonio volunteers with different organizations who help young women in transitional homes such as CasaValentina. Learn more about Antonio by following his blog, which features everything from top hair tips to product recommendations and all of his charitable activities.

Click here to view his Prices


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Gay Pride In Bed-Stuy Brooklyn

This weekend in NYC let me share a surprising event. Its Pride weekend in Bed-Stuy my friends!!

First of all I had no clue that Bed-Stuy had its own pride parade. This is actually their 2nd Annual Pride Celebration and the weather is perfect this weekend to be outdoors. The event will be held at Herbert Von King Park, which was founded in 1871.

Little did the late community leader Herbert Von King know, that this park would not only be a place that brings together a community, but also a place that teaches "one love" for all races, cultures and the proud! The event will be on Sunday, August 26, 2012 - 12:00pm - 6:00pm at 670 Lafayette Ave.

So check it out and celebrate with us! Enjoy the live entertainment, great food and loads of love.  I will post pictures after the event. :)


Afro Punk Festival In Brooklyn

If you're looking for something to do today and tomorrow, head out to Brooklyn for the Afro Punk Festival. Having been cancelled last year because of hurricane Irene, this year is promising to be one of the best events in Bklyn this summer.

This year Erykah Badu

and Janelle Monae

will be heading the event and that's not all. You can look forward to many other performers such as comedian Reggie Watts, rap duo Flatbush Zombies, Ninjasonik, Toro Y Moi, Phony Ppl . Apart from the main event there will be street art, food trucks, a flea market and a whole lot of hotties strutting their stuff. Yours truly will be there for sure:)

I don't know about you but any opportunity to experience live entertainment for free in NYC is worth a bus, train or cab ride.

The Afro Punk festival is being held at the Commodore Barry Park today and tomorrow. This park is actually the oldest park in the borough, so dress for some serious dancing and a fun weekend.

For more information on up coming events on anything hot and Afro, here is a link to one of my favorite sites, The Roots.

See you there!!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Win The Best Hair Kit

Hi readers, here is an opportunity that you won't want to miss!! 

You can have this signature styling kit from Orlando Pita, to create some of the hottest hair trends from the runway at home ... AND $100 from OpenSky to shop with him! Join OpenSky today for a chance to WIN! 

By joining OpenSky through the link 
you are automatically entered to win $100 credit to shop on OpenSky and Orlando's Signature Styling Set. 
The set contains an amazing T3 blow-dryer, a boar bristle hair brush, a bottle of Plump by Orlando Pita and a can of Control hair spray by Orlando Pita.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bag Shopping For Men

Guy's I'm always looking for a new easy to carry bag that looks good. Here are some bags you may like from one of my favorite online store ASOS, they are the best!!

River Island Backpack $54.50

The North Face Berkley Backpack$85.15

MiPac Backpack $34.04

River Island Backpack $54.50


New Tapas Restaurant In The West Village

While chilling at Starbucks with a friend, I happened to look out the window and notice a new restaurant called Barraca. 

If you're familiar with the West Village, it's right on the corner of Greenwich Avenue and Bank Street. For years I remembered a restaurant on that corner, and of course the fabulous cabaret bar, Lips was to the right.  You remember Lips... ;)

Since I am always looking for a new place to dine, I figured I should do my research.  Before you know it, someone walked out of the door. The man, who happened to be the owner, told me they owned two other restaurants on the East Village, but that this one will be very different.

First of all, this Spanish style restaurant will offer two different environments. The section on the left will be casual dining and the right will be fine dining. 

They will be opening their doors in two weeks, and when they open, you bet I'll be first in line to give you all the juicy details on Barraca.

One can only hope that the spirits from the once fabulous Lips, will lend its positive energy to Barraca and make it even more extra special!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Looking Forward To American Idol

I used to love American Idol, but over the years it lost my attention. I'm not sure why; It could be the lack of interest in the judges, or my obsession of Xfactor.

Since American Idol announced Mariah Carey as a judge the suspense has been killing me!

And now the rumors of ,Trinidadian born, Nicki Manaj being a possible judge, they will have me back as a viewer for sure!!

How exciting! The fabulous Mariah with her amazing career and the talented, eccentric Nicki Manaj, it could only be boujetto!!!

Stay tuned for my regular posts on American Idol with my humor, fashion and hair comments.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Best Shampoos

Everyone's hair is different, it's almost like they have each a personality of their own. That's why when looking for recommendations it's good to know what works for one person may not work for another. The same goes for conditioners, styling products and even haircuts.

Here are 6 shampoos that I love and have used in the past 6 years, each one tailored for a different hair type.

Fine hair
Volumactive by Kerastase is my #1 choice. Compared to other brands like Aveda, it will not weigh your hair down or dry it out.

Colored dry hair (brunette):
Kerastase bain Chroma Riche is a wonderfully moisturizing  shampoo. It leaves hair with a great shine and over time most clients comment on the positive change in their hair quality.

Highlighted dry hair (blond):
Bain de Force Architecte by Kerastase will prolong the strength of your hair and keep it from breaking. Over time it will slowly restore your hair's condition. Keep in mind, if you continue highlighting then this shampoo will be useless. Refrain from more harsh chemical services and use Bain de Force.

Virgin hair (no color or relaxer) with lots of product build up from pomades and oils, etc.:
Abba Detox Shampoo is easily my favorite. I recommend alternating it with your regular shampoo. Using Abba Detox every 10 days will remove all buildup, giving you a healthier scalp and hair. I'm addicted to this shampoo because I only wash once a week, I love the squeaky clean feel and my hair is not chemically treated.
Thick Afro-textured hair :
Mizani has two great shampoos that moisturizes and makes this hair type more manageable. Renew Strength Fortifying Shampoo is a gentle cleanser with strengthening proteins and olive oil for moisture.

 The second is the Botanifying Conditioning Shampoo which adds moisture while gently cleansing the hair and scalp. With its aromatic blend of botanicals, your hair will feel great. In addition, it also leaves behind nourishing emollients to help hair.

I will not use Kerastase on African hair (black hair, as we say in Trinidad).

As you can see I love these particular products. But the industry is always changing and improving, so I'll be on the hunt, checking out the latest products to see if they make the cut!


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