Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Tapas Restaurant In The West Village

While chilling at Starbucks with a friend, I happened to look out the window and notice a new restaurant called Barraca. 

If you're familiar with the West Village, it's right on the corner of Greenwich Avenue and Bank Street. For years I remembered a restaurant on that corner, and of course the fabulous cabaret bar, Lips was to the right.  You remember Lips... ;)

Since I am always looking for a new place to dine, I figured I should do my research.  Before you know it, someone walked out of the door. The man, who happened to be the owner, told me they owned two other restaurants on the East Village, but that this one will be very different.

First of all, this Spanish style restaurant will offer two different environments. The section on the left will be casual dining and the right will be fine dining. 

They will be opening their doors in two weeks, and when they open, you bet I'll be first in line to give you all the juicy details on Barraca.

One can only hope that the spirits from the once fabulous Lips, will lend its positive energy to Barraca and make it even more extra special!


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