Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Best Tools For Your Hair

Here are some helpful, honest tips to help you find great products according to quality, price and performance.

Corioliss Flatiron - $$$
Talk about a miracle of a flatiron! I was taken aback by its ability to take dry, curly, frizzy hair and infuse Aragan oil to produce smooth, long lasting straight hair. As you iron hair, the oil is slowly released onto each strand.

Take a look at my video to see how it works.

Mason Perason brush - $$$
When I say this brush makes love to your hair, I mean it! Very few hair brushes offer soft, sturdy bristles that are of high quality.  Having withstood the wear and tear of many NYC Fashion Weeks, it has the ability to keep hair smooth without the aggressive pulling of low quality bristles.

This handmade brush also is great to brush hair when it’s dry, removing tangles while invigorating the scalp. They come in different sizes, colors and are worth every penny. 

Hot Tools Curling Iron - $$
There are many fancy, expensive irons on the market, making over-the-top claims, such as a trip to the moon. The prices can be high and look like they are from Mars…

No need for all that drama in an iron for home use. I recommend Hot ToolsCurling Iron. It’s not expensive which is a huge plus. Their range of irons come in every size and utilize heat-protecting materials like Nano-ceramic, Ceramic-tourmaline and pink titanium. So for a great price, you get an iron that works.


I’ve had mine for a long time. The only other iron I will use that’s in the same price category is the T3 iron. 

T3 Blow Dryer - $$$$
This is not your boat engine hair dryer that over-dries hair. This is theRolls-Royce of hair dryers. 
I have used it for the past four years and continue to recommend it. Apart from the incredible technology that dries hair without over-drying, it’s lightweight and allows you to get very close to the scalp. Once you use this dryer you will notice it sounds different and that it dries hair faster. You will have to get rid of the old school thinking that the louder the drier, the better it is. (I had to!)

I recommend this one for home use on fine to medium hair
And for thick coarse hair use this one..
Hair Bungee ponytail holder - $
No need to use a rubber band that's hard on the hair. This product is safe and holds the ponytail securely. Because it's not a full circle and connects with a hook, there is no need to keep looping the ponytail through the band. All you do is hold the ponytail against the head, and wrap the band around a few times and hook in place. 

Hope you enjoy your new tools and stay tuned for an installment on my favorite tools to be used for fashion week!!


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