Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Best Shampoos

Everyone's hair is different, it's almost like they have each a personality of their own. That's why when looking for recommendations it's good to know what works for one person may not work for another. The same goes for conditioners, styling products and even haircuts.

Here are 6 shampoos that I love and have used in the past 6 years, each one tailored for a different hair type.

Fine hair
Volumactive by Kerastase is my #1 choice. Compared to other brands like Aveda, it will not weigh your hair down or dry it out.

Colored dry hair (brunette):
Kerastase bain Chroma Riche is a wonderfully moisturizing  shampoo. It leaves hair with a great shine and over time most clients comment on the positive change in their hair quality.

Highlighted dry hair (blond):
Bain de Force Architecte by Kerastase will prolong the strength of your hair and keep it from breaking. Over time it will slowly restore your hair's condition. Keep in mind, if you continue highlighting then this shampoo will be useless. Refrain from more harsh chemical services and use Bain de Force.

Virgin hair (no color or relaxer) with lots of product build up from pomades and oils, etc.:
Abba Detox Shampoo is easily my favorite. I recommend alternating it with your regular shampoo. Using Abba Detox every 10 days will remove all buildup, giving you a healthier scalp and hair. I'm addicted to this shampoo because I only wash once a week, I love the squeaky clean feel and my hair is not chemically treated.
Thick Afro-textured hair :
Mizani has two great shampoos that moisturizes and makes this hair type more manageable. Renew Strength Fortifying Shampoo is a gentle cleanser with strengthening proteins and olive oil for moisture.

 The second is the Botanifying Conditioning Shampoo which adds moisture while gently cleansing the hair and scalp. With its aromatic blend of botanicals, your hair will feel great. In addition, it also leaves behind nourishing emollients to help hair.

I will not use Kerastase on African hair (black hair, as we say in Trinidad).

As you can see I love these particular products. But the industry is always changing and improving, so I'll be on the hunt, checking out the latest products to see if they make the cut!


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