Monday, August 13, 2012

True Beauty Is A Child laughing

While walking in Chelsea today, I ran into the cutest group of children. They were in all their glory selling lemonade and cookies.

The proud mothers stood there with their babies, smiling and helping. It really warmed my heart to witness love in action.
I could not help but stop, and support God's gifts to the world;)

Children are magical beings. With the ability to make you laugh or cry with joy. It's hard to ignore a baby in passing. Their ability to be present and just "be" is a constant reminder that we were once that like that.

My great-niece and nephew:)

I can't recall seeing a baby in a stroller stressing about the future...hoping to find a relationship or a pair of heels to bring them happiness. A candy maybe, or a stroll in the park is all it takes to give a child peace.

Let's not forget that feeling. Why not make an effort daily to find that inner child?
Today I send my love to all the children, all over the world. Thank you for always making my day brighter.

Antonio Gonzales


Pam said...

Love this story! Everytime i see a child I always smile and hearing them laugh just gets me to start laughing! I have my own 3 year old that is a gift from God and I just enjoy every minute with her!!!

Unknown said...

Awwww, Pam I totally agree! Thanks for your comment.

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