Thursday, August 9, 2012

Double Processed Blond

I want to share with you a color scenario challenge that I encountered recently. A beautiful girl walked into the salon, wanting to fix her color. She’d been getting her hair dyed blond for sometime and had been happy… until now.

After her last color application, she was left with one inch of a very obvious gold band of color, which was 1/2 of an inch from the scalp. 

We decided to completely remove the gold band by doing a double process blond.

I wondered…was this the right approach?

A double process color is two applications of hair color. The first step is to use a lightner to lift the hair followed by a second step of adding an additional deposit of color.

We thought about doing highlights, but there would still be traces of gold on the hair (that could not be foiled). She was very clear, no gold band. However she wanted very light golden blond hair color.

Using 7 stage by Clairol, we first targeted the gold band. 
We then applied the same color to her root area. Separating the two applications is important, because one targets colored hair (gold band) while the second takes care of virgin hair (roots). At the end we toned it with a DiaColor, a demi permanent gloss that had beige tones 

followed with a conditioning treatment.

The results - we ended up with a buttery blond and the gold band was gone.

Check it out!


Pam said...

Oh my gosh!! What a difference!!! You're awesome Antonio!!!

antonio gonzales said...

Thank you Pam!!

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