Monday, August 27, 2012

Hairstyles At Brooklyn's Afro Punk Festival

In case you missed it, yesterday's Afro-punk Festival was incredibly diverse, full of great fashion and hair from the heavens.

I have never seen so many beautiful people, with so much individuality and wicked style. It kinda made Manhattan look like the Stepford Wives....

This young lady was not at all shy when I asked to take a picture of her hair. Fierce!!

This cutie said yes to the photo and she made me aware that she did her own hair!

I was walking and saw this black beauty coming towards me, and I was speechless. Her beauty and her afro was sending a clear message. Individuality is beautiful!

Dreads to die for!! 
Honey the Ramones never looked so good!

Too cute!!

  She was turning heads and caught my attention for sure.

It's nice to see that NYC can still bring some serious flavor to the pot!!


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