Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The NYC Launch of The Who's Who of in the Trinidad and Tobago Diaspora

Last night Dr Michele Reis held her book signing at Billy Blacks restaurant in Harlem.

With the help of supporters and Trinidadian friends, Michele was able to bring together a wonderful group of people from Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the Caribbean. At 7pm Dr. Reis took to the stage and welcomed everyone. She went on to describe her journey of triumphs and challenges to get her book published.

She further explained that with this book she hopes to bring together Trinidadians and Tobagonians living abroad, to not only meet each other but most importantly, to form an alliance and help Trin-bagonians back home to reach their maximum potential.

Michele then invited people who had the pleasure of being published in her book to speak and share a little about themselves and their passion. For me, it was easily one if the most inspirational events I've been part of in a very, very long time.

When the event ended I was excited to introduce myself to my fellow expats. I saw familiar faces like actress Penelope Spencer and met some new people like Trinidadian-born Gordon Espinet, Senior Vice President for Global Training and Development for MAC Cosmetics. What an honor.

Another Person I met was Ashley Christmas, a designer and a man on a mission to bring home to Trinidad and Tobago a clear message. Lead by example and help others help themselves.

Then I was on a roll, I met and chatted with
Designer Donna Dove, Chef Kaisha Cave, Fashion Editor Director Walter Greene and many more.

The evening ended with great food by Billy Blacks, great calypso music and a lot of excitement for us all as to what the future holds.

Great job Dr. Reis!!


colin williams said...

It was an evening not to be miss and I didn't. It was also really nice meeting you along with all my Trini and Tobago people in one room and It wasn't even a carnival party. Thanks

antonio gonzales said...

Collin you are so right!! What a pleasure meeting you and see you soon.

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