Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shopping At The Afro Punk Festival In Brooklyn 2012

After attending the hottest event in NYC this past weekend, I want to share with you some local designers that I met and feature their beautiful work. 

As I previously mentioned, last weekend I was at the Afro-punk Festival in Brooklyn where I noticed a wide variety of designers and entrepreneurs.

First meet Charmaine Bee, Tea Artisan and the brain behind Gullah Girl Tea.  As I walked over to the booth, she greeted me with a big smile and offered me a sample of one of her teas.  It was deliciously refreshing.  I introduced myself and we started chatting. 

Charmaine's love for her teas was strongly influenced by her Gullah heritage and how teas played an important role in treating her families diabetes. Charmaine's natural beauty and calm demeanor certainly makes her a fine candidate to be a Tea Artisan.

I continued walking and my attention was grabbed by a sign that said "Ecowrist" Handcrafted Wearable Art.  I met MarQuerite who, with her husband David, designs beautiful watches.  
(stunning couple) 
All of the designs are made from natural materials such as bamboo, tag nuts, acheera seeds, coconut, wood and leather. 

I loved the colors, the finish of the wooden faces and the designs of their collection. I also really enjoyed meeting MarQuerite as we discussed art, her child, and hair. :)

Another interesting booth was Eldenwa Designs. Her designs included neck ties, neck and loop scarfs, bracelets and twist necklaces. 

The colors range from grays, blues, reds and more. The fabric feels great and the designs are unisex. 

I'll have to say I look forward to wearing the braided pieces that really give a true, culturally rich vibe with a modern twist. And did I mention, she's another beauty!!
This is the first of two installments of entrepreneurs whose work I admire and would like to share.
Stay tuned for more!


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