Monday, July 21, 2008


Do you want to use hair powders? I give them my stamp of approval. But their is a lot of conflicting information online about hair powders. After my research, I realized that a hairstylist’s point of view was needed to give you a real sense of what it is you may be committing to. As with any product, we either love it or hate it. This is very true with the Bumble and Bumble hair powders.

Hats off to this company for stepping up and supplying the need to improve a product which has been used for many years. They not only improved the content, they packaged it so it comes in two sizes: a travel size and a larger package. It also now comes in different colors and is easy to use.

This product is for you if;

You have fine hair, oily scalp, and are tired of shampooing every day.

You sometimes need a quick lift without wetting or blow drying or having to commit to stiff hair sprays.

This product is not for you if:

You run your hands through your hair a lot and like the feel of clean hair because you can feel product in the hair a little.

If you have problem scalp. (I would recommend allowing your scalp to recover first before using this product.)

Do not expect to fall in love with this right away. Buy a small can to try first. I remember working a wedding on a client that had fine black hair that was thinner on top. I was asked to do a very classic updo, but the hair at the front was a little see-through when I created lift there. I took my black hair powder and sprayed the scalp a little. It worked. It created the illusion of thickness at the hairline by lightly covering the scalp. So, please try it, and good luck. No this is not for the man with the comb over, I am just sharing a trick.

I must give this my stamp!

© 2008 Antonio Gonzales


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