Friday, July 27, 2012

Motorcycle Rentals in NYC

Some friends and I are thinking about taking a trip up the Hudson or out to the Hamptons for a weekend, just to chill. So I went to Brooklyn to visit my friend and client Chris Miles, at Jupiters Motorcycle to discuss renting a bike.

As soon as I arrived I was impressed (and nervous) with the selection of sexy, two-wheeled beasts on offer! 
From BMW to Ducati to Triumph, there seemed to be a bike for every one and their alter ego.

So for those more adventurous spirits that don't mind a little helmet hair -
here's the basics on what you need (apart from a hair brush)

1) Motorcycle License - You must have the law on your side. These bikes are insured and ready to ride but require a Motorcycle Endorsement. 

2) Deposit of $2500 - That's right. You have to put up some collateral if you want to take a Ducati for a ride. Don't worry. It's held temporarily and you get it back when you return.

3) Over 25 - sorry no kiddies. 

4) 3 years/3,000 miles experience - Jupiter's wants you to be safe so you have to show the required experience.

Once you have cleared these minor hurdles, you are ready to ride. Jupiter's offers helmets and gear for rent so all you need is your riding partner and a destination. 

Get moving and get out of the city in style this summer.

Check out Jupiter's Motorcycles -


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