Friday, July 20, 2012

Freak Storm In New York City!

All I can say is, "What the hail is this!" That's exactly how I felt Wednesday afternoon when it started raining cats and dogs...which then transformed into a freak hail storm. The skies darkened, thunder and lightening tore across the sky and strong winds started breaking branches off all the trees. It was the coolest experience ever! Is this what it was like for Dorothy in Wizard of Oz??

You must remember that I'm an island boy at heart. So when something like this happens, I'm in awe. There was also a little girl watching the storm and both of us were glued to the window, equal parts excited and frightened and so glad to be inside.

Apparently in NYC, hail storms during the summer months are not a common occurrence, child but I'm no meteorologist. I just spent the afternoon feeling like a local weather reporter, as did the rest of the city! Check out my video.


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