Monday, July 9, 2012

La Dolce Vita at Café Minerva

New Yorkers always have a few favorite café hotspots that they religiously swear by. I want to share one of my favorite spots with you, Café Minerva. Located on West 4th Street between Bank and West 12th Street, it’s been open for a couple of years now and instead of getting worse, like so many new restaurants in the Village, it actually got better.

From the outside you can’t help but notice its European style interior and large bay windows, which bathe visitors in soft sunlight. 

Café Minerva supports those who want to chill out and work at the same time by offering free WiFi. I sometimes sit there for hours snacking and writing…like now. Loads of couples smooch all day long while drinking fine wine and ordering delectable desserts. It’s so cute.

I find the service to be relaxed and because of the large staff, I never have to wait too long for my order. I like starting my day here, with egg whites and a delicious coffee. 

The lunch and dinner menu is also organic, featuring food from sustainable sources, humanely harvested and line caught when ever possible. If you're visiting, this is a great joint to hang out and watch West Villagers go by (instead of Starbucks).

So check it out and tell me what you think. The only complaints I will have… if I'm allowed.  :)

One – it’s warm in the height of the summer but I don't mind. The atmosphere makes up for it. Two - there are no gluten-free bread or pastries. :(
I know I know I'm nitpicking, but I can’t help it. Gluten kills me!! 
I’ll see you soon at Café Minerva!

Café Minerva
302 West 4th Street


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