Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A reNew Lease on Hair

Like most New Yorkers, I use the subway and commute to work in the city. On a daily basis, I see women adding finishing touches to their makeup while the train is in motion. I know my NYC ladies would prefer to finish their makeup at home, but as New Yorkers we all know that time is of the essence. Observing these divas I’m witness to a swift stroke of Mascara, a soft puff of blush and the smacking of some sparkly lip gloss.

I think to myself – “that’s fine, but what about the hair”. Everyday I'm surrounded by dead ends, “fly aways” and static staring at me crying for help. I know time is an issue for my busy ladies but there’s no excuse. There are plenty of ways to condition your hair without expending too much time wetting it and having to wash off a conditioner in the morning. Actually, there is only one product that can do this quickly and effectively – Renew by Orlando Pita.

A few years ago, this product took the world by storm and won numerous awards for its groundbreaking ability to condition hair in a non-conventional way. It features the exceptional, penetrative ingredient Quaternium, known in the skincare world for its long-lasting conditioning.
Renew is a dry conditioner for all hair types that delivers quick conditioning agents without wetting your hair. You can condition your hair with Renew anywhere – on the train, in a cab or even at Starbucks!

All you have to do is take the cap off and spray. That's it! It’s easy to use and because it’s dry no one has to deal with a "wet" on-the-go conditioning juice like back in the eighties. Did someone say curl activator?!?! Here are just some of the benefits Renew has to offer.

For women with virgin hair
(no chemicals) looking for a light conditioner for their ends, I highly recommend Renew to add shine and vitality. Renew also works well on hair that’s been slept on taking away any static or “fly aways”. And for women that use dry powders which can leave their hair with a matte finish, I recommend a little Renew for shine without having to use heavy silicones that make hair oily. Ladies with fine hair, this is the answer to all of your problems. Renew will add shine and “oomph”!

If there is one product that I think every woman must have this Winter, it’s Renew.

Thanks Orlando!


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