Monday, October 29, 2007

Going Back To Grey: Should I Stop Coloring My Hair??

The challenges with dealing with grey hair include texture change and loss of vitality. These factors can often leave the hair appearing limp and dull; adding years to one's overall appearance. However, there are still women that can defy the rules and naturally have a healthy head of greying hair that suits them. These women typically wear shorter hair styles and are comfortable doing it. They are also aware of the fact that they have to make many other changes to support the look.

I fully support the idea of going back grey, just as I support those that continue to color their hair. With that being said, the question of whether or not a person should go back to grey or if they should continue to color their hair becomes a rather difficult one. I feel that it is something that I cannot give a clear cut answer. The decision to go grey is more than a choice about your color. It is an entire lifestyle change that needs to be made to support your hair style.

I do feel that there are some women that may not be ready to make this sort of a change. These are women that enjoy wearing longer hair styles. Women that like to play with their hair color; dark hair to highlights to blonde. Most importantly, I feel that women who are not quite ready to embrace the effects of aging should not opt to stop coloring their hair.

No matter whether you choose to continue coloring your hair or fully capture the essence of aging gracefully, the important thing is to choose a look that supports your lifestyle!


Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Happy to see the gray posting.
I just went back to gray (salt and pepper) with a short hair cut by Antonio, and I love it. But you need a really good cut (like all of Antonio's) to stay on the right side of the line between looking fashionably short and mumsy.
Before this cut, I had long black hair (colored perfectly by Antonio) but with gray/white streaks in the front, which were simply kept out of the dye. That was great too, because it allowed me to get used to the gray, and I could go for a long time without color because the roots weren't so noticeable. And that's a big money and time saver (though i didn't get to see Antonio as much and didn't get as many shampoos; i live for salon shampoos) It also was nice to have a lighter color near my face -- since I am now "of a certain age."
Cheers, Linda

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