Sunday, May 4, 2008


You may ask, how do I even begin the process of choosing a hairdresser when
I'm planning a destination wedding? Here are some helpful tips on getting you going in the right direction. More and more, couples will visit several vacation spots before their big day looking for the right space that can accommodate their wedding. If the venue is chosen from a recommendation made by a friend or family member, it may be that most of the work is done. But if it's not, your first option will be to research a hairstylist in the chosen location.

So how do I do that?

Start by getting recommendations from your wedding planner, then take a picture of a style that you like and have your hair blow dried by he or she. This may sound extreme for just a blow dry but it will be the best test as to how much talent you are dealing with and if they can handle your hair texture. Take my advice: honey, desperate times calls for desperate measures.

If you end up looking like a "cockatoo on crack" well you know to grab your fanny pack and run!! If you like it, well you are one step closer to your "desired do" for the big day. The next step is to have the stylist do an actual trial of the hairstyle you want. If you are not too pleased with the outcome but can see a resemblance of what you wanted, don't stress. There is hope. We have a plan.

When you return home have your existing stylist do a trial of the style you want. Take photographs of it and get some helpful tips from your stylist to take back to your "destination hairdresser" to try and duplicate. This actually works!! I always do step-by-step photos as I style the hair so the other stylist has a guideline to follow. My tips will include products, tools and techniques with notes and recommendations. Trust me on this one, it happens all the time.



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