Thursday, May 22, 2008


As I rate products, my mission is to deliver the truth as I see it. So, I will only rate products that are worth it. I am not to concerned about ingredients and fine print; you can read that. I want to give you
the real dirt, like how it actually worked. Hopefully this will help you in deciding your next purchase. Can I tell you how much fun this is!

The first product is Smoothing Milk by Fructis Garnier.

This product actually worked. The hair was smooth after use. The product was easy to dry on the hair and it’s cheap. Although it dried well, it still left a dull coating on the hair, and I am not too sure what it was. I had a problem with the smell as well. It’s a bit sweet, and when I was drying the hair, it smelled like burnt apples. There was also very little shine. All in all, it was not bad for a drugstore product.

The next was Lait nutri sculpt by Kerastase.

I have loved this product for a long time. It is a great smoothing lotion that not only hydrates the hair, it mixes well with so many other products. The shine is great and it smells lovely. I love adding a little Oleo relax to it just to make it a little stronger. It’s not cheap but its a great investment.

The third is smoothing polish by Shu Uemura.

Honey hold on to your girdle: there is nothing like this product! It smells great, light weight, works amazingly well and I often use it by itself. I can use it on most hair types and a little goes a long
way. The shine is the best I’ve found in a polishing milk or cream (depending on what you like in your coffee) I have actually ever seen. And If you want smooth hair with amazing lift, use with the other Shu Umera product Fiber Lift. It’s fabulous! Warning: a little goes a long way.

So this product gets my stamp of approval for sure


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