Monday, May 12, 2008


Destination Weddings, continued…

Together with your hairstylist, you have created the style you like. You have photos, styling tips, and suggestions on the products and tools used. All of this information will be a huge help for the stylist in "destination land,” because they will have valuable guidelines to follow. So, it's time to hand over the information and recreate that look. As the new stylist creates your ‘do, don't be afraid to jump in and put in your two (or three) cents. Remember: it’s your hair on your day, so, “you run tings (as we say inTobago)!”

The other option to getting the right look for your destination wedding is to hire your existing hairstylist to go with you and do your hair. It will be wonderful if your stylist does makeup as well, so you can kill 2 birds with one stone. You may think that it’s too expensive, but there is no price tag on the comfort in knowing that you and your bridesmaids will look flawless. Think about it: you are offering a hairstylist the opportunity to go to a fabulous location, have a free hotel room, attend a wedding, and get paid too! Honey, if it was my wedding, I would
chain that sucker to a post and have him do hair everyday!

The advantages of taking your own stylist:

A) He or she will know you and your hair like no one else

B) The trial would have been done at home so there will be no stressing whether it will be perfect or not… and no surprises.

C) You will have all the tools and products you are used to. Especially in very humid locations, you want to have the best.
Products to keep those frizzes at bay:

I remember doing a wedding in St Johns and the bridesmaids were looking for blond hair pins, and there were none to be found anywhere
on the island. Antonio to the rescue!

(The end)


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