Friday, September 25, 2009


So get this my darlings, as you may know in the past year I have raved about two blow dryers and the outstanding way they perform. So one day while minding my own business I opened my closet of goodies (hair products) and guess who was staring at me? You guessed right, the two dryers that I wrote about. So as usual the hair dryers and I started to conversate (says Beyonce). They were tired of both being in my closet and wanted to come out (every boys dream). So I decided that the only way to freedom was to compete, a heated death match!

As you already know I'm not here to tell you the life history of these dryers using words like tourmaline and Nano, I'm here to tell you the truth without the fluff. Both dryers have the best features of most dryers today and they’re are very efficient.

After an obstacle course and some serious testing, here are my findings:

1) They are both light in weight so no need to do squats and push ups.

2) They both have nozzles that turn making it easy to work around the head.

3) They both promised all the latest in preventing over drying of your hair.

But there was one big difference…

The featherweight dryer dries hair very well and the shine really impressed me. Because it never gets too hot you can almost never smell burning hair. But it may require a little more elbow power due to the lower heat level.

The FHI also works well but I realized something that concerns me. It has two levels of heat. The first setting is hot enough to dry the hair well and add shine but the second heat level really hot, it's slap me in the face and call me Susie hot! Oooh child!

After working with these two dryers I made the decision that the featherweight is the better choice. I like this dryer because you can never make it too hot. Whereas the FHI works great BUT the super high heat level is just not necessary. It might feel like it’s drying your hair faster but in lazy hands it could be a problem. The problem is most women think the hotter the dryer the better is,WRONG! 70% of hair types should stay away from the very hot level in most dryers.

So there you have it. I hope you learned something today and stay tuned for the battle of the flatirons!


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