Monday, April 20, 2009


Top of the mornin' to you Antonio!

Love the comb over illustrations!!! Just too funny!!! - especially knowing that there are a few men out there still working it!

Hey, thought you could help a damsel in distress - I just joined the gym and enrolled in a swim class. My concerns are that my hair will dry up and break away! - as I color my hair (every 3 weeks with Permanent Wella), and in addition, have fragile, thin hair due to anti-estrogen meds (cancer survivor). What's worse, is that when styling my hair, I inevitably have to use flat iron and curling iron to get a sassy final smooth look - otherwise my hair is complete frizz - you've advised great products that help with healthy styling of hair, but it's the swimming that I am afraid will just drive my hair to disaster! Antonio, what RX can you recommend to keep my hair healthy and strong while taking up swimming?

Thanks in advance for your help with this question, as I really want to swim at least 2 times a week, but very worried my hair will become more weakened and damaged.

Hi my love, great to see you at the opening of the new salon. Is it not gorgeous!! Any hoo!! Let’s get down to business. This is clearly a challenge that most women and men will be facing this summer.


1) Of course a swimming cap is the first thing you should invest in. We have come a long way since the old caps that are covered with Rhine stones or some floral mishap.
There are more modern sleek caps to assist to in gliding through the water like a dolphin.

2) Heavy conditioners are the next step. Super Rich by Bumble and Bumble,

Bumble and Bumble Super Rich Conditioner
the Leave-In conditioner from Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell The Conditioner
and all soft conditioner from Redken are great products to use.

Redken All soft Shampoo 33 oz & Conditioner 33 oz set
But remember, apply it to towel dry hair. If you apply the conditioner when the hair is dry the hair may over absorb the product. We want the hair to be protected even before you go in to the pool. When the hair is wet the porosity is even and the conditioner absorbs evenly giving great protection.
3) The final suggestion is the Aqua Gele from Kerastase. This is hard core protection and should be used only if you mean business! It also has UV protection so you are in good hands even in the sun. It should be applied on towel dried hair only. Think of your hair in a wet suit, sexy!!

Kerastase Soleil Gelee Aqua-Proof Optimum swim protection Wet Look Protective Care UV, SEA, POOL 125 ml 4.8 oz.

Okay my love I hope this was helpful. I wish you great swimming and fab hair!!


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