Sunday, December 20, 2009


As you may all know, I am a Trinbagonian (from Trinidad and Tobago) or as we like to say back home, “Trini to the bone”. This was where my career started; where I picked up my first pair of scissors and performed my first shampoo, if that’s what you would call drenching someone (even their unmentionables). Pressing along…

Trinidad and Tobago…where I got my break and was fortunate enough to start my training with Anthony Medina. He is still one of the best hairstylists I know with the uncanny ability to see a woman like no other; making them beautiful from head to toe. Anthony is now in his sixties, but continues to do fabulous hair.

Recently, he did hair at my long-time friend Meiling’s fashion show in Trinidad. I am elated to see that my good friend and mentor are still making others look terrific! Many thanks to Anthony and Meiling for sharing your work with us.

Anthony and Meiling in action.


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