Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Do you know that I have not watched television for over three years? Well look at me now!!

The first judge was…anyway, pressing along. The first challenge involved grooming men with hairextensions. Well, I nearly wet my pants! Child, can you imagine? So the contestants all chose their models and the games began.

Color, cut, fluff and stitch – the guys and gals were working it. One contestant had diarrhea, one looked like sweet Aunt Jemima with her head wrap and another looked like she was in Never Never Land. I just couldn’t wait for the finished looks.

So my Brazilian Bombshell started her introduction. And then, the work was displayed. I do think the judge made a wise choice in naming Matthew

the winner and the comments that followed regarding the others were hilarious!

The second challenge required contestants to coif their models for a cover shoot. It gets better – they had to work in teams that were chose by Matthew who won the first Challenge.

YAY! Orlando walks in

and was great at letting the teams know if they were on the right track or on crack. The teams were as follows:

Matthew and Janine – they were fierce!

April and Jon – no thank you.

Amy and Brian – LOL!

Adee and Faatemah – No thank you.

Brig (on her own) – not bad girly!

OOooo did you hear Adee talking to Camila?

Camila child, you tell her like it is. Don’t be trying to talk to my Brazilian supermodel like that. OOooo…don’t get me started!

Clearly as I watch, I think Matthew and Janine

should win the Elimination Challenge but the judges are still talking so let’s see what they think. Well…Brig ends up being one of the two winning “teams”. And of course Matthew and Janine won.

So the bottom team was Adee and Faatemah. And I was hoping it’s not my sistuh going home. But there’s a commercial so we have to wait.

Okay…we’re back.

Oh hells no! I could not possibly disagree more.

Awww…Faatemah I’ll miss you.


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