Sunday, August 5, 2007


We all have great ideas on what we should look like and we should. We know our hair better than anyone else. We have worked with it for a long time, but when it comes to changing your style and working with your
best assets trust me, work with the professional. Together it can be a colabration of a lifetime.

OK, so we're ready to get our hair done. We remember our last experience. We know what our hair's like. Heaven knows we have styled it so many times.

Before meeting with your stylist, it is important to have some ideas about what you REALLY want. For example, have an idea of how much effort you would like to put into styling your hair. Do you want to style your hair 4 times a week or do you actually prefer doing it only once a week? Do you want to keep it simple? Finally, make sure you have a photo from a magazine or some other source. The next step is meeting with your existing stylist or someone new. You sit and the consultation begins.

This is where you need to really listen to your stylist. Sometimes photos can be so misleading. The lighting makes the color appear to be much different, the cut is actually blown out and the hair texture is so different than what you have to work with and unrealistic to your lifestyle. Allow the stylist to be honest and be open to ideas. You both should keep in mind the up keep you prefer, but at the same time, really being open to a little challange. I feel the consultation is the most important part of the visit. This is when we find out what's important; we figure out the do's and the dont's, get help with recovering from bad experience's and gently move you forward to a new, realistc, managable new style. This style could be very sexy! I would recommend taking in your favorite products (so your stylist can advise you on what works or not), photos of what you like and don't like, as well as an expectation of tips on applying product, styling and finishing your hair.

I wish you great hair.


Anonymous said...


I took your advice and went with fringes again. I've been letting my hair grow out from being short (like guy short) for much of my life. It's now shoulder length. With the new look I'm feeling better looking. One question - your models don't look to be over 40. Could we see some older models, too, please?

antonio gonzales said...

I am happy that you are pleased with the fringes ,I will take some pictures in te salon today and post them next week.

Great to hear from you!!!


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