Monday, December 31, 2007

AFG's Guide to NYC: Path For Life

Over the course of my career in New York, I have met and worked with some incredible people, places and products (And, this list is still growing!). So, I want to give my friends and clients the opportunity to experience them only after I have done my research and approved it for all to enjoy. Look forward to my monthly/bi-weekly updates with the AFG stamp of approval. Enjoy!


We have all tried it – the perfect and most wonderful haircut and it still does not look great. It did a few days ago but today it is just not there. Sounds familiar? Well you might want to take a look at what your food choices were like over that past couple of days. It shows. Both your hair and your skin will tell the tale of how you have been taking care of yourself beyond the hairdresser and the facial. Your nails will show the signs of your long-term nutritional choices and are often used in Eastern Medicine for diagnosis.

Did you know that about 90% of your hair is made up of proteins? Also call amino acids. Within these amino acids are so called essential amino acids and also essential fatty acids. Not only do they feed your brain, the also feed your hair and your skin. So choosing fat free is relative. The greasy fried meal you had the other day will make your hair so as well. You just cannot get a lift after a greasy meal. Too much sugar and alcohol? Well that is going to make it limp and thin looking.

Your skin will show the signs as well. The bad fats give you the oily surface, too much dairy and flour the white pasty look, and the sugars will give you wrinkles.

So can you actually change the quality of your hair? – Yes you can. Not quite from day to day, but over time. Your hair can get thicker and richer as your food choices balance out. And your wrinkles can disappear too, or at least lessen, with the right food choices. No botox necessary, just skip the sugar, the refined flour, and the extra glasses of wine. Add the good fats from fish, nuts and seed, avocado and olive oil.

Of course sleep is essential as well - and so is plently of water. All in all, if you take better care of yourself with mindful choices, you will not only feel better, you will look it as well.

Written by Jeanette Bronée, Nourishment Counselor with Path for Life Self-Nourishment Center in NYC.

Jeanette has developed and teaches the Path for Life 9-point system to her clients. She always looks for how to best help her clients find their way to health and healing, with food, new daily self-caring habits, and emotional healing. She educates about food and guides through change in an upbeat non-dogmatic way. Her wish is for each client to take charge of their life, health, wellbeing, and daily joy.

Health is a journey that we embark on. The philosphy behind Path for Life is that change is like walking the labyrinth. As we enter deeper and deeper into our core, we find what truly nurture us. As we walk back out with this new awareness, we create new choices, habits, and patterns that support and continue to nurture us in our everyday living.


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