Sunday, March 16, 2008


Should I have my veil for the trial ?

Most brides don't have there veil at that time, but if you do it would be great to have it for the trial. This enables you to make any changes to the style that you choose or any simple last minute changes to the veil (believe me, I have dissected some veils in my time).

Which is better, in salon or on-location wedding services?

I do both all the time. It's really up to the bride. In-salon is convenient because the stylist has all the tools and proper environment (a huge mirror, lighting, etc.). So, if anything goes wrong (i.e. run out of bobby pins) it's nice to have all your resources at your finger tip. It's also cheaper when using a stylist in the salon. If I have to leave behind all that work on a Saturday, obviously I need to be compensated. Don't worry, the bride is assured that she is in great hands. I bring every tool and know hotel rooms inside out (you know what I mean).

On the down side, most weddings are on Saturday and the salon is busy. You should know that you will not have the privacy that you would in your own hotel room, but It cost less. You can always ask your stylist to book you some extra time. On a Saturday, 15 minutes is a big deal.

How do I know that my stylist will show up (on-location wedding)

I have done weddings where I was given a contract to sign to be sure that I will show up on time. (hairstylists will hate me for writing this). :)

Should you have to pay for your trial

Yes!!! The only thing different about the trial compared to the wedding day is, " You ain't getting married." It's actually more work most times for the trial. I like doing exactly what I will be doing on the wedding day (not with one hand on the hip and the other doing a half-ass twist and saying :"It's something like this.").

Remember YOU want to look your best on this day. Spend less on the flowers and more on your hair and makeup.

To be continued


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